Covalent Attachment
Of Gold Nanoparticles

From Anonymous
In view of the discussion in recent years in the alternative press and websites of the use of monoatomic gold for esoteric purposes by secret societies and shadowy military-industrial alchemists -- WELL -- please note the following research which involves the covalent bonding of gold nanoparticles to replicable DNA templates at Oak Ridge National Labortaories in Tennesse.
Note the URL as well -- CESAR.
Are we possibly dealing with a very long-term agenda somehow extending all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire -- and beyond? Who or what is the real power behind the the military-industrial complex and its many compartmentalized, high-tech projects?
Are there currents and players in history that conceal themselves down through the millennia, but that have front personnel and agencies that they use to further their plans in every age?"
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