Zionist Myth Of Islamic
Jihad Against The West

By Impatient
"The Islamic jihad against the West" is a hard sell. There is nothing real about it--it is nothing but Zionist psychodrama.
If someone said "Muslims in LA have called for a jihad against the police," would it add to our sense of an inevitable war with Islam or would it merely stretch credibility like Bush's "they hate our freedom" speech?
It is Zionists who are pushing the idea that Muslims are jihadists. They are making every effort to incite the West against Muslims based on the idea that Muslims preach holy war. Liberal Jews also push this idea by saying "attacking Iraq created more jihadists."
It is a hard sell, because what we can see with our own eyes contradicts this incitement even though the Zionists have done their best with staged terrorism to implicate Muslims. They even tried to resurrect a five hundred-year-old conflict to persuade the Spanish after the train bombings that the Muslims have never given up their conquest of Spain!
The Zionists have used their suicide bomber shtick without giving much thought to plausibility--clearly implying that they think goyim will believe anything. The Zionists have gone to considerable trouble to stage big operations like 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, USS Cole, Kenya and Tanzania. They have staged beheadings.
They have invented Muslim leaders. They have fabricated jihadist rhetoric. They have got us into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have used their media relentlessly to push the Muslim jihad myth. We are not buying any of it.
To give you an idea, here is what an incorrigible Zionist recently told me: "You can wait until the first Muslim breaks down your door and kicks your balls. . . and takes what you have and forces you to kneel and pray to Allah, or cuts your head right off. I won't wait for that, nor will the intelligent people of the world."
I countered: "You are right. The intelligent people of the world are not waiting for Muslims to break down their doors, kick them in the balls, and cut their heads off. Nor are they waiting for radical Islam to mount a nuclear attack, poison our water, or use biological weapons. As one of the intelligent people who "won't wait for that," what will you do while you are not waiting?
He just went on: "The Muslims are attacking, killing, beheading. . ."
Alton Raines
What hooey! You know the old saying, 'Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't out to get you" applies perfectly here -- Sure, there's a big nasty in the world called Zionism. It's evil, it's wicked, it's devouring, yes it's a grand and horrid conspiracy and I'd be the first to say so, hook it, drag it into the light and kill it, God willing. Hoorah.
But then there are assinine levels of paranoid thinking which are so completely far flung from evident reality as to be laughable. Suggesting that there is not a real, dangerous, formidable and documented radical, fundamentalist, jihadist wing of Islam devoted to the destruction of the western world and all its 'sinfulness' is simply a pathetically uneducated and irresponsible contention, built either entirely on lies or self-deception or as I suspect, irrational overzealous scapegoating of the Jews for everything bad under the sun. I can't think of anything that wounds the cause of truth greater than this sort of paranoid absurdity, just in the same way there is no greater foe to Jewish people worldwide than their self-appointed leadership running around playing the hypersensitive "Shoah" representative labeling everyone and everything 'antisemitc' that dares to do anything but bow down and pay homage -- making any REAL persecution of Jews utterly invisible and indistinquishable from the phony propped up offenses created by Judaistic politi-theatre.
One would have to liberally ignore a cavalcade of history to assert that radical anti-western Islam-o-fascism doesn't exist or is nothing but a creation of Zionists to further their agenda -- long before there was a Bush, long before there was a NeoCon twinkle in some Zionist's eye, long before Israel even became a nation thanks to the UN, there was and remains a psychotic, bloody, anti-western arm of Islam just waiting to be empowered by either circumstance or chance. And at various times in history it has risen to power and made its mark upon the fabric of events, without a single Jew or Zionist having to lift a finger to propagate it. It's this sort of addle-brained paranoid and scapegoating that makes it so damned difficult to really, honestly teach people the facts about Zionism and its dangers and evils.
By Anonymous

