Secret Agreement To
Almalgamate US, Canada
And Mexico

By Bob Chapman
When Presidents Bush and Fox and Martin had their secret meeting in Crawford, TX in March 2005 in secret, they laid out the amalgamation of Canada, US and Mexico that will be followed by the absorption of the CAFTA countries forming a single state of North America. The agreement was signed without the consent of the government and the peoples of these three countries. In fact, 99% of them do not know such a secret agreement exists.
Among elitists these regulations, not exposed to Congress or the people, are called a tri-national merger or NAFTA Plus or the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Your national media did not tell you about this did they? Congresses are not rubber stamping global, expansionist goals so the illuminists are using regulations and executive decrees and orders to circumvent elected representatives and the people. The legwork is being done by NGOs (non-Governmental Organizations) via funding from foundations and think tanks controlled and used as conduits for elitists goals.
In the process the US will be the big winner with cheap labor, control of commodities and monopolies. We can promise you the expansion of globalization has nothing to do with security. The US is not only after Canada's oil, gas and minerals, but also its water. The transnational corporations existing in Canada and Mexico would have unrestricted access to the US market. The big winners are international conglomerates and a government bent on destroying our sovereignty and safety. In the final analysis the joining will not be equal.
Needless to say our media tells us nothing negative about NAFTA. We only hear the positive propaganda. The US was inundated by illegal aliens and our balance of trade deficit with Mexico and Canada has skyrocketed. The biggest losers are the Mexicans, particularly the poor, uneducated and farmers. They face greater unemployment and poverty and inequality. The rich in Mexico got richer. Few jobs in 11 years have been created in Mexico. You either become an illegal alien, join the black economy or become a criminal. It is amazing how little crime there is in Mexico considering the circumstances. In four years Vincente Fox has not created one new job. He has been a spectacular loser for the people and that is why socialist Mr. Lopez Obrador, former Mayor of Mexico City, will be the next president. That is if US elitists do not assassinate him like they did Donaldo.
The biggest goal of NAFTA Plus is not only regional government and eventually world government, but also to take America down to the level of a second world nation. Through amalgamation and a standard of living 50% or more less, Americans will accept anything.
9/11 and the security measures put in place, which included trade, took on crisis proportions especially with Canada and that is when one of the neocon think tanks came up with the idea of taking steps to erase the border by harmonizing its policies, laws, norms, etc. and most important intelligence and security measures to American standards. Canada had to show it was secure to eliminate the border. The deal was that with open borders the US would have unrestricted access to Canada's natural resources. This plan is now well advanced. Underway already are harmonization of military and homeland security and global security. Effectively that makes Canada's enforcement subservient to US elitist interests.
In the case of Mexico, Fox proposed letting as many Mexicans as possible into the US so they can stay there and work and sent $16.8 billion annually home to Mexico. Part of the deal was for Mexico to militarize its southern border to keep out illegal aliens, most of who were on their way to the US. We are told part of the deal was to privatize Pemex, the country's nationalized oil company and the CFE, the Federal Electricity Commission.
Canada for years has allowed the US immigration to operate directly on its territory to check passengers headed into the US. Now agents will gain jurisdiction and authority to operate within Mexico. Such a program has begun from Cancun and Mexico City to the US. If an undesirable is spotted they are not allowed to enter the US. Mexican lawyers call this a legal non-competence of US agents that violates Mexican jurisdiction and sovereignty. It constitutes a crime subject to penal action under Mexican law. Obviously that does not bother Mr. Fox and PAN.
US elitists have every intention of sucking Mexico?s oil reserves dry in 12 years. They want to access the abundant natural gas and silver and also a vast fresh water reserve in the State of Chiapas.
CAFTA and NAFTA Plus are additional ways of moving toward FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas. Looting of Canada and Mexico is very important to US elitists; because they say otherwise the US cannot survive. This will be accomplished with massive cash payoffs to Mexico and Canada, which the Fed will print up on demand. Previously, enormous amounts of cash were sent to Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece, when they joined the EU. The same will happen in Mexico.
FTAA and the creation of one region in the Americas is being ramroded by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the Mexican Council of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations in the US. Their plan is to immediately create a unified North American Border Action Plan. Create institutions necessary to sustain a North American Community. Adopt a "Common" external tariff. Stimulate growth in Mexico. Develop a North American energy and natural resource security strategy and finally deepen educational ties.
This past June the three nationals signed 300 regulations that contain the standardization of policies for monitoring travelers and goods moving from third countries, including systems for visa clearance, categorization of high-risk travelers and trustworthy travelers, and the future implementation of a smart card for those wanting to transit swiftly through common borders of the region.
The citizens of all three countries are being sold down the river. The US and Mexico already have been injured so that elitist interest could get ever richer. Listen to this. Only 10% of the Mexican populace has benefited from NAFTA. The 10% makes over $1,000 a month. That indicates the real winners are from within the top 2% of the population. That is two million people out of 102 million were able to profit in a big way from NAFTA.
Citizens of all three countries are being deceived. What is next is a customs union and labor that can travel from one country to another. Next is the new single currency for the Americas, the "AMERO" This will destroy the sovereignty of all three countries. It effectively will give the elitist bankers at the Federal Reserve control over all the wealth of the Americas.



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