Safe 'EM' Organisms
Detoxified Tsunami
Waters & Dead Bodies
By Dick Fojut

We urgently need "EM" to be used to DETOXIFY NEW ORLEANS! (Not ineffective, damaging Bleach!)

Superior, environmentally harmless "EM" ("EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS") has been used with great success in 120 countries since 1982!


Following the Asian Tsunami Disaster, the Thai Army sprayed decomposing bodies with a safe, ecologically harmless microbial culture "EM." Because of EM spraying, the many deaths the World Health Organization had originally predicted from the spread of pathogen diseases never happened! Also, the German government used EM after the flooding of the Elbe River in 2002 to decontaminate standing toxic waters, similar to what has transpired in New Orleans.


This new technology is called "Effective Microorganisms" or simply EM. EM was first marketed in Japan in 1982 and has been used in over 120 countries without any negative side-effects. The EPA has determined that the ingredients in EM are benign and harmless to the environment.


The above information is from a longer Press Release from "The EM Disaster Relief Campaign" based in Santa Fe, a group of independent biologists, water specialist and environmental experts, PLEADING with disaster relief agencies and Congress to expedite approval for New Orleans of this new microbial technology that is already naturally remediating sites around the world! So far, FEMA. led by political appointee Brown, has not responded! (With Brown fired "upstairs," hopefully the Coast Guard Admiral now running FEMA in New Orleans, will take action.)

But unless EVERYONE, including media people, get on this, to quickly urge Congress and FEMA to start using EM, the possible pathogen caused epidemic around New Orleans may be great to remedy!


Proven, "EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS" - can clean up the Toxic waters in and around New Orleans! But it must be used immediately to detoxify the waters - AND the waters of Lake Pontchartrain - before the pathogens spread to become an epidemic! Arizona Sen. John McCain (by now) knows about EM, it is produced in Arizona and exclusively distributed in the US by EM-America

(None of the volunteers of The EM DISASTER RELIEF CAMPAIGN group in Santa Fe. works for EM-America.)

For more information contact: Office Headquarters at 505-983-4014.

Contact names are James McMath and Kendall Arey at

Special thanks John Warnhoff, Red Cross Volunteer, for alerting us all about EM, this proven, safe new microbial technology that can quickly DETOXIFY NEW ORLEANS!




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