Creating Catastrophe
From Disaster
The Fourth Anniversary Of 911

By Jim Kirwan
Four years ago today the brilliant blue skies of morning over New York City were forever shattered by the impact of the first plane that struck the World Trade Center towers. On that day America and the world were changed forever. National innocence was lost amid the smoke and flames that day and with each day since, our international reputation has been stained by each new lie that the government told both to the nation and the world. The people largely let this happen in the interests of maintaining an imagined "status quo" but with the arrival of Katrina it is clear that a national day of reckoning has arrived.
Katrina and 911 share several commonalities and together these events illuminate failures that the American public has yet to face. The true costs of these political calamities, now a billion dollars a day for Katrina alone, presents the congress and the country with a set of real needs that are now in danger of never being met. The lack of political leadership, at all levels, coupled with dedicated incompetence and underscored by arrogance has brought this nation to the brink of collapse. No overview existed, no plan that took the needs of ordinary people into account was ever formed in anything from foreign policy to health or human services, never mind the survivability of any of the national "values" that we have said we hold "so dear."
The color of the floodwaters that still covers New Orleans are as black as the true purposes that underlie the War on Iraq. The stench from the aftermath of the storms along the Gulf Coast is at least as powerful as the open sewers of waste corruption and greed that today runs rampant through major cities, both here and abroad where the mega-powers continue to seek control over all international exploits in order to steal that which they cannot obtain in any other way. The fate of the City of New Orleans is unclear at this hour, but the future of the United States is equally uncertain on this fourth anniversary of the attack on the people of this country, by those who would destroy whatever was, in order to own whatever is to come.
When the purposes for our attack upon Afghanistan began to come under scrutiny, after signing the Unocal pipeline contract there; the directors of the wars moved our troops and the national spotlight to Iraq. When the public began to look more closely into the non-existent reasons for the wars; instead of answers the administration gave the public a complete reorganization of the entire government supposedly to guarantee the safety of every man, woman and child, from any and all threats anywhere or anytime. HOMELAND Insecurity was the result. To do this 22 separate agencies were folded into a completely unmanageable single agency. Katrina has proven that this was a disaster in itself, just waiting to happen, and now that disaster has become this catastrophe that has cost lives and property on a scale that has not been seen since the Civil War. So much for the vision or the leadership of these fools in Washington DC!
Our unilateral wars of aggression have been momentarily eclipsed by Katrina, but the damages and heartbreak there have been countered by the outpouring of extreme generosity from not only the American public but from nations and peoples the world over. In the remembrances of this black day in history we must include the facts that both these world-changing events were overseen by those same criminals that are pretending to be legitimate leaders of this nation. However their true constituency consists of that one percent of the population that now owns forty percent of the wealth. The welfare of the mass of ordinary people here represents only an impediment to their continued acquisition of anything and everything of value. As an example of what they have in mind, it is currently rumored that Halliburton wants to begin to privatize the water supply. Perhaps this is part of why so many lies were necessary to cover the true goals of what is really at issue in all the turmoil surrounding these tragic and ongoing events.
In Afghanistan and Iraq there were so many outright lies, so much disinformation and created confusion that it has been far more than just "difficult" to get to the truth beneath the mindless aggression of the wars. In Katrina, the lack of information that reached the public just as in Iraq, was the key in dividing the responders, diverting the life-saving services and confounding the critical efforts needed to save lives and property during a natural disaster that was more than just expected as the arrival of this storm had been expected for literally decades, and all the preparations had been made, but were ignored!
By stripping FEMA of its real reason for being, which originally was coordination and control of all decisions into a single federal agency that answered only to the president but in this situation confusion and delay were officially inserted into the response plans of the federal government thereby guaranteeing that widespread failures were inevitable.
When Homeland Insecurity was established the most experienced FEMA personnel left and were replaced with political hacks, the government thereby assured that this storm and the others that may yet arrive would have the maximum violent impact on the nation and the public. This, because while the cast of characters at the heart of this darkness that is the Bush administration remains the same; their corrupted reach in all cases has always been the same target, namely the complete subjugation of the American population to their illegal and corporate "Grand Designs" for unopposed power to their "New World Order"
In keeping with this plan there is but one final tumbler that needs to fall into place to complete the takeover, and this could not have come at a more appropriate moment for the designers of this impending and unnatural catastrophe. That moment is the predictable rubber-stamp approval of the next Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Bush owes his entire history to this court that functioned under the now deceased Chief Justice Rehnquist. On September 12, 05 amid the heartache and confusion still surrounding Katrina, the hearings for the replacement of the Chief Justice will begin. This all but automatic appointment of John Roberts will seal the fate for decades of people yet unborn. The overburdened public will have no advocates at the hearings to protect the rights of themselves or their children, among those failures in the senate that will sit to "advise and consent." So again the public shall remain the real losers in another sham hearing, for yet another pivotal appointment that will cut off yet another avenue for change in this ever shrinking prison that used to be known as America, "Business-As-Usual" shall again play the heavy in the sad and endless melodrama for the now defunct arena of American political theater, at a time when determination and resolve are the only traits that could remotely save this coming day from becoming part of history. It is interesting that while Bush took nearly a week to decide to act on Katrina"s wrath, he took just 24 hours to appoint John Roberts to the most recent vacancy on the Supreme Court, he seems to know at least what is truly necessary for his personal survival, if not the nation"s.
