Forensic Seismology
Of 911 - Update
By Steve Davis
Geologist & Researcher
The seismographic analysis of WTC 911 is still undergoing research. From the initial reports that these seismographs were recording the buildings as they were hit by the planes and as they hit the ground, to more recent intense scrutiny of events, videos, eyewitnesses by experts and other researchers, a more complex sequence of events and causes for these collapses is developing.
Also initially, the seismographs were studied to determine the timing of events rather than vice versa. This gov't. request didn't make much sense, as seismographs are never used for that, and everyone already knows what time the events happened. The real science is in trying to determine exactly what generated these graphs and other explanations of what really happened. We believe that even with the many difficulties of interpreting unusual seismographs, there is enough historical seismic evidence to make fairly precise and accurate determinations.
We rounded up evidence that shows there were ground motions consistant with the 2+M quakes just before the collapses, rather than as they hit the ground. Videos are also backed up by eye witnesses and reporters of such motions. Plus, testimonies of those who survived the destruction of the sublevels, and those who confirmed all sorts of smaller explosions throughout the building. Just seconds after the ground motions, which are probably due to huge secondary basement blasts, the videos showed huge black plumes shooting up from the roofs. Then within a minute showed the bursting of the impacted floors with an incredible explosion and shattering of steel beams, hurling them upwards and far and wide, plus total pulverization of everything else into fine dust. No other building was ever so completely destroyed, not even the Palaces and Gov't. Bldgs. of Baghdad hit by full shock and awe cruise missiles and bunker busters burned or exploded like the WTC.
The seismographs for the WTC change with distance and geologic conditions, but the analysis of the P and S waves of many of them show such sharp and close arrival times that they are most closely matched with explosions rather than smaller amplitude dispersed waves of the collapses seen after these spikes. Some of the graphs closely match those of some of the largest chemical explosions and the smallest nuclear explosions, mini nuclear explosions. Years of monitoring nuclear test ban treaty events has refined this analysis, but so far the most sophisticated seismic modelling of 911 has not been done. Nevertheless, the graphs which show any extreme spiking are very suspect and the burden of proof is on those who claim that they were not explosions to show how anything can mimic major explosions and also that all the other evidence can be explained away to make the timing fit the initial simpler speculations. More exact seismic matches may lie hidden in the vast CTBT archives to which we do not have access, and researchers should attempt to obtain more data there. Also, the gov't. nuclear labs, LANL & LLNL, have sophisticated nuclear test modelling softwares that can be used to do complete analysis and make quite accurate and precise comparisons.
The witnesses to the major basement explosions were not fully aware of what was happening above, and were not inside at the time of the seismograph spikes, and many witnesses described smaller explosions throughout the buildings, so it is hard to piece this all together, but whatever the full extent, location and timing of the basement and cutter explosions, the seismographs and videos recorded the tremendous grand finale blasts below and above which took the buildings down.
We then tried to find info on mini nuclear tests, of which there have been an increasing munber not only at the Nevada Test Site but worldwide. This new refined nuclear technology is highly desired by the world's military to expand options for destruction and warfare. Such infamous mini nukes as suitcase bombs, artillery shells, mines, mirvs, cruise missiles and the deep penetrating bunker busters and many more are not part of most people's memories of the vast blasts and tremendous mushroom clouds they terrorised the world with in the early days. We found that the photos of mini nukes were far different than our old nuke memories, and the resemblance of these unique 'dredlock' clouds to the 'dredlock' clouds of WTC 911 are so close they are absolutely hair raisingly terrifying.
To further this investigation we are asking that samples of the dusts, that still are all over NYC, be given a whole new range of the most sophisticated tests to determine what unusual contaminants and or isotopes may be present. At the time, the iniital dusts were sampled for asbestos, toxins and so forth, and were not tested for things beyond the usual spectrographic or microscopic work up. Plus, no one ever really got to see the real data, just what the gov't. said it showed, no peer review nor independent tests. We need to do these tests with the finest and widest range of technologies and labs available and compare results.
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