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From Bill Hamilton
From UFOCCI's weblog file
By Ray W. Boeche
Abduction cases are rapidly becoming standard fare in UFOlogy. The abduction of an individual, or individuals, and the subsequent "medical examination" which have been related countless times are famliar to most researchers. However, we may have a new twist to add to the old story.
In 1984, a Lincoln, Nebraska woman we will call simply "Joan," mentioned that she had experienced a recurring dream since childhood. In this dream, someone appears outside her bedroom window, and attempts to coax her to come with them. This subject arose during a casual conversation, and over the next few days, I made a decision to explore this dream with Joan, if she were willing to pursue it.
Joan (whose full name is on file and available to qualified reseachers with her permission) holds a position of some authority with a state governmental agency. An extremely intelligent and engaging woman, Joan had almost no prior knowledge of the UFO subject, and, in fact, was uninterested in it. She did, however, agree to explore this rcurring dream through the use of regressive hypnosis.
On April 11, 1984, Joan was hypnotically regressed to the point in time when the dream fist occurred. This, we discovered, was October 7, 1955, when Joan was 12 years old. The hypnosis was performed by Stacey Vornbrock, a psychological social worker, and a skilled hypnotist.
The story which unforlded was for the most part very similar to that of other abductees. She was awakened in her bedroom by a figure standing outside her window, who asked her to come with him. This entity was described as about four feet in height, dressed in a hite tight-fitting suit.
This entity conducts Joan on a "craft" which is resting on the ground in a large vacant lot next to her home. After entering, she is given the well-known medical exam described by others (sampling of skin tissue, blood, hair, etc.) and is returned to her home, and subsequently her bedroom.
The entity who escorted her from the bedroom, and subsequently performed the examination, was assisted by 5 other similar beings, who were described as identical, but slightly smaller, than the "leader." The leader, who Joan had originally met, was the only one who communicated with her. However, she indicated that she was able to discern what he was telling his apparent subordinates. This is where the totally new dimension enters.
According to Joan's testimony under hypnosis, the subordinates were quite worried about being caught, that it was too obvious a location with too many people nearby, and that they shouldn't take chances and endanger themselves. The leader told them apparently quite sternly that plans had changed, they had to make up time, and that's why Joan was chosen.
The leader then indicated to Joan that they had intended to examine someone else, a man who was out driving in his automobile, but he had returned home, (apparently an unexpected turn of events to the entities) and they were unable to pick him up then. The leader then indicated to the others not to be concerned, that he had done this many times before.
He then indicated to Joan that she was, quoting now, "very far back in the files, and they hadn't intended to choose her, but the change in plans necessitated it. This being then begins the examination, Joan having been instructed to lie on a smooth, metallic table. Clamps emerge from the table, holding her ankles, wrists, and head immobile. Again, without going into great detail, the examination which follows is quite similar to that related by many others.
However, throughout this examination, the leader apparently had to reassure the others that it was quite alright for this to be going on, and made mention several times again of Joan being "back in the files." This presents a novel idea, which could conceivably tie in with Budd Hopkin's work on abductions.
Hopkins had found that (as chronicled in his book Missing Time) many of the abductees he has worked with have had multiple experiences - first as a child, and then again later as an adult. Making the great assumption that what all of these people have experienced is exactly what they have described, is it not conceivable that the individuals abducted may indeed be "on file" - genetically, by random chance, or by some deliberative process which we could not begin to fathom? This appears to add an entirely new dimension to the entire abduction question.
One other startling fact emerged at the end of the abduction experience. The following information is so coincidentally strange, that I was quite literally shocked when it came out during the session. Joan was describing being back in her room, and the leader was reassuring her that she was alright, and she wouldn't remember the event in the morning. We asked Joan to recall this conversation exactly, word for word, much as if she were watching herself and this entity carry on a conversation. Here is the transcription of that conversation.
JOAN: I want to talk.
ENTITY: About what?
J: What went on?
E: Nothing.
J: Who are you?
E: An explorer.
J: An explorer of what?
E: An explorer of all.
J: Like who?
E: Like your christopher Columbus.
J: Should I be afraid?
E: Not of us.
J: Who should I be afraid of?
E: The men in black.
J: You mean the priests?
E: No, no, the men in black.
J: What men in black?
E: You don't have to be afraid.
J: What do they look like?
E: They're your people (Joan then described a mental picture of men dressed completely in black clothing - suits, overcoats, hats, sunglasses, gloves, which she said was the way the entity communicated this description to her).
J: What do they do?
E: They scare people.
J: Like ghosts?
E: No, like bad people scare others.
J: Like J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI?
E: No.
J: What will they do?
E: They don't want people to know we explorers won't hurt them.
J: Are you going to help us?
E: No, we're just explorers, but we watch.
J: What will they do?
E: You like animals.
J: Yes.
