More On EM Bacteria
Cleanup Potential For
New Orleans
From Dick Fojut
More news about EM, "EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS" (that should be used NOW to detoxify New Orleans' standing water and the pollution being poured back into the nearby lake).
Neal Perrochat, after reading my first EM "article" on, describes in the Email following, how EM helped clean up the hyacinth infestation of lake Victoria. (My Bold face)..
To: Dick Fojut
From: Neal Perrochet - ERI
Environmental Restoration Intl
Dick! I read your article on Rense the other day on EM. I first became aware of EM in 2002 and later at Kyoto 3'r World Water Conference in 2003. Although I have some reservations about EM in some of its reputed benefits in agriculture, certainly it has a great number of obvious benefits in pollution clean up and decomposition acceleration.
From personal experience in Africa, I had the occasion to visit EM Kenya and there was great benefit derived from EM there is cleaning up the water hyacinth infestation of lake Victoria through mechanical removal and accelerated decomposition of the vegetal material into a glop that could not re-infest the lake.
I am in Tokyo right now on ERI business and some personal matters as well and I will make it a point to contact EM here and mention your proposal right away. It certainly has merit and , darn it , why didn't I think of that?
Feel free to contact me any time and if you would like some attribution communicated to EM, let me know. Perhaps you have already communicated to EM and if so, good move.
Neal Perrochet
President, ERI
My posted Email about EM (referred to at top)...
Plus Followup "EM" Email sent to Sen. John McCain (with copies to many others)...
New Orleans TOXIC For DECADE! Needs "EM" Now!



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