The Cost Of The Lies
And The Price Of Truth
Most people can't figure out that what other people say
all depends on who they work for...
By John Kaminski
"We're an ignorant nation right now."
-- Walter Cronkite (to Larry King), 10/1/05
Eric Hoffer was right. The first thing people do with freedom is put themselves in jail.
Here's your question. What is the true cost of all the lies?
Nimble minds would immediately respond "$2 billion per week in Iraq, $1 billion per month in Afghanistan, $14 trillion per year for Israel, counting all the labyrinthine corporate perks ... " and continue chattering through a long list that ends somewhere around trillions being made on poisons that are put into bottles and sold as medicine. You get the general idea that a considerable amount of spare change disappears in the blink of an eye as the cost of doing business in the world of official lies.
I remember the day before 9/11, Aspartame-inventor Rumsfeld held a press conference to announce that $2.3 TRILLION was missing from Pentagon coffers and could not be located. Amid the following months of dust and rubble at the World Trade Center, the question of this missing money was never heard again. Of course, stealing trillions is legal; punks who rob drive through burger joints of $39.95 are the ones who get the chair.
The cost of 9/11 lies may well exceed anything reasonable minds could possibly predict, since it formally changed at least the official public perception of the world from a relatively reasonable collection of prosperous nations into an enforced structure of slaves to the European banking establishment. The alternative to acquiescence to this creeping imprisonment of the world is to undergo the society extermination program now being so hideously performed by Western madmen on the smoldering carcass of Iraq. Or maybe that's the way it always has been, and the 9/11 coverup merely stripped away the last veil of pretense that human society was actually honest - which is what we try to teach our children - as opposed to the coercive, destructive beast it is now so clearly demonstrating itself to be.
The 9/11 coverup also further eroded the deteriorating reputation of the American people, who almost overnight - thanks to George W. Bush and his fascist followers - became a despicable group of irredeemable thugs who sanction torture for political purposes. The American people, compelled by deliberately false propaganda from their corporate media apparatus, also approved the destruction of the most precious conceptual jewel in their Constitutional crown - the elimination of people's right to confront their accusers - and ended a tradition of freedom that began with the Magna Carta in 1215 A.D.
A notable moral scandal in human history - America's current worldwide gulag full of hapless innocents - remains virtually unmentioned in the empty echoes of its straitjacketed corporate media.
What the truth is worth is never as important as how badly you need it. As a consequence, the truth usually can be acquired for free, and it's the lies so many people make money off that turn out to be so expensive.
Flipping that coin to the other side, lies are where the real money is: Public relations campaigns for rich corporations intent on fleecing the public with the latest trendy gimmick, or even better, government contracts within which the principal contractor rakes half the money off the top, and subcontracts the actual job (if it actually is an actual job) to an unqualified subcontractor, who completely botches the job (if he even attempts to do it in the first place) and nobody checks to ever see if the job was done at all. Then the process begins anew to fix the first mess. These people get paid well. Think about all the people who've gotten rich from that process. And reflect on the fact that they are in charge of the whole world now.
There's simply no money in the truth. That's why we stopped getting it. Yet, you can't tell us money doesn't matter when we're all very hungry. If you don't have any money, preaching what you think is the truth is definitely not the way to get any. Which is probably why I don't have any. I know, I come from a long and noble line, and they never got paid, either.
The whole sorry mess makes me often reflect that fractional reserve banking, usury, and the Western corporate wraith that now poisons the world with its stupid shoppers' mind control are things that are really only good for building financial empires; they're not good at all for families, children, or the health of average people, and certainly not for governments. Usury has turned all governments into shills for powerful but largely invisible business interests, and that's not good for people, either, only for empires.
The only trouble with empires is that real and free people don't live in them, only slaves do. Lying, sycophantic, untrustworthy slaves. Let's hear it .... "USA! USA! USA!" People who lie to themselves while they let others die. That's the American way. "Tell us about how you saved all these people in New Orleans, Dubya!"
For remarks like that, I am a marginalized journalist, whose works generally are not found in any publication that charges money or sells advertising, except outside the U.S. Of course, the real reason I am sometimes so hard to find is my continuing insistence that the most important issue world communities face is the mystery of Israel and the international bankers who seem to rule all the nations in what we call the Western world. I don't know if it's an overstatement or not to say the banking cartel has control of the whole world, but that the principal mover and shaker bankers for the past two hundred years have all been Jewish exponents of Zionist hegemony is an undeniable fact.
Jewish interests completely control the American government (you can't get elected to any public office in America if you say the word "Palestine"); all the major media and movie studios; the educational, psychiatric, legal, religious, and pharmaceutical systems; and every aspect of the money you use to convince yourself you're free. If you really want to get down to it, most of the world worships a much-beloved Jewish male, and the language you speak likely derived from ancient Hebrew flame letters once etched in Phoenician accounting ledgers.
So when some ordinary honest person like Cynthia McKinney insists that everyone deserves a fair chance at happiness, she is run out of Washington on a rail because she sinned against the media mind control meme that has the world in its grip which insists that Jews are never guilty of any crime. Because their suffering during the Holocaust morally immunizes them from prosecution from any future crime. That's what Jewish media tell us. Even as those very same crimes are perpetrated in the names of the victims of those crimes! It is, as you know, a very sick situation. And why so many people must needlessly die.
