The Bush Gang - Get
The Internet!

By Ted Lang
It was only a few weeks back when matters progressed from horrific to even more horrific for the Bush Gang. The Valerie Plame thing was boiling over into the Karl Rove mess, Bush's popularity was tanking, and the American people were increasingly making their displeasure known over the hideous Bush warmongering and massacres in Iraq. Along with that, increasing add-ons to the Downing Street Memo were bringing into focus the Bush/Blair conspiracy to annex the Middle East and its oil by means of their false ally, Israel.
So back then, I offered a warning: Something has to happen! And it did! And just yesterday, I pounded out this piece. I hadn't even hit the send button, and I saw the Washington Post's subject headline in their e-mail issue of August 7th: "Terrorists Turn to the Web as Base of Operations." That was followed on by British mass murderer and terrorist Tony Blair, as reported on Alex Jones' Prison Planet, in an article entitled: "Tony Blair's terrorism clampdown: more rules needed to control extreme websites." The latter article was credited to a website calling itself Public Technology.
Pardon the redundancy, but in my prior effort, I revealed my vision as regards the Bush/Blair mass murder conspiracy as having three remaining objectives needed to deliver mankind over to the total control by the international banking Illuminati's New World Order:
1. Hate crimes legislation;
2. Abolition of the Internet;
3. A nuclear 9-11 on American soil.
How will these be accomplished? How are any unconscionable, draconian, life-stifling and freedom-destroying rules put in place by the State? By first preparing the populace via that counter culture and society-destroying concept readily described as "political correctness," which is heavily promulgated by the Zionist mainstream, establishment, corporate media. Once again, the MSM will be employed to deploy PC "logic" and self-hating "sacrifice" for the greater good: the New World Order!
Here's how that denomination of the Illuminati's propaganda machine, the Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post, approaches their assignment to accomplish item number 2 in hammering out the "Project for the New American Century": "In the snow-draped mountains near Jalalabad in November 2001, as the Taliban collapsed and al Qaeda lost its Afghan sanctuary, Osama bin Laden biographer Hamid Mir watched 'every second al Qaeda member carrying a laptop computer along with a Kalashnikov' as they prepared to scatter into hiding and exile. On the screens were photographs of Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta."
Dramatic no? Scary, huh? Every other al Qaeda member had his laptop switched on, and while marching to wherever he was going, he was staring at the visage of Mohamed Atta. These are indeed dangerous people. But wait - there's more!
Post staff writers Stephen Coll and Susan B. Glasser continue their Sunday, August 7th article, writing: "Nearly four years later, al Qaeda has become the first guerrilla movement in history to migrate from physical space to cyberspace. With laptops and DVDs, in secret hideouts and at neighborhood Internet cafes, young code-writing jihadists have sought to replicate the training, communication, planning and preaching facilities they lost in Afghanistan with countless new locations on the Internet." Wow - "countless new locations," huh?
Questions: What was the source of observing that every other al Qaeda freedom fighter was watching the Mohamed Atta Show? Only one source? Hmmmmm. Is that source highly reliable? And another: has the comment, "first guerilla movement in history to migrate from physical space to cyberspace" been verified factually, or is this "fact" merely creative rhetoric?
Coll and Glasser go on: "Al Qaeda suicide bombers and ambush units in Iraq routinely depend on the Web for training and tactical support, relying on the Internet's anonymity and flexibility to operate with near impunity in cyberspace. In Qatar, Egypt and Europe, cells affiliated with al Qaeda that have recently carried out or seriously planned bombings have relied heavily on the Internet."
Apparently, the Washington Post is trying to convince its readers that if the Internet can somehow be brought under control, or removed entirely, al Qaeda and all others who hate "our wealth and freedom" will simply be made to evaporate into thin air. And let's not forget as well, without the unmonitored and uncontrolled Internet, embarrassments such as the non-reporting and spiking of such events and occurrences as the Downing Street Memo, the Valerie Plame/Air Force One memo, the White House pedophile ring, the Karl Rove mess, and the Congressman James Senselessbrenner's ramming through of the Bill of Rights-destroying USA PATRIOT Act, would all never have seen the light of day. We would have only professional journalistic information sources in the MSM!
Again, more anti-American propaganda from Coll and Glasser: "Such cases have led Western intelligence agencies and outside terrorism specialists to conclude that the 'global jihad movement,' sometimes led by al Qaeda fugitives but increasingly made up of diverse 'groups and ad hoc cells,' has become a 'Web-directed' phenomenon, as a presentation for U.S. government terrorism analysts by longtime State Department expert Dennis Pluchinsky put it. Hampered by the nature of the Internet itself, the government has proven ineffective at blocking or even hindering significantly this vast online presence."
Oh, there is indeed a "vast online presence," just as there is evidence now of the reality of "a vast right-wing conspiracy" of Rove, Cheney, Bush, Blair and Rumsfeld. But that's not what the Post and the fascists in American government are worried about. They're worried about websites like the one you're reading right now - websites that go wherever the truth is to be found, even through that wicked, evil and dangerous forest identified as "anti-Semitism." But the latter will be taken care of by item No. 1 in the aforementioned master plan.
