The Big Con:
Democrats Versus
Republicans - The Illusion
Of Democracy

By Tibor S. Friedman
The mask slipped off temporarily from the faceless Ruling Class long enough to reveal its true brutal manifest intent against the population and the 'useless feeders' (whom Kissinger and his Bilderbergers rants about) and the 'mainstream' media (MSM) and political apparatus that protects them and executes their orders.
The MSM had for a brief period pulled back the curtain, as it possibly experienced some humanity, and criticized the government for its negligence (some would say criminal sabotage) in providing the humanitarian needs required on the Gulf Coast from Katrina's devastation. FEMA (under Bush & Co) refused to let in critical supplies, transportation out, and was stopped by local law enforcement from cutting communication lines critical for recovery.
New Orleans is under Martial Law and journalists have no access and only controlled media events are allowed. What are the feds hiding? Why are military personnel patrolling with weapons as if they are in Fallujah? Why are Blackwater mercenaries (Homeland Security hires) guarding homes of millionaires there? Why were armed Mexican military allowed into Texas? Is this all meant to condition Americans to Martial Law, foreign occupiers and the imminent loss of sovereignty? Bush, Martin of Canada and Fox of Mexico signed a 'security and prosperity' agreement in Spring, 2005 effectively creating a Pan American Region to be completed by 2010.
Meanwhile, the complicit propaganda press (MSM) has returned to its old self, declaring what a generous people Americans are and showcasing telegenic 'heroes' and 'heroines' attending to the 'refugees.' As journalist James Petras noted, 'MSM by the 6th day had converted the national government's failures (Bush's) into a successful military occupation.'
Adding further injury Bush suspended the Davis-Bacon Act to allow Halliburton and Bechtel to pay local workers below living wage to work on reconstruction projects. Those 'useless feeders' who survived could now be further exploited and treated with contempt and abuse. The neglect and blatant exploitation will continue as long as the troglodytes in power continue to 'starve the beast' and plunder America and all her wealth for themselves. Remember, once the middle class vanishes there will be no revolution.
The biggest con beyond the obvious criminal actions of our non-elected leaders lies in the fantasy of an active democracy and the illusion of a choice between two political parties that purportedly 'oppose' each other; nothing could be further from the truth. What we have is a form of American Kabuki theatre enabled by the MSM with phony 'political formats' using dueling desperadoes from both parties that only serve to distract, deflect, divide and confuse Americans. Americans, thankfully, are starting to see through the hoax and are turning their TVs off and tuning them out and looking to alternative news sources on the Internet. Watch for Internet 2 and 3 to ramp up to replace the existing system.You don't believe that the deds can't control the Internet? They invented it.
The big con is exemplified by Hillary Clinton's call for a bipartisan independent commission on Katrina to look into the failure of the US government to respond to the disaster. Patrick Martin described it best: "Clinton, Reid and Pelosi are all pushing for an independent bipartisan commission modeled on the panel that produced the 9/11 terrorist attacks report.
This shows that the Democrats are seeking a cover-up more sophisticated than the crude one proposed by Bush (investigating himself). All the official investigations into 9/11, the lies used to justify the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and Abu Ghraib, etc., have served to protect the state-while prosecuting a handful of underlings. The routine of whitewash and cover-up has become stereotypical and farcical!"
The ugly truth is that both parties serve the same masters and they aren't the American people or even the best interests of America-at least not since the Federal Reserve, Inc (a private entity owned by bankers) was created by the Rockefellers for the Rockefellers and their International Banker friends in the City of London. Having had our money system (and wealth) hijacked for almost 100 years (following the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) has allowed the Ruling Class to create and manipulate debt, interest rates, recessions, and depressions and involve Americans in wars for their economic profits and our human losses, and to continue to do so in Iraq and the soon coming wars with Iran, Syria, Russia and probably China.
John Stanton, a writer specializing in national security, says 'the powerful of the country run a minimum security, open air labor camp called the United States of America in which the wardens are the Republicans and Democrats located in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the US government, along with their governments-in-waiting at think tanks around the country'. Add to this that members of both parties, including representatives from the media and the whole spectrum of industry, belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission or Bilderberg (as do Bill Clinton and Bush, Sr.), etc.; groups that are dedicated to the ultimate destruction of American sovereignty.
To underscore the truth about both parties being on the same team one needs to only review Bill Clinton's record: NAFTA, FDA approval for GMOs, illegal bombings in Iraq and Kosovo; illegal sanctions (genocide) in Iraq that killed at least 500,000 children; ignored Rwandan genocide that claimed 1 million people; supported Indonesian dictator Suharto as he slaughtered 200,000 Acehians; the Waco disaster; more corporate welfare and less human welfare; the crime bill that allowed 1 million more people (mostly minorities-so much for Mr. I Love Black Folks) to be incarcerated; Counter-Terrorism and Death Penalty Act that paved the way for the evil and disingenuous USA PATRIOT Act, gutting habeas corpus and civil liberties; the Telecommunications Act effectively concentrated the flow of information and content into a handful of globalist pro-war owners. And on and on, as both parties focus on creating 'enemies' and ramping up fear to conceal the failures of the American system.
It was clear from Bill Clinton's re-election in 1996 that 45 percent of Americans believed their votes were meaningless and didn't vote, giving Clinton, with 49 percent of the votes cast, less than a quarter of the American people's support. It is apparent how well Clinton's record has easily dovetailed into the Bush regime's agenda. It is believed that since and including 2000 all elections have been manipulated, not that it really matters.
It is clear that Americans no longer trust their institutions or the folks that occupy them.
One final note: The Robert's nomination for Supreme Court Chief Justice.
The posturing by Democrats and Republicans alike on the issues of abortion, gay rights, religion, etc., are red herrings meant to disguise and deflect the actual realities that the Supreme Court interfered in the democratic political process by selecting a president for Americans (with no objection by the Democratic Senators-and decided by a 'moderate' Sandra Day O'Connor) and the recent ruling allowing the wealthiest to claim eminent domain in order to acquire property owned by other Americans. John Roberts' purpose is and will continue to be the judicial acquiescence (the deciding vote) to the Elites and will act as a bulwark against any legal (impeachment) actions against Bush & Co and the Elites.
When will Americans wake up and realize that they are losing their country?




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