English Created And
Preserves America
By Frosty Wooldridge
The fastest way to destroy America: Add multiple languages in order to fracture the nation's citizens into tense, confused and separated groups that can't understand each other.
Nancy Hamilton gives her thoughts on the invasion in New Jersey. She said, "As illegal aliens enter the U.S. in hordes, streaming across our border with Mexico, schools here in New Jersey -- including public schools -- are teaching Spanish to students in grades one through eight. I believe that the intent and implications of this instruction is potentially harmful to our survival as a nation, and that taxpayers should speak up against it."
The New Jersey Department of Education discusses foreign language instruction on its website by pointing out that New Jersey is ". . . a state with over 100 ethnic groups . . . where more than 150 different languages are spoken." The suggestion is that these facts about the state have some relevance to the foreign language instruction.
"Who cares about this ethnic diversity?" Hamilton asked. "We are a sovereign nation with one national language, English. If you come to live here, you should have enough respect for our country that you will want to adapt to our ways and learn our language. Otherwise, why would you come to live here, if you don't want to live as an American?"
Hamilton said, "Unfortunately, we know that many of the illegals come here to take advantage of our system. They use our health care, welfare benefits, and schools without paying taxes. They are draining our resources. They're in our jails, some for having committed heinous crimes."
"Yet we are requiring our youngsters to learn Spanish, the language spoken by these illegals overrunning the country," Hamilton. "This is akin to asking our kids to assimilate to the foreigners. It's absurd. Further, it promotes the idea that this instruction is a viable solution to the problem we face with the swelling numbers of Hispanics in the U.S., a large number of whom are illegal aliens. After all, whom are these kids supposed to be speaking Spanish with?"
Then one wonders, what is so important about having these kids -- some so young that they can hardly read English -- learn a foreign language? How about having the schools focus their attention on the basics: English, math, science, history? In fact, we know that our students have been falling behind students of other nations in math and science skills, posing a serious threat for the country. Can we really allow the schools to divert attention away from the basics?
A perfect example occurred in Denver Public Schools this spring. According to the Rocky Mountain News, May 16, 2005, What Happened?," in 1999, 5,663 students started the eighth grade in Denver. Five years later, only 1,884 graduated from DPS. That's a 70 percent dropout/flunkout rate. Additionally, one in five teachers quits or transfers out of DPS during the nine month school year. Why? Total futility in schools! Why? Over 20,000 illegal alien kids that are functionally illiterate with functionally illiterate parents that can't help their kids. Also, over 40 languages are spoken by all those illegal alien students. Final result? Utter confusion, frustration and failure of education not only for the illegals, but American students!
"Besides, a foreign language is just that, FOREIGN," Hamilton said. "It is not our national language. How important, then, can it be for our elementary school kids to study Spanish? In the early 1970s, when I was in high school, and we were offered the opportunity to study a foreign language, we were given a choice of languages. It was an elective, a sort of fun, "extra" subject. "
The sense of the current Spanish instruction in New Jersey schools, by contrast, is quite different. It is mandated and is being taught to the youngest students, not to those who have already mastered English. Nor is a choice of language offered. The very terms of the instruction imply that is has some particular importance for our kids' education.
"But why Spanish?" Hamilton asked. "Why not French or German or Latin instruction? When I asked this of two local school administrators, they both answered that they chose Spanish because more educational resources are available for Spanish than for any other foreign language. Certainly, this answer is disingenuous. All you would need is one good program."
"There seems to be an understanding in the educational community nationwide that one particular foreign language -- Spanish -- is being taught in our elementary schools," Hamilton said. "As a home schooling parent I recently received in the mail a catalog from a large educational publisher. It lists storybooks or "readers" that are available in either English or Spanish. There is also an entire page devoted to materials for Spanish language instruction. Nowhere in the catalog are there materials in any foreign language other than Spanish."
