Jew Against Jew

By Ted Lang
c. 2005 - All Rights Reserved
No one wants to be smeared as "anti-Semitic," and organized, secular fundamentalist so-called "Jews" know this well. It is rare when Jews speak out against their own, but when they do, it is usually an eye opening and astonishing experience. In fact, such revelations are much better explained as downright frightening.
Some readers may be familiar with the revelations offered by one Benjamin Freedman in a speech he delivered back in 1961. Even that long ago, Freedman, a Jew and a Zionist defector, tried desperately to warn America and the West of the plans of the "International Jew," the Zionist Jew. Torah-obedient Jews have consistently tried to distance themselves from Zionism and Israel, but alas, without real effectiveness. Powerful and wealthy organized Zionism is not in the least bit threatened by the tiny minority of Orthodox Jews.
Freedman warned about the total domination of every aspect of American life by organized, secular, Zionist Jews. And his warnings have been predated all throughout history by many noted Americans. Henry Ford's denouncement of their connivance and heavy political and financial manipulation in starting, continuing, and immensely profiting from World War I, has earned him high posture on the pedestal of truth. He was one of those rare Americans that paved the way for inquiring minds to accept the Jewish manipulation in both World Wars, revealing their connivance and the resultant Jewish/Communist victory that was World War II. It can easily be shown, that Jews were behind every war America has waged during its brief existence. And of course, Ford was smeared by organized Jewry as being "anti-Semitic."
Zionist Jews are such a dominating factor that the generalization of not needing to concern oneself in distinguishing Orthodox Jews from Zionist Jews has now reached an acceptable level. The Israeli lobby, AIPAC, is second in power to only AARP. AIPAC is an agent of a foreign government, a foreign government that is a brutal and ruthless police state. Israel targets Muslims and Arabs, and drives them brutally from their own lands via terrorism, torture and mass murder; and it does so with an inhumanity not even exhibited by those notorious monsters, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.
Which of those dictators plowed up productive farmlands as opposed to plundering and redistributing their bounty? Which one used bulldozers to crush to death residents while still inside their homes? We don't hear about these things in the MSM because the press is completely controlled by Zionist or Zionist-friendly Jews.
As Deacon Elurby so thoroughly points out, the Jews and their Illuminati enablers are indeed out to homogenize the world's population through the force of a global one-size-fits-all government, conceptualized at the highest levels of the international banking cabal. Through their Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and the communist International Monetary Fund now headed by Jewish warmonger and mass murderer, Paul Wolfowitz, the Illuminati have confirmed their presence and intent and designated Israel as its primary catalyst for the New World Order.
Israel now totally dominates all levels of American government through the connectivity of the Zionist media. The dual Zionist initiative employing our military to serve as the deadly force for the imperial warmongering of Israel serves also to destroy our economy and eventually our American sovereignty. This destructive combination now translates to the singular objective of the Bush regime and the GOP in meeting this Illuminati goal. In recognition of this lunacy, specifically as regards Bush's assault on the economy, Senator Hillary Clinton has dubbed President G. Bush as President Alfred E. ["What, me worry?"] Newman.
As Elurby points out, the real winners in World War II were the Jews and their intellectual product, communism. And Jewish Communists were totally successful in manipulating President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and encouraged provoking the attack on Pearl Harbor, thereby angering the American people and Congress into starting yet another unnecessary war that didn't concern US. FDR was again manipulated along with Churchill to cede much of Eastern Europe to the Communist regime of Josef Stalin. FDR was dedicated to the Jewish ends of that ill-serving war, which consumed our youth and our wealth.
In southern New Jersey, fallout continues this day resulting from FDR's special treatment for Jews. Starting a tradition that would be later repeated in the Jewish State of Israel, FDR's "post-Depression administration founded 'Jersey Homesteads' as an experimental farming-industrial cooperative," writes Joseph Sapia of the Gannett News Service. In his July 31 article carried in the Morris County Daily Record entitled, "Synagogue plan splits Jewish community," the battle between minority Orthodox Jews and the overwhelming influence and control of Zionist/secularists is once again on display.
Sapia writes, "A proposal to create a high school for Orthodox Jewish boys at the local synagogue has sparked a controversy, including a movement to recall Mayor Neil Marko, who is a synagogue trustee." The name of that New Jersey town where "controversy is being sparked?" The kibbutz-style town was named after its originator: "Roosevelt!"