Peace be with you people,
I am a muslim living in the west and though I understand zionist propaganda and methods of spreading utter corruption and mischief at all levels of human endeavour, yet it urges me to say something on this topic from my heart. It is evident now that fundamentalism in its radical or rather manic form is present within most religions primarily within those of semitic origin e.i. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We are witnesses of inhumane statements and activities in all three religious groups. What happened with these heavenly religions?! I think we should ask rather what happened with the followers of these religions. Neglectufulness and lack of sincerity produced fanatics and maniacs who see their salvation in other's destruction. I think slowly but surely these main religions are being hijacked for political and greedy aspirations of finacial warlords who are profiting from wars and mutual hatred. I believe ordinary Jews, Christians and Muslims are victims of devilish elite that runs this world behind financial cartels those same devils who are killing people like Kennedy or Sweden foreign minister Linda etc.
If you ask me Jews in Israel or elsewhere are paying the price for what zionist are doing "in their name" as we muslims are paying price for what ignorant and foolish jihadist are doing "in our name". If we want to solve this global problem of injustice and horrors that ordinary people are suffering from day to day we have to be honest and judge equally every maniac as individual or a regime. I am very disappointed at UN for its inability to say "enough" to all big and small powers and treat transgressors equally. I bet you if UN says to US or Israel to stop committing crimes against humanisty or else they will have embargo from all the small countries they will think twice before rushing yet into another war. I remind them of big powers of past that became too arrogant and in the end were defeated by small but resolute countries. UN is not serving its role because its being hijacked by same devils like US goverment.
Those who propagate the war and violence let them go into wars and take their precious sons and daughters and fight as much as they want. They have no right forcing others to fight their wars and it is better to sit in jail then go and kill someone who is not playing according to finacial devils tunes. I admire Ghandi who refused to participate in British coersion scheeme. He did something powerful with passivness not violence. We can say no to war and refuse going into it. We can say to our muslim fools piss of with your manic views and go back to studying to find out what is Islam all about. Hatred and violence never brought any good to anyone. If we are to win terrorist movements in our world we have to start from top to the bottom not the other way arround. Drug trafficing is done by high levels of government and military that is why we can not eradicate it.
Why do we have to vote for those idiots who are republican or democrat candidates. Why not vote for decent freedom fighthers small parties who are self funding and not in clutches by banking and corporation devils. Why do we follow blindly like sheeps any crook who has big talk and no honesty and true action for no personal profit. I bet there are millions of hard working honest americans who will turn that great nation into example of true democracy and humane society. People of france stood against tirany of their king but were foolish to reaplace him with another maniac who went on ravaging europe. Have'nt we learned anything from our history. When we will stop living like robots and say its enough of this bullshit. I refuse to play the game of end times. Massive workers strikes can bring down any government to its knees. Why are we so letargic about our future. What will happen to our children with liders like Bush, Sharon or despots in muslim countries. They are leading us to armageddon because we let them to do that. I will rather pay penalty than vote for the parties which are controlled by devils.
Dont demonise any nation or religion for we are all same family and will suffer global war together if we dont stand against it now. Tell war mongers to go to hell with their propaganda. Tell your preachers and mullahs to go to hell with their hate sermons. Tell them that you do not believe in their god of war and hatred. God is our creator and sustainer and He created us out of His infinite love not hatred and vengenance. Tell them that Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers of big human family who struggle with their lives as decent human beings. My and your enemies are devilish zionist, fanatical evangelists and ignorant crazy jihadists. Stop them with every legal human activity that is at your disposal. Believe me we do not need to wage war with them using nukes or hightech weapons. Our moral values and strong will can defeat them no matter how scary they show themselves. Stand for justice and righteousness and fear not hordes of evil.
Name Witheld
Whoever wrote this article (Impatient? Maybe in-patient?) is out of his mind or stupid. Maybe there are people ignorant of what radical Islamic jihadists say and do, but they'd have to be living in a damned cave somewhere, I would think!



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