And oh yeah, speaking of "anti-Semitism," let's check out some drivers for this article. After laundry-listing an inventory of extremely dangerous WMDs, training operations, and library-categorized information available to the whole world that should also be easily traceable by an America-friendly CIA, if such a dimension of the latter even exists, here's a revelation further down in the article: "The number of active jihadist-related Web sites has metastasized since Sept. 11, 2001.
When Gabriel Weimann, a professor at the University of Haifa in Israel, began tracking terrorist-related Web sites eight years ago, he found 12; today, he tracks more than 4,500. Hundreds of them celebrate al Qaeda or its ideas, he said. 'They are all linked indirectly through association of belief, belonging to some community. The Internet is the network that connects them all,' Weimann said. 'You can see the virtual community come alive.'" Israel - again?
This is how the Washington Post, the paper that couldn't report the Downing Street Memo in a timely fashion, nor deliver an in depth meaningful analysis of its significance, closes their staggering 2,892-word treatise calling for the abolition of the Internet in the Bush nation-view of security: "In a posting not long after the London attacks, a member of one of the al Qaeda-linked online forums asked how to take action himself. A cell of two or three people is better, replied another member in an exchange translated by the SITE Institute. Even better than that is a 'virtual cell, an agreement between a group of brothers over the Internet.' It is 'safe,' extolled the anonymous poster, and 'nobody will know the identity of each other in the beginning.' Once 'harmony and mutual trust' are established, training conducted and videos watched, then 'you can meet in reality and execute some operation in the field.'"
Yet the same can be said for patriotic American citizen groups, who will now have to operate in secret in order to avoid arrest, imprisonment and torture, along with all the other affronts and brutalities forced upon the American people with the full cooperation of the United States Congress of Gangsters. ALL in American government are now cogs in the wheel of the Nazi/Communist machine soon to destroy US. ALL are collectively guilty by association, and ALL guilty both in fact and law. Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and just see what the Bush crime/pedophile family has done to America. And you bet 9-11 was an inside job. Item No. 3 is next!
Not to be outdone by the Bilderberg propagangsters of the Washington Post, there on the other side of the pond we have that smirking doofus in Great Britain, Tony Blair. The Prison Planet article begins, "The Prime Minister on Friday outlined new security measures at his monthly media briefing, with tactics on targeting extremist websites mentioned but not fleshed out as a concept." "Not fleshed out as a concept?" That shouldn't take long - Blair should check out the Post's justification for abolishing the entire Internet!
Remembering the damage done to him and his regime by the Internet revelation of the Downing Street Memo, the article quotes Blair as saying: "'One other point on deportations, once the new grounds take effect, there will be a list drawn up of specific extremist websites, bookshops, networks, centres and particular organisations of concern. Active engagement with any of these will be a trigger for the Home Secretary to consider the deportation of any foreign national.'"
There you go - a Schindler's list of websites that the Fatherland Secretary deems a threat to the criminal activities of butchers Bush/Blair. Perfect! Control, more control and still more control - a New World Order! Elaborating on these newly-defined criminal threats, the article goes on: "The Prime Minister's definition of 'active engagement' needs further public clarity - as engagement with a website can be as minimal as looking at its web pages, through to logging in as a registered user, through to actually submitting content to the website, to being on the 'staff'' running it as webmaster and content managers.
We assume that just looking at a website is unlikely to get you deported, but detailed rules on this point are essential." In other words, you have absolutely nothing to fear but your own government. Merely looking at something will now be a crime! And since when do secret terrorist cells "submit content to websites?" Kinda sounds like what we do on this website!
The article continues: "And how would the data on who has engaged be gathered? One could hypothesise that police or other government agencies could gain access to ISP logfile data to track IP addresses of website visitors, or even gain access to UK-based web hosting firms' servers to access or take over web hosting accounts and databases. Mr. Blair told journalists that the measures were either being taken now, immediately, or under urgent examination."
There you have it! These movements to silence opposition in order to control every human being on the planet are already "under urgent examination!" This is how emerging dictatorships come to power and how they operate! They break so many laws, do it so quickly, and on so many fronts, that they cannot be stopped by rational, legislative means. Think of Bush's war-powers acquired by him through the fascist cogs [Congress of Gangsters] in the huge wheel of government. Think of the USA PATRIOT Act. Think of CAFTA! Before one realizes what is happening, planned criminal activity on the part of the State is legitimized and institutionalized via "the law," government's weapon of choice.
We know what they're thinking, how they're thinking, and what they plan to do to bring their objectives to fruition. It appears too late to stop them in traditional ways: voting, elections, protests, citizen action groups, etc. The Bush crime/pedophile family and its supportive gangsters must be brought down. Let's hope that the one man that can do it, Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, and the twelve ordinary citizens of the Plame grand jury, hoping desperately that they have both the vision and the courage to do what is needed.
© 2005 Ted Lang All rights reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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