George Bush And
Congress Are Killing America

By Frosty Wooldridge
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Political correctness is killing America. Our leaders wielding the mighty ax of political correctness will be shown in the history books to have murdered the United States of America. Its blood will drain out of its citizens as an advancing horde of illegal alien migrants kills America,s ability to function. An autopsy of this country in future history books will show that George Bush and Congress killed America.
Present day witnesses to the murder America speak their minds. From Canada, Don Nuttall said, "You are fighting a losing battle. Here in Canada, our politicians have opened the flood gates to immigrants for years. Why? Because that,s how they get elected and the problem now is the immigrants themselves have now become politicians and are telling those of us who were born here, who we will and will not let into Canada and what is right and wrong for the country. They have also put into law if the police pull a Negro 16 year old kid over driving a BMW with no tail lights, no license plate--then the police are racial profiling. They are so crooked and corrupt it makes the Mafia in Sicily look like angels from heaven. We now call Vancouver, Canada "Hongcouver" as the Chinese have taken over. You can't walk the Vancouver streets without worrying about diseases like TB, viruses the likes I've never heard of are so rampant here one has to have a space suit on with oxygen just to go get a loaf of bread!"
"Then you have to fumigate the bread before you eat it," Nuttall said. "Our medical system here is so taxed by every immigrant coming into the country with diseases. Good luck but I for one have given up, besides I'm too old to be thrown in jail for being racist. I guarantee you that will be the first reaction from the enforcers. By the way, I am a descendent of an immigrant BUT there were rules then: you had to speak English, you were on probation to obey the laws, and you could not have a communicable disease and if you had a disease you were quarantined. Today we have immigrants crawling over the borders on all fours breathing their last breath and a politician is trying to get him, even driving him to the ballot box to put an X by his name. As for Quarantine, the only quarantine we have today is for viruses in my computer."
Eric from Indiana said, "I strongly...STRONGLY agree with what you're doing, just make sure when people start rounding up the Mexicans, they make a stop in Indiana because this is getting WAY out of hand! America wasn't meant to be an apartment."
Richard from London, England said, "Being from the UK, I,ve already seen your country,s future by immigration problems being a reality here. I come from a part of London where street signs are in five languages also having been a chauffeur to people like Prince Bandar, Crown Prince Abdullah and the Emir of Qatar. I understand the warnings you are giving out. UK is finished as a country because of immigration from the Middle East."
Bob from New Jersey said, "What did generations of my family fight and die for in wars? Get the illegals out, close the borders and move them into internment camps until we get things sorted. We need to stop kissing the butt of the Islam religion; they are ridiculous. Stop the media bull@#%& and support the working man and woman. Get a real president if there is one left in this country. You are stating nothing more than the common sense reason this country was so great and the way to reclaim it."
Bob in Seattle said, "Another "Thank God"! I have been waiting for someone to really come out with this monster that is slowly swallowing us up. The whole situation not only has me wanting to leave my own country (where to go?!) but wondering just what the heck is going on. I knew there were greedy sons of guns who were part of it. The disease problem was just one I was vaguely aware of - perhaps getting that information out there more might be part of the wake up call. My big question for you - are there any politicians with your information and your views?" Yes, Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado whom I will vote for president in 2008.
Charles from North Carolina said, "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! You are freaking telling it like it is. America is being destroyed. Please mention so others can hear how Teddy Kennedy PROMISED that the 1965 Immigration Act would not change the demographics of America, would NOT create millions of immigrants coming across the border. He lied right to our faces. Also, please mention how the IRS issues temporary numbers to illegals filing fraudulent SSN numbers on their tax returns and issues them a check anyway."
Ron from Dallas, Texas said, "I am a first generation American. My father emigrated from Italy. When he got here he was nine years old. They put him in 1st grade. He learned to speak, read and write English. He spoke Italian at home but outside at work he spoke English. Contrast that with today. You could not put a nine year old in 1st grade; it would violate his/her rights. In Dallas the superintendent of schools wants to require principals in 40 percent of the schools to speak Spanish. Seems like they should require the students to speak English!"
Fellow Americans, these are a few letters I receive daily from Americans and Canadians who get it, that our two countries are in for the fight of their lives. These writers are spread across North America and all of them realize, that our two nations are at critical risk from this unending immigration invasion. It,s going to take every single one of us to stop it. We must bring critical mass of sheer numbers to force our borders to be shut down. Let,s get busy.
Go to and click on 'What you can do' and click on the 26-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards, "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000 watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide Internet at On the home page, click on heard around the world. Five nights a week, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion. Also go to Visit For video expose, of this invasion, "ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: OUR TROJAN HORSE" shot by Frosty Wooldridge and Gary Hall please call: 1 800 248 3061.
Jim Mortellaro
Of course, you are quite correct, Frosty. But you forget one very important last few words in the title of your piece. It reads:
"George Bush and Congress are Killing America."
It should read:
"George Bush and Congress are Killing America
And We the Sheeple are Letting them"
Surely we voted for those in our House of Representatives. We voted for the criminals in their coats and their ties, who represent themselves in lieu of representing their constituencies. We voted. We suffer.
Isn't it about time we chose representatives who had our interests in mind and not theirs? Long past time, albeit. So the blame is not merely the administration and it's lackeys, the blame is ours. We the Sheeple. 'Bout time we deiced to represent ourselves, maybe.
It could be too damned late, though. At which point, we are doomed to suffer seeing the demise of a once great nation. Add more natural disasters and maybe some terror attacks, and we become a poor nation, suffering under the aegis of the UN. God forbid.
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty




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