Japan's Atomic Bomb
August 16 - 8-9 pm
The History Channel (in the US)
"A revealing look at the untold story of Japan's atomic bomb, and how they may have detonated a nuclear device just two days before surrender. Since the end of WWII, conventional wisdom claimed that Imperial Japan was years away from building an atomic weapon--this special shatters this view. Using once secret Japanese wartime documents, we provide evidence that Japan had world- class nuclear physicists, access to uranium ore, and cyclotrons to process it. They devised an innovative way to deliver the bombs using 400-foot long Sen Toku submarines, capable of carrying and launching airplanes. Most startling--just six days after Hiroshima, Japan tested its own atomic device on a small island 20 miles off the Korean coast. The sobering conclusion is that Japan may have been just weeks behind the US in the race for the bomb."
Tom Clements
I have heard that the program has been softened considerably due to political considerations related to the FOX channel & Murdoch's business deals with Japan. Evidently interviews with North Koreans were heavily censored by that country. I don't know if the program gets into anything speculative about Japan's current nuclear weapons potential or mentions Japan's plutonium stockpiling program or start-up of the massive new Rokkasho reprocessing factory.



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