This mandatory Spanish instruction has political implications that are harmful to the U.S. To begin with, it sends a message to both our students and our communities that we are becoming, or indeed have become, a bilingual nation. One friend, in fact, a neighbor whose 5th grade son has been learning Spanish in public school for four years already, said that she thinks the schools are teaching Spanish because, "It's our second language, isn't it?" This Spanish instruction also signals to would-be illegal aliens that we are quite accepting of the influx of Hispanics -- legal or illegal, so much so that we have our youngsters learning the language of these newcomers.
"But illegal immigration must end," Hamilton said. "And we are not a bilingual nation. It's bad enough that we face the dangers imposed on us by having the integrity of our borders abrogated. Now we have to deal with instruction for our kids that threatens to erode our cultural identity."
Hamilton continued, "Can we trust the New Jersey Department of Education to shape our schools' curricula in a way that will strengthen the country and therefore benefit our kids? I wonder. Besides their misguided focus on the multitude of languages spoken in the U.S., neither the Department nor the local schools it "mentors seem to recognize that there can be such a thing as a foreign language spoken in America. Languages other than English they call a "world language." Their literature is devoid of the term "foreign language."
"Maybe they're afraid they'll hurt feelings by saying that someone's language is foreign," Hamilton said. "That's too bad. The U.S. is a sovereign nation with a culture and language that define us. I'm afraid that if we don't contact our schools and ask them to end mandated Spanish instruction, that a lot of Americans, feelings will be hurt when we lose our country."
What Hamilton talks about is the erosion of America's most important cohesive aspect "ENGLISH". Without it, we are turning into a separated, tense, provoked and at odds with ourselves, kind of nation. People who can't understand each other can't and won't be a collective body. They won't be able to discuss, debate and resolve for a common future. No country on earth has succeeded with disparate languages. It's time to make English THE official language of America. Without it, America will not survive this century.
Jim Mortellaro
Bonjour, bonjour, Msr. Frosty. Je m'appelle Jacques ... Jacques Mortellaro. Comment allez vous? J'est ne sais pas que vous dire.
I really don't, you know. Usually I agree wholeheartedly. Last time around it was mostly. This time ... uh, oh. Stuck inside of Quebec, with the Toronto Blues. Again.
Lemme see. Just how many nations in our Western World speak more than one language and cater to them all? Hmmm. Take England. Go ahead. I don't want it. When was the last time you were in London? Not terribly many years ago, I was. On business. At the Hyde Park Hotel. Along with so damned many different colors, languages and customs that my wife (that was her first time there) was shocked.
"What happened to jolly old England?" Meaning, what the heck is goin' on here? Everyone was speaking with that wonderful London accent. But no one was English. Not in the traditional sense and meaning of the word. No white folk. None. Even the cab drivers, a once strictly white, Anglo Saxon profession, are not mixed to the hilt. Except of course, all spoke English with a flourish. As opposed to our great nation, the United Different Peoples of America. In NY City, no cab driver speaks English. No. Not a one.
And of course, even if you don't like fast food, even if you think it's bad for you, never ... I SAY NEVER ... try to order anything. Today in fact, is a good example. I drove up to a Golden Arches drive through and had the following conversation. With me was a State of NY Trooper. A good friend. He wanted a Chicken Club, crispy. I wanted a diet Coke. It went something like this ...
"I'd like a Chicken Club, crispy. Just the sandwich please and a Diet Coke."
"Chicken meal. You wan super size?"
"No. No. C H I C K E N C L U B - C R I S P Y AND DIET COKE. N O M E A L! Por favor!"
"Chicken Crispy. How you like?"
"Chicka, gimme a steak and fries with a super onion rings and fourteen diet Cokas."
All of a sudden I hear some foreign language come into the speaker. I won't bore you with the details but it must have been the supervisor. I SWEAR this happened.
"Perodona me, but-a senior, if-a you can no speak-a English, den-a you can no order fum-a dis-a place, si?"
I answered in Sicilian and explained my dilemma. He was not Sicilian. He was Napolitano. I decided to go to Wendy's.
So, Mr. Frosty. Just what the hell is your beef?
Quarter Pounder?
Big-a Mac?
Desire' Amerikano Flies in Super Size? Huh?
Arriva dirty to you too.
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty



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