Next Attack?
Readers Respond To
The Dead Pool
By Douglas Herman
"Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory." --Miguel de Cervantes
My recent column on Rense, Dead Pool - Pick The Next City Attacked, drew a wide range of emails. Here are some of the comments from around the USA, from areas where readers thought a false flag attack could occur. Of course, all of these theories are purely speculative. Few of us have any access to the inner circles of military intelligence, or into the minds of religious fanatics, be they Muslim, Christian or Jew.
Many readers added northern cities to their list of probable sites for a "terrorist" attack. "Mall of America makes my list of likely targets," wrote Enoch from Minnesota. The Mall of America, a great white elephant, like the World Trade Center, seems to fit the profile perfectly. Thus the MOA mall may be DOA if the owners purchased a huge insurance policy on the site recently.
"Find a major attraction," wrote Jim Hogan, "operating hopelessly in the red, just sold for 100% more than it was worth, insurance clause for terrorism, located near an urban area, and you have a prime site for an "attack." This is modern refinancing as discovered by a group of citizens activists in Boston. They went to the City of Boston with a list of apartment building that they predicted would burn to the ground based upon ownership turnover and appraisal price increases. The city ignored the group. Buildings burned. When corned by one woman whose husband was burned to death, an 'owner' explained to her that she had to understand, "This is modern refinancing."
Like the World Trade Towers. The more one looks closely at the WTC "attack" the less one sees a terrorist attack and the more one recognizes an urban renewal project with a huge insurance payout, catastrophic collateral damage suitable for a false flag operation, which would allow blaming a country possessing huge reserves of a coveted natural resource--oil.
"Don't be too quick to write off Portland as a target," wrote Steve from Stumptown. "Every strike in this country thus far, going back to the first WTC bombing, has been an escalation in severity from the time before. from Waco to Oklahoma City, on up to WTC. It's reached a point now that requires 'upping the ante' to such a degree that marshal law will be unavoidable....Here we are, (Portland), up in the corner, out of the way. Perfect target."
Steve, along with a number of other readers, mentioned the punitive aspect of the next attack. San Francisco and Seattle (Recall the WTO fiasco) appear excellent punitive targets. "Chicago makes a good candidate for it's working class image and two Democratic Senators. Blue states will be the targets," wrote Robert from the Windy City.
"I would have to go for Detroit," wrote Michel T. "Getting at the giant manufacturers that are all deep in debt (technically bankrupt), plus the entry point can be set at Windsor, Ontario, which would be convenient for the Canadian connection."
And not least of all, Detroit is home to a huge Muslim population. Don't be surprised if a huge GM plant goes up in smoke.
Danny, "a former anti-terror marine," wrote: "My brother in law is in the US Army, and was supposed to come home in August and his leave got canceled. I did some checking around, and it seems like a ton of leave got canceled in August for the Army and USMC. Centcom's website tells of a scary drill coming in August. They are running a drill of a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb, being smuggled into Charleston SC. Now while they run drills like this a lot, they always do it at Quantico....and BTW, August 6 and 9 are the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."
A number of readers noticed the upcoming Charleston "exercise." Wonder if FEMA will be there? As I wrote in the first column, "If I lived in any of the target zones above, I would keep my eyes wide open to suspicious people wearing official disguises (uniforms), flashing badges, prohibiting entry, working at odd hours performing perplexing tasks. Watch them!"
I mentioned Washington DC prominently on my Dead Pool list The movie, Dead Pool, was televised over the weekend, ironically). A resident named Joan responded. "I live in DC. My money is on the State Department. What dramatic international implications! The buildings are old, full of bugs (both real and electronic) and ugly. And of course, precious Ms Condi Rice needs fancy new digs! Also, I think Laura (Bush) is on the hit list. They have her traveling out of the country too much doing goofy stuff."
Ironically, another Dead Pool site I had removed from my list--Dallas--appeared in another Hollywood movie about a terrorist/nuke attack that aired over the weekend. Chuck Norris saves the day, and Dallas, at the last second in this low budget film. "A Line in The Sand" may be one of the corniest, most contrived, action movies ever made, featuring cardboard mad mullahs and fanatics from Afghanistan using a suitcase nuke, but the premise is real.
These suitcase nuclear weapons, called SADMs, actually exist according to one highly decorated US veteran. In an interview I did, An American Samurai: A Special Forces Warrior Speaks of War and Peace, Colonel Bo Gritz said: "Since the Arab world has no international ballistic nuclear weapons to reach America. They will even the score using a SADM (Small Atomic Demolition Munition), aka 'Suitcase Nuke,' to take out Washington, D.C. The SADMs are already in America, placed there as Unconventional Warfare caches during the Kennedy-Khrushchev years. Even as we planted SADMS throughout Europe awaiting Red Armies to overrun Special Forces which would emerge deep behind the lines to destroy Command, Control, and Communications with SADMS, leaving the advancing armies helpless, the USSR was prepared to do the same thing to America. All the first generation SADMs--I was a SADM Team Leader in the 7th Special Forces Group--were completely mechanical with unlimited shelf life. Each SADM is 5-KT, approximately one million pounds of TNT -- combined with surface burst radiation of intense fire."
But many readers believe a suitcase nuke may be denoted here as a false flag operation. Such is the suspicion by much of the public, of the motives of this crafty Neocon administration, that a sizable chunk of the American population can actually visualize them using a nuke against ourselves!
"Oklahoma City, New York, Madrid, London," wrote Dan. "See the pattern? O,N,M,L--the Illuminati love symbols and numbers and are counting backwards. Next attack could be 'K' if the criminals are using a reverse alphabet."
Kansas City? Kalamazoo? Kennebunkport, Maine?
Captain Eric May, former military intelligence, predicts an upcoming event similar to the WTC bombing for Houston, Texas. "The same way NYC got rid of the WTC and Larry Silverstein made billions, Houston's port/petro complex is badly in need of demolition, ergo target Houston for 911-to-be."
Many readers predicted the next attack would occur at a sports or recreation site. This stadium scenario has been around since the movie "Black Sunday." (In this movie the Israelis save the day from terrorists, since Chuck Norris hadn't been invented yet). And what is more sacred, more of a national religion, than sport?
"A NASCAR race," wrote Mike. "Tick off a bunch of rednecks that are in the age range to sign up to kill towel heads for revenge."
"Labor Day--September 5th. Miami Hurricanes vs Florida State," suggested Tad Harleg. "Millions of real time viewers watch the 'bad' guys attack a national past time."
"Think Disney World in Orlando, Florida," said CJ. "A perfect family vacation. People from all over the world visit Disney at any given time of the year. If you were a conspirator and wanted to mobilize the world in your cause, what a wonderful way to incite them."
You wonder if any of these futuristic attacks would be investigated. Probably not. The 9-11 investigations were snowballed until a suitable clique of insiders, the Kean Commission, could be assembled. None of the suspicious 9-11 anomalies were ever addressed.
"The present state of America is truly alarming to every man who is capable of reflection," said Thomas Paine. "Our present condition is legislation without law; wisdom without a plan; a constitution without a name." Be watchful. Forewarned is forearmed.
Amateur historian, Air Force veteran, philosopher and first time novelist, Douglas Herman is the author of The Guns of Dallas. He writes regularly for Rense.



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