E: What if I tell you that they killed someone's dog because he saw some explorers.
J: Joan then goes on to describe a "mental motion picture," in which she is shown a man walking in the woods with his dog, when he stumbles on a landed UFO. Later that same night, she witnesses the men in black clothing come to his home, kill his dog, and question the man about what he had seen.
She is then made aware of these men in black calling the man's work place, discrediting him, causing the loss of his job. After suffering further harassment from friends and family, Joan is shown the man back in his home, placing a gun in his mouth, and pulling the trigger.
J: What else?
E: You're afraid - I don't want to tell you any more because I don't want you to be afraid. I've only told you this much because you are a child, and curious. Just know they are bad. You are safe.
J: Can you keep me safe?
E: No, when we are gone, we can do nothing more. The men in black won't know, you are too far back in our files.
J: Who should I tell?
E: You won't remember.
J: Who will know?
E: No one - they aren't watching you, not like the man in Maine. Don't be afraid, goodbye.
As I mentioned earlier, I was shocked to hear this portion of the session. Also, the first question which Joan asked upon awakening from the hypnotic state was "Have you ever heard of these men in black?" She literally had no concept that a term such as this even existed.
I am well aware of the doubts expressed by many researchers as to the validity of abduction cases as a whole. I feel, however, that the whole abduction question is one for serious consideration, and I doubt highly that they are all the products of the imagination, or the oft-touted "birth-trauma" memories. In short, I believe a great many of these people experienced something exceedingly strange, and which took place substantially as they claim it did.
I am also aware of the highly skeptical attitude taken by many researchers toward the question of the notorious men in black, or MIB reports. I have a great interest in this aspect of UFOlogy, and for approximately the last 3 years, I have been collecting as much substantiated information as possible for a serious book-length work on this subject. I am also certain that the question of the MIB phenomenon is not one to be taken lightly.
Let me make some comments relative to this, since these two controversial topics are woven together in this instance. People in great numbers are having these experiences, both abductions, and MIB events. Of that there can be no doubt. Before criticizing this attitude, however, you must realize that we still have no firm, concrete proof of what the causal factor in these events might be.
At this point in time, we can see only the effect the descriptions of these events as given to us by the percipients. We don't know the cause. Is it a psychological phenomenon? If so, then what is triggering it? Budd Hopkins and Dr. Aphrodite Clamar have shown that the psychological profiles of many abduction victims show no abnormalities, but suggest that they have suffered a psychological trauma-like an abduction. So, if the cause is psychological, what is the intrusive factor which "tickles" the psyche into constructing this event. I cannot accept at this time, with the available facts, that it is either an overactive imagination, or a memory of the birth trauma.
The same can be said of MIB experiences. What is the causal factor? I quite honestly don't know. And before anyone attempts to dismiss these events as being hoaxes, delusions, or plays for publicity, they had better be able to explain the many legitimate cases of MIB activity; the cases which have lain silent until, with much effort I have been able to ferret them out. No plays for publicity, no hoaxes, just a good many genuinely frightened people who have no idea why they experienced what they did.
At any rate, here is an abduction case which raises a good many questions -- many of which are rather uncomfortable to face. As a matter of fact, it was quite uncomfortable to make the decision to publish this report. However, unless we can look at all of the evidence with unbiased eyes, we will never be able to make any headway toward understanding these problems.
Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network
"I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." Fred Hoyle
From Bill Hamilton
It just so happens that this story which came from Leneesa's blog website for UFOCCI (UFO Contact Center International) and was written by researcher Ray Boeche was forwarded to an individual we call an insider. Insiders were "read in" to the secret UFO government program and have had some direct experience while in government service of witnessing alien spacecraft or our pilots flying alien spacecraft or reverse engineering of alien spacecraft or alien biology and believe they know the truth about alien spacecraft, alien origins, alien technology and other aspects of the alien presence, but NOT ONE of them was ever briefed on alien abductions and do not believe it is even happening. I have heard this now from multiple sources.
Without disclosing anything but one typical sentence, here is an example:
"Another science fiction story. Never heard of any abductions in my 32 years of government service."
If we believe abductions are real events, and I do, at least in some percentage of cases, then this means even insiders are kept in the dark concerning the alien agenda. The CONTROLLERS do not even fully brief those in government service about the WHOLE truth. This is indeed an eye-opener and I think we definitely have something to worry about here, because we have to ask ourselves who these controllers are and who knows the whole picture and why are they holding back?
I have reason to believe that the reason for the cover up is not the alien presence alone, but WHY they are here, and that reason may involve future events that have drawn them here to conduct a program of survival. When I take pieces of this puzzle from both the insiders and the abductees together, the picture comes into better focus and involves more than just intra-galactic space. It involves the TIME dimension. We seemed to be headed for disaster on a fast track and it would behoove us to start looking at the signs of the time.
Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network




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