Now there is a new law prohibiting anyone from talking about Jews in a critical way, which I would be writing about now (and will be soon) were I not writing this.
Wanna hear a good joke? How do you tell a self-hating Jew? They're the ones with consciences. It is the most human of all traits, proving, beyond all doubt, that all Jews are not some supremacist sadists (as the Talmud recommends) who think it's OK to shoot Palestinian children in the head because they violated some arbitrary and trivial rule. How few Jews have had the moral courage to confront this epiphany about integrity remains a continuing embarrassment to the world's most materially successful socioethnic group. And Americans in general are in the exact same boat on this.
I had the good fortune to receive recently - from 9/11 activist Don Paul (check out his new book, a great primer on the Rothschilds' influence on current events, here ) - a copy of a video in which I appeared that was played repeatedly on Sky TV in London, kind of a pseudo exposé of the 9/11 lies that was betrayed at the end by clandestine corporate shills David Corn and John Judge. (That Judge is McKinney's political point man in her 9/11 truth efforts is very disconcerting and disappointing.)
I was relieved to see that at least I (and also Don Paul) had not made any statements in the video that could be refuted, or even defeated in an argument. Then I began to mull over the entirety of what I had written these last three years on the Internet, and I soon realized that I hadn't made any major mistakes in any of the things I had tried to describe, so that made me feel good, considering I'd tackled some knotty issues.
Everything I have said has been correct.
9/11 was an inside job. It changed the world into a permanent state of war, all instigated by the United States.
Al Qaeda is a clever strategem invented by American, British and Israeli intelligence as a foolproof way to always have an uncatchable enemy by which to feed the war machine.
The Iraq war is based on lies, on the phony terrorist mythology invented and confirmed by 9/11. The American people know about these lies, and have decided to ignore them.
American democracy does not exist because votes are not counted honestly, but Americans don't care as long as they have their ribbons and ice cream.
Owing to their cultural addiction to the glitterati's electronic media, most Americans believe differently than I do, though many are starting to realize that what I have been saying is true. In the fog that shrouds the space between the corporate media spin and my shrill shrieks about lies dwell the demons destroying our world.
The basic question is this: Who is our enemy? Are they malcontents in the desert, or perverts in suits in Washington?
Yet my view is the one that remains unheard, marginalized. And with Fox News blaring in the background, the lemmings continue to march toward the cliff.
The single most complete archive of my essays is located here
but my favorite is one maintained by a Canadian English professor in Thailand located here
A Rense columnist I began and a Rense columnist I remain at
But I'm also extemely proud to be included among an admirable group of columnists that includes John Pilger, Joe Vialls, Riverbend and Xymphora (among other great ones) here
There's also a long-running archive on Lewis News
I have a deserved reputation for writing stories other people don't. These mostly center on my willingness to call the liars in positions of power what they are, and also to cross the line into manipulation of our consciousness by Jewish-controlled media.
I believe this is an essential step to understanding what's really going on.
Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Myers all said, "We didn't have any idea something like this could happen," and the FBI produced the names of all the so-called hijackers later that same day. Seven months later we learn the Washington kingpins were all running air defense drills that very same day they all said they didn't know something like this could happen.
It took me awhile, maybe 50 essays, to realize that a major component of the problem we had inflicted upon ourselves in this manifested era of fake terror alerts was inside the minds of the public as much as it was generated by evil men trying to make much more than a buck.
That's why I clumsily zeroed in on belief systems. On one level, human poseurs like George W. Bush certainly don't speak to God even though they say they do. Either that, or the God they speak to is nobody you'd really want to know, a mad Moloch Moses commanding death for profit and annihilation of all infidels, all the Amalek. I am Amalek. I take these things seriously.
We have tricked ourselves about our own deaths, and that's why we have so much murder in the world. I'm convinced about this, and I reason that a functional human future involves recognizing and debugging this as a key requirement of our continuing survival as a species.
Otherwise the coded message in worshipping magical myths is that we can't forthrightly deal with life, and our evolution is a lie and will end with extinction for failure to properly recognize reality. It's inevitable and inescapable, an evolutionary truth. If we don't accurately recognize the conditions and limitations that rule us, we are doomed to delusion and destruction. It's an empirical fact, one that lingers over all human endeavor like some sad and elusive Debussy melody.
For all my hundreds of stories all aimed at flushing out the truth from a passle of lies, I have $400 in my bank account, a house that is about to fall in on me, a beloved car aiming to go 300,000 miles. No way to pay November's bills.
I have no new books to sell (yet) and no group vacations or moneymaking schemes to offer.
Many dear cyberfriends cheering for me around the world and a small percentage of my mailing list have for the past two years enabled me to keep going to my local grocery store, where I have reduced my burden to strawberries, tomatoes, and spinach and lost 30 pounds in three months (ahem).