What really awaits the nation on this Fourth Anniversary of 911? Given that every major endeavor that the administration has undertaken has failed, from wars for peace, to tax-cuts for prosperity, all the way to outsourcing 3 million the jobs to improve this stricken economy. Anarchy has millions of new adherents, the world has become far more unstable and gas prices have never been higher. Domestically we have been strangled by policies and programs and tax codes that have stripped us of our individuality our freedoms and the core of our way of life: But we have HOMELAND Insecurity to protect us from phantoms, while the real bandits break every law and enjoy immunity in the two tiered system of the CRIMINAL" Justice system. This coming Friday we"ll have a "National Day of Prayer" that will no doubt fix all those failures that it has taken the bandits five long years to create in depth.
Part of the reason we did not respond to Katrina was that Bush sent our national guard off to fight in foreign wars that had nothing at all to do with defending the USA against outside attacks and he left the nation unprotected from the kinds of disasters they were created to assist with. Then he compounded our vulnerability by spending the nation into oblivion with tens of billions wasted on HOMELAND Insecurity and hundreds of billions on the largest military budget in world history. From these sums he and his administration then gave generously in sweetheart secret contracts to their closest friends and supporters. In this effort meant to pay for putting him in office, he further protected his actions by classifying everything as "national security" or SECRET. Bush has taken corruption and political opportunism to a whole new level of expediency while draining the public purse and slashing the benefits of troops and citizens alike, in every area where survival needs help just to stay afloat. Despite all this the world and millions of Americans still rose to the defense of the intended victims of Katrina, despite the best intentions of the Bush administration to inflict maxim dislocation and privation among those least able to survive. This has been a very embarrassing week for the-man-who-would-be-dictator.
Under Bush & Company even the dead are denied their place in history. In both wars this administration has undercounted our casualties, and misrepresented the true costs in human life to the public. The true number of those who have died in his unilateral wars needs to reflect the 6,000 to 8,000 more who died on the way to hospitals or on the return trip to the states.
The same mindset that contrived the artificial body counts in the Middle East will no doubt be doing the counting of those who died in Katrina's fury. This government cannot be trusted with the truth, anymore than we can look to congress for real answers to the real questions whether that is about the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or the blatant corruption at the highest levels of this government. What is desperately needed is a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to take this investigation wherever it might lead!
Before Katrina there was some discussion about who was to be responsible for what. But two days before Katrina made landfall FEMA was put on notice that it was to be in charge, and they were to work with the cities and the states to see to the evacuations and the provisioning of the survivors. This included water, food and shelter as well as medical care and responsibility. Instead of following that mandate the administration appointed "confusion's disciples" to reign over the hurricane until their lack of real qualifications forced others to take leadership positions that began to get actual results. Unlike the war in Iraq, the Bush puppets here were unmasked and frustrated during Katrina"s recovery phase" would that the same should happen to those running the endless war machine in the Middle East. But in that theater of operations the shield of lies held long enough to establish enough US military deaths to justify holding on to the farce of "staying the course" thus despite the falsified casualty figures, this "action" lasted just long enough to convert the confusion into conflict over whether or not we should withdraw.
Having learned nothing-at-all from Vietnam, we seem determined to shape Iraq into another American military defeat because of sheer pig-headedness, and political cowardice in the face of the enemy" and all because the "wisdom" of our leaders refuses to admit to the true facts on the ground in these conflicts.
When faced with the obvious incompetence and the total lack of real leadership accompanied by unbounded arrogance the public would seem to have an obligation to confront this travesty openly, with no quarter given. If we do not do this who will be left to speak for us when our lives are on the chopping block of either history or circumstance? How much longer will outright confusion and lies continue to rule this country? Critical decisions are needed on every front at this moment. Throughout the five years of this nightmare nothing has improved. Nor has this administration ever fired anyone, in any capacity that was directly involved in any of the massive failures that have all happened on the watch of the current Bush administration.
Looking at the carnage in the wake of Katrina; at the mixture of blood and oil, chemicals and fecal waste that is populated with the bodies of the floating dead. What comes to mind is the potential future of those people still untouched by the stagnant semi-liquid world of death and decay, ruin and disease, pollution and the toxic wastes unleashed. What also comes to mind is that in some strange way all of this seems synonymous with the co-mingling of political failure, massive corruptions and that blind arrogance that has led this nation since September 11, 2001.
USA Inc. decided to play with that temperamental tar baby of ill-gotten gains and stolen fortunes on the global stage, and now America is caught up in the muck and mire of those lies and deceits as surely as New Orleans is still flooded in the ruins of her once proud self.
The City of New Orleans will eventually be drained, at least of the surface filth from the storm. How long will it be before we can say the same thing about this government?
How can any real nation worthy of the name afford to keep such people at the helm of any government? Where are the artists and the writers, the song makers and the filmmakers, because they are all needed now to write and paint and sing and show these imposters for who and what they have shown themselves to be today? If this experiment we call America doesn't soon begin to get its collective act together, then there may not be a fifth anniversary of this black day on which to recall the failings of those who brought 911 into the world. Either the Crusade of the New World Order will be hobbled into submission by the public that it so despises or the public will have been conquered by the very people that were supposed to serve and protect them from exactly this kind of threat.



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