Sapia continues: "The irony of the controversy over the yeshiva proposal at Congregation Anshei Roosevelt on Homestead Lane is that this 1.93 square-mile municipality has had a strong Jewish presence since it was established by the federal government in 1936."
Sapia quotes a Jew that supports the Orthodox school: "'That's the most disgusting thing about this whole thing, that Jews should be so vile and bigoted against other Jews," said Elly Shapiro, 61, president of the congregation, which calls itself 'traditional'.'" But what, when reflecting on "Jewish vileness and bigotry," could be better evidence of vileness and bigotry than the Talmud? What could be viler than the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and the false flag mass murder of 9-11?
Opponents of the school are quoted by Sapia, who goes on: "Lynn Lawson, 57, who is Jewish, opposes the yeshiva and signed the recall petition. She said it is not simply a Jewish issue. The small town of about 950 lacks the financial and physical resources 'to absorb that kind of thing,' she said. 'I love my town,' said Lawson, whose family settled here in the 1940s. 'I just see this as a (negative) change.'"
How could a school be a "negative thing," irrespective of religion? By just the wording employed and the tone of the response, we can easily discern the viciousness of "mainstream Jewry." And a recall petition for Mayor Neil Marko? Can you not easily see the unmistakable connection here in this big incident in a tiny little New Jersey town? The attack must be, and always is, by, for and through government!
And a petition to recall congregation member Marko, who happens to be the mayor - how is this a government issue? Yet, the mayor is being accused of putting his religion over and above the needs of the citizens. What's odd about this - how can Rabbi Dov Zackheim, the former Pentagon Comptroller who observed that what is needed is yet another "Pear Harbor incident" and Rabbi Michael Chertoff, when second-in-command of Ashcroft's Justice Department, after releasing the five Mossad explosives experts captured on 9-11, in any way shape or form not be construed as serving two different and opposing religious and governmental interests? Said another way, why do we need to show disdain and concern over a partnership of church and state, a partnership that culminated in the founding of this once great nation, but show absolutely no concern for the powerful union of synagogue and state both under the auspices of a foreign state?
It is clear that the one and only issue is "traditional" Jew versus "reform" [Zionist] Jew. Orthodox Jews are despised by "mainstream" Jews! Let's look further at the comments made by both sides in this relatively simple matter.
The article continues, "But Lawson, a Reform Jew, said people are concerned that Orthodox Jews keep to themselves. 'I've had a problem with Orthodox Jews looking down on me,' Lawson said." They keep to themselves, don't force their disruptive opinion on anyone, yet this Jewish lady is upset because they "look down" on her? Does this justify all the time and effort in starting a petition to recall the mayor?
In response, "Yeshiva M'on Hatorah is suffering from negative stereotypes of prejudice against Orthodox Jews, according to Marko and Elly Shapiro." This yeshiva is the sponsoring congregational school from Riverdale, NY. "'The purpose of this school is to teach these young boys how to be leaders of the Jewish community,' Elly Shapiro said." And obviously, this is the real threat - Orthodox Jews who believe in God, keep to themselves, rigorously practice their faith, and basically leave everyone alone. Orthodox Jews are to busy observing their religion and don't use government and its unjust laws as a weapon against its own citizens or other nations.
So of course, government is dragged into this seemingly minor conflict to either justify or create a solution. But it is anything but a minor solution. Continuing, "Jeff Ellentuck, 51, a recall movement spokesman, and Lawson questioned whether the rabbis' homes would come off the tax rolls, [which would be] a blow to the financially strapped town if the yeshiva comes to fruition." Tax rolls? Financially strapped? Here in New Jersey, this is now a standard argument.
In Rockaway, New Jersey, another religious group, this time Christians, are also being blocked from practicing their religion once again by the lowest level of American government. Citing "traffic congestion" and other red herrings, tax rolls are once again the primary issue for secularists and anti-religionists.
It is unfortunate that Jews turn against Jews, just as it is unfortunate when Protestants turn against Protestants and Catholics against Catholics. But if any religious sect or domination uses generalizations to discriminate against another people, then they themselves can be swallowed up by a reactive generalization that could indeed result in a serious blowback.
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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