Perhaps the wages of truth are the creation of the necessity of ingenuity. Since I don't charge anyone for anything I write, and am not sufficiently skilled to produce books in a timely and saleable manner, I must periodically solicit donations to sustain my efforts are reporting on the world and its deteriorating conditions. Thank you for your understanding and support in these trying and ominous times.
Jeff Rense once called me "the last of the buffalo." Yes, it's OK to think of me as an endangered species. If you're reading this, likely you are, too.
You can't really charge people for information you put out on the Internet, because all the important information is already available free. It's legit to sell books and videos, but charging a fee for breaking information implies that the fee is more important than the story, and that attitude - as we see throughout the world - actually affects the content of the story. So I don't charge for information, but I do need support.
Let me try one more writer's trick to inveigle you into becoming more involved with the world, and more cognizant of the real story. Recently I produced a one-sentence essay, and had a poem about Cindy Sheehan travel around the world, and now I'll reach just a little deeper into this big ole bag of writer's tricks.
Do you believe in channelers? No, they're pure, projected BS, you theorize. Here's a typical example of their deceptive invective (heh heh), and our recent conversation.
UNIVERSE: Be respectful of everything. Each thing is all part of the gift, put there for you to understand. To utilize. And to promote the welfare of the things you meet. That is the great gift of life shared by every living thing. And all things are living. The real magic is in giving.
ME: If we take this cowboy act out into the cosmos, we'll be smashed by the first tough guy we run into because the human species is, in a very basic way, afraid of its own shadow.
UNIVERSE: Really, that is a small matter. You either will survive or you won't. All things recycle, even me, although you are too little to perceive my cycle. The missing piece continues to be your failure to understand that you control your own destiny, but resourcefulness can never find the way without both a plan and a conviction that you are the wonderful, kind, hopeful being by whom it is always my plan - it's my genetic coding, if you will - to improve whatever neighborhood I happen to be focused on at the time. Just do your job. That's all anyone and anything can ever do. You're supposed to be gardeners, you know.
ME: We haven't ever come to terms with the fact that our time for contributing is limited. In our fear, we imagine that our chance lasts forever in some puppydog heaven.
UNIVERSE: What you must establish is a way of being that suits you in any and all conditions, alive or dead. There lies the peace of knowing. The pattern is in motion, always. Either thrive on it or let it kill you. Your choice. Oh. And one more thing. Get your act together, dude. We need you out here. It's all part of the plan. And it's your task to learn it. Listen to Buddha. Don't get fooled by magic.
ME: Thanks for the invite. I accept.
UNIVERSE: Mmm, you do seem to hang out here a lot.
ME: My own neighborhood is such a mess.
UNIVERSE: Your neighborhood is your responsibility. Don't bother me - or anyone else - with that. Your mother taught you to clean up your messes. Play nice. Figure out what the real work is, and do it. Do that, and it will all work out.
.... anyway, that's who I work for. I know, it's all in my imagination ... and yours.
I am here because of you. That has a double meaning. I exist in cyberspace because of your need to verify your perceptions that something is really screwy with the "official" world. My reward is that I get to exist in the real world based on the appreciation you show for what I do for you.
The official world doesn't recognize what I say, considers it paranoid blasphemy, and won't even contemplate the assertions I have made because they're not "approved." Not enough people have yet to ask themselves who does the "approving", and for what reason. About this delay, let me just say that time grows short.
If this or some future missive in the next few weeks turns out to be my last communication with you, let me state now that it has been the greatest honor of my life to have written what I really felt was true and have so many of you respond with such enthusiastic support. Thank you very much, and stay safe, if you can. The weather forecast is for hard rain, as you know.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida near five of the most beautiful beaches in the world, all of which have smelled kinda bad these past few weeks. He is among those who believe the U.S. government planned and executed 9/11 as a way to turn the world into a police state. Mail contributions to to 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.
Hi John...
Thanks a lot, as always. I've posted your great piece:
Instead, I couldn't publish The Pretense Of Innocence In A Poisoned Game .
If i posted it, Uruknet would shut down for violation of anti-racist Italian laws ( Law 205/93: Mancino Law), entitled "Urgent measures on the subject of racial, ethnic and religious discrimination") According to it "those who diffuse ideas founded on the superiority of the race or racial or ethnic hatred of any kind, or who incite to commit or commit acts of discrimination for racial, ethnic, national or religious motivations", "will be imprisoned for up to a period of three years" etc. etc. The meaning of discrimination is is purposely ambiguous, so it so it can be extended endlessly.
In the last days an organization named "Islamic (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anti-Defamation League" denunced an important Italian website because a few readers' postings criticize some aspects of Jewish behaviours.
I hesitated for a long time before deciding to not publish The pretense of innocence in a poisoned game, then I phoned to an Italian journalist, Maurizio Blondet, who wrote the only Italian book saying that 9.11 was an inside job.
He also wrote a book titled Osama bin Mossad. Of course, he was accused to be "an antisemite conspiracy theorist" ). Blondet himself has advised me to not repost The Pretense Of Innocence In A Poisoned Game, if i don't want me to get into serious trouble.
Moreover, I don't think that the Protocols are true. But this is another question.
Best wishes, and thanks again.




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