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From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum
The letter below is from Sharon Bevins, Mission Possible, Pound, Virginia. An extremely interesting point is she says leukemia should be included in the diseases triggered by aspartame, not knowing that the Italian Study has just proven the point. Here is her research: Regards, Betty
My name is Sharon Bevins, Mission Possible Pound, Virginia. I have been an elementary teacher in Wise County, Virginia for twenty-four years. I have been interested in nutrition for years, solely to obtain better health for myself. I had gone through a traumatic divorce in l980 and ate very little food during this time. About the time I started a teaching career, I came down with various ailments such as asthma, chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, etc. After being kept on steroids for several years by regular doctors, I decided there had to be a better way. I found a regular doctor in Marion, Virginia that practiced alternative methods. He put me on a strict diet of nothing but limited meats, fruits, vegetables and water. Basically, what I was doing was a low glycemic diet, getting all of the toxins and poisons out of my body. He also put me on an anti-yeast regimen and put me on some good high powered vitamins and minerals. Within two months every symptom I had left me, and I was completely well. Needless to say it took me years to adjust to a strict diet, but now I do know how to get well!
Two years ago, I met a couple of women at a natural health food store, that basically changed my life. They introduced me to a book called "Death by Diet" by a bio-chemist called Robert Barefoot. The book explained all the functions that calcium did in the body and that it could even prevent and cure cancer! I started giving some of this information out to my friends and relatives who were sick with various ailments, such as lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, different types of cancer. I noticed that almost all on my list were women! I wondered why?
I had read an article in a women's magazine that said that women were dying across America at twice the rate of men on almost every disease, especially autoimmune diseases. I started taking informed surveys across the region I lived in (southwest Virginia and eastern Kentucky), to see if I could come up with some answers. I knew that women were dieting all the time, this was obvious! I found they were not big meat eaters and milk drinkers like men, losing major sources of protein and calcium. The women at the health food store showed me a brochure about the damaging effects of aspartame in diet products. I knew it was bad, but I had no idea at the time just how bad!!
I started calling everyone on my list to ask if they drank diet soda. Every one of them did, except one or two. Could there be a connection? It seemed too coincidental. I stepped up my surveys to see just how prevalent the usage of diet sodas were in this area, and if all the symptoms on this brochure could be true!! What I discovered was astounding to say the least! A cold chill went over me. American was being poisoned on a national level!! How could this be? How could something so devastating be on the market?
I discovered regular doctors were recommending it, especially for diabetics. Every person I met that had diabetes, drank diet soda. They trusted their doctor and thought they were doing a good thing. Except all the ones I talked to, were so sick and their blood sugar was out of control. They were losing their eyesight, and attributing it to the diabetes. I began to suspect diet soda was causing the diabetes epidemic. Heavy people that you would think would have diabetes, that didn't drink diet pop, didn't have diabetes. Skinny people who should not have it, were drinking diet sodas and had diabetes. I started going back to every case in my hometown of people that had died prematurely, and subsequently found they were all heavy diet pop drinkers. Even my own best friend, who had died at age 47, seven years ago with diabetes complications. I was just now connecting the dots. Every case of cancer, big diet soda drinkers. The list goes on and on. (I wouldn't have believed it, if I had not been in the trenches working with so many people.)
I know it is not the factor in every case of sickness. Smoking and high sugar consumption plays a part. But diet soda consumption seem to be the major factor! I was seeing women miscarrying, doing everything they thought was healthy, but drinking diet sodas. I was seeing children that I taught that were slow learners, or irreparably brain damaged where they could learn nothing, after some investigation found that all the mothers had drunk diet soda when they were pregnant. I think this makes the baby be born with a compromised immune system, and the vaccinations are pushing them over the edge to autism, asthma, diabetes, cancer and death!! This would explain why many children escape the ill effects of the vaccines. Most women that I see that are very sick, are smokers and soda drinkers.
I believe I have added another disease to the 90 list of symptoms: leukemia, (of course, most of these diseases are aspartame poisoning, just misdiagnosed by regular doctors). I started noticing that all the cases in my hometown where people had been diagnosed with leukemia was connected to diet soda. Some were dead. Those that I could reach with my information were getting well. When I hear of a celebrity or world leader with a mysterious blood disorder, I automatically think: diet soda!! (MARTINI: See news release on the recent new studies on aspartame showing aspartame triggers leukemia, lymphoma and malignant brain tumors -
Arafat was never really diagnosed with anything for sure, but I suspect it was diet soda. Whenever I see anyone with seizures, palsy, paralysis in the legs, this is what I suspect. I started questioning people in buggies that couldn't walk at various stores and guess what? All heavy diet pop users, almost without exception. (IN my research on aspartame, I discovered it destroyed the vitamin B complex, which controls the central nervous system). One particular man in my hometown that I graduated with, was so gaunt looking, palsied and almost near death, was on a feeding tube. It took me awhile, but I discovered he lived on diet sodas for years. My suspicions were true! One man, who had brain cancer, that I've been working with, is now beating the cancer, but his short term memory is gone!! The only liquid he put in his body was diet sodas for fifteen years!!!
I am finding that women are substituting milk, for diet soda. Certain patterns are emerging. They don't eat a good breakfast, they don't eat many fruits and vegetables, they don't drink milk, eat little meat, and are huge diet soda consumers. It is so addictive. I've met women who told me, it would have to kill them before they would give it up! It is their life!! I always tell them, it most assuredly will do so. One man I met was drinking sixteen to eighteen a day!! Needless to say, these people are all terribly sick. I am seeing some people who have drink it for years, and seem to be in good health. They are meat eaters, with the protein protecting them from the poison. A protein will kick out sugars, toxins, lessening the damage to the cells. It keeps the toxins from spiking the blood sugar.
I read an article a few years ago, about an adjoining county to mine, Harlan County, Ky. This area had the highest amount of autoimmune diseases in the nation, and I found out recently they had the highest rate of soda consumption, especially diet soda. No one has made the connection until now.
I met a nurse from this area that said MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS WAS RAMPANT. I have been trying to canvas this area and give out the brochures about the effects of aspartame poisoning. I feel like this problem is greater in this area of Appalachia than other parts of the nation, because of the poor diets of the people, and the high amount of cigarette consumption.
I have been to over 300 businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals, etc. with the information on aspartame. The message is getting out!! ....But knowing this information, I cannot stand idly by, and let people suffer and die needlessly when I know the answer. .------ All I know is that something drastic has to be done. I am doing my part!! "One person can change a lot" has always been my motto.
I am working on my degree in nutrition and have written a book called the Alternative Underground, with a special section on "What's Killing The Women?" I have people that are helping me give out these brochures, so hopefully I won't have to fight this problem alone. I am giving seminars in churches to spread the message. I pray that this research will sound the alarm across the nation to get this horrific poison off the market!!
Note from Martini: Sharon Bevins is the new Mission Possible Pound Virginia. She did this research on her own. She was unaware that aspartame can precipitate diabetes, simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, causes diabetics to go into convulsions, and interacts with insulin. Some reports say 65% of diabetics have Alzheimers. Memory loss is #9 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms.
Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 and



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