Our Nazi Media

By Ted Lang
Of course, Hurricane Rita coming at US on the heels of Hurricane Katrina is big news - why wouldn't it be? And of course, we can all empathize with all those folks fleeing Houston and experiencing a massive exodus and highway gridlock. And of course, our Amerikan Nazi dictator is going to visit Nazi Command Headquarters to decide what draconian laws the displaced citizens should be terrified with. But as Peggy used to sing, "Is that all there is?"
Sure, there was an 11 second talk-about-it concerning some hospital gig for "The Grimace," our President of Vice - something about an aneurism or such. Let's all get together and worry about this immediately! But wait! What about our nation's capital? Is anything happening there? Not according to CNN, or CBS, or NBC, or Faux News - no siree Buffalo Bob! The TV MSM doesn't want anybody in the Nazi peanut gallery to be informed about the fact that there is a massive demonstration going on right now as I punch my keyboard!
After witnessing how Nazi Bill O'Reilly almost came over the table during his losing interview with Phil Donahue this past week, there is absolutely no doubt now about two things: the Bush administration is indeed a Nazi regime, and has been created, protected, and empowered by a Nazi propaganda machine that would have made Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels proud!
In spite of the fact that The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Associated Press all referenced the massive demonstrations in Washington, the very fact that the Nazi TV MSM wouldn't even mention them in passing confirms irrevocably their far-reaching success. Think about that for a moment. All Amerika has to do to stop the Nazi propaganda machine is to switch off their electronic squawk and idiot boxes. Let US render to O'Reilly and Limbaugh that which is theirs: Babbaloneyan Broadcast Nazism!
Remember how Limbaugh, the first of the so-called "conservatives," now renamed "neoconservatives," used to offer up the law of the land when analyzing the crimes against Amerika perpetrated by left-wing liberal Bill Clinton? Remember those days when he pointed out the evils of the left-liberal Clinton-protecting mainstream media? In fact, at least for me, Limbaugh was the first to identify them as such. Remember how he praised his father for documenting what became of all the signers of the Declaration of Independence? Remember when Boston Globe "conservative" writer Jeff Jacoby was accused of plagiarizing that list of Declaration signers and was temporarily suspended by his left-wing liberal editor? Limbaugh never ran out of examples proving that the MSM was left liberal and opposed to America's founding.
But what about now? My, how things have changed! No longer do we focus on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or its Bill of Rights. No longer do we focus on true conservatism, but a brand of collectivism and socialism that partners with big warmongering and war profiteering corporationism that can only be correctly identified by the term "fascism." And just like Hitler's Nazi Germany, and their tight partnerships with I.G. Farben, Krupp, Junkers, Mercedes and Brown Brothers Harriman, the Nazi Bush regime, that originated its wealth via Hitler, now partners with Carlyle Group, Halliburton, KBR, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton and the entire Amerikan military-industrial complex to bring US unending war for unending empire and untold military corporationist wealth.
Watching O'Reilly lose his mouth moisture and the tightening of his throat brought me untold joy in witnessing this highly articulate loudmouth and idiotic parrot of the Bush-Limbaugh line: Saddam was a bad guy and needed to be removed; and even if he did not himself participate in 9-11 [as the Bush regime and their Mossad and CIA did] he needed removing; and if we didn't fight them over there, we,d have to fight them over here; and when we straighten things out over there, then and only then can Iraq govern itself.
It is astonishing that such a moron has demonstrated the capabilities of learning and educating himself by holding a master's degree; but what has he investigated and analyzed lately? All this moron does is repeat the Bush line. How can massacring 100,000 Iraqi's be construed as bringing them democracy? Did Saddam do this to his people, or did Bush? Isn't it amazing how Limbaugh and O'Reilly can't figure this out?
So precisely where is the media on the Washington protest march? Where precisely is Limbaugh and O'Reilly's "leftist" MSM? Does anyone reading this really believe that these broadcast buffoons are so stupid that they can't see the difference between the presidencies of Clinton and Bush? Are we to believe that they can't see the non sequitur of "liberal" media behavior comparing then to now? Nonsense! These jerks are traitors! They see precisely what's happening, but figure they,ll have enough money and credit with the Democrat-Republican Nazi Party to get out of the country when to do such will become readily apparent.
And as Donahue reminded "furnace mouth" O'Reilly, now 60 percent of Americans oppose the war in Iraq and favor bringing the troops back home. So what do Nazi Bush and his Nazi Pentagon do? They ignore the will of the great majority of the American people, vow to continue the slaughter of innocent Iraqi civilians labeling them as "insurgents" when it is their own country they are defending, and are once again extending the combat service hitches of our troops trapped in that Iraqi hell hole.
How then can the Washington war protest marches not be news? That is the ONLY reason I tuned in network and cable TV news, just to get live coverage of this monumental event, an event that might just save America from total Nazification.
Now we all know whose side the media is really on.
©2005 All Rights Reserved Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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