Michael Moore Owes Career
To Bush Crime Family?
By Kentroversy
I cannot believe that NO ONE has reported the following FACT -- namely that Michael Moore owes his entire career to a break that was coincidentally given to him by a member of the Bush Crime Family -- Bush cousin Kevin Rafferty.
I was astonished to read the book pictured at the top of this article -- STUPID WHITE MEN -- especially the sections I am going to outline to all readers of THE KENTROVERSY PAPERS. Incidentally, the version of the book that the following was taken from was the hardcover edition -- the pagation might be different if the reader is using the paperback edition of the book.
Chapter Two of this book is entitled DEAR GEORGE -- and here are some excerpts (pgs. 29-30):
"You and I -- we're like family. Our personal connection goes back many years. Neither of us has cared to publicize it, for all the obvious reasons -- mostly because no one would believe it. But because of something personal, something that the Bush family did, my life was profoundly affected.
"Let's some clean and admit it: it was your cousin Kevin who shot ROGER & ME.
"At the time I made the movie, I didn't know that your mother and Kevin's mother were sisters. I just thought Kevin, whom I'd met when he was shooting his own film at a cross burning in Michigan, was one of those bohemian artist types who lived in Greenwich Village. Kevin had made a great film, Atomic cafe, and on a lark I asked him if he would come to Flint, Michigan, and teach me how to make a movie. To my astonishment, he said yes, and so for one week in February of 1987, Kevin Rafferty and Anne Bohlen traipsed around Flint with me, showing me how to work the equipment, giving me invaluable tips on how to make a documentary. Without your cousin's generosity, I don't know if ROGER & ME would have ever been made.
"I remember the day your dad was inaugurated as President. I was editing the film in a ratty old editing room in D.C. and decided to go down to watch him be sworn in on the Capitol steps. How weird was it to see your cousin Kevin, my mentor, sitting next to you up on the dais!
[ ... ]
"Months later, when the film was released, your dad, the President, ordered a print of ROGER & ME sent to Camp David one weekend for the family to watch. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall..."
First of all, I do not believe that Moore did NOT know to whom Kevin Rafferty was related. The globalists are notorious name-droppers, and with a name as big as the President of the USA to drop, I do not find it credible that he wouldn't have mentioned this to Moore.
Fast-forward to pg. 250 of STUPID WHITE MEN and this following passage can be read -- in the chapter entitled EPILOGUE:
"Bush glared at me and withdrew his hand. "Kevin with you?" he asked me suddenly. Huh? Kevin? Was this some secret codeword to alert the bodyguard that it was time to Linda Blair my neck? Then it hit me --- he was asking about his cousin, Kevin Rafferty, the filmmaker who'd helped me out with ROGER & ME. I hadn't worked with Kevin in twelve years --- why was he asking me about this? I didn't know what to say.
"Uh, no, he's not here," I mumbled.
"Well, give him my best," he said.
"Sure," I responded.
"Leaving are you?" he asked.
"Yes," I replied. "Right now."
He gave me that famous Bush smirk again, nodded his head as if to say good riddance, and then turned and left."
Moore then spends the next two pages recounting meetings with Neil Bush, Dorothy Bush, and Jeb Bush --- whom Moore described their meeting as "chilling."
But that's not all...
It appears that Moore's literary agent is the brother of Clintonista Rahm Emmanuel, a chap named Ari Emmanuel. Rahm, who is currently representing the 5th district of Illinois in Congress -- is rumored to have been the Mossad mole in the Clinton White House -- whose codename was MEGA. This is according to a July 31, 2004 news item on
So, is Michael Moore the EVERYMAN he claims and pretends to be? Or, does Moore owe his entire filmmaking career to the kindness of the Bush Crime Family?
I present the evidence -- and allow you dear reader -- to make up your own mind.
I have my opinion however...
The following sources have been used in the creation of this Kentroversy Paper:
Moore, Michael - Stupid White Men, HarperCollins, New York, NY USA, 2001, pgs. 29-31 & 250-252.
Guess Who Michael Moore's Agent Is?
July 31, 2004



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