Cordoba, Argentina
Daylight UFO
Groups Videotaped

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
Date: Various
Time: Various
7-15-5 - "2 Ufos are observed and engravings in video, moving on the sky of Cordoba, to 20h09m - pm, it is I observed a light that outline, with considerable sheen, that step to very few degrees of the moon, to that hour almost in the zenith of the sky cordobes, but few seconds after, other light (this if with abnormal path) it is to him/her/you supreme to the par of the first and together the two, continued moving southward during almost 1 minute.
7-18-5 - 19hs59m again a, fire Ball Ufo, of the magnitude of Jupiter, rut the sky of Cordoba, with abnormal displacement attitude, Appeared already with much sheen on the horizon South, and step to very few degrees of the Moon,while I accomplish a very stressed curve, toward the This, with a mild North trend and disappeared suddenly to the few seconds, to 20h30m several traced of smaller magnitude furrowed, northward but two of they also with abnormal attitude, happened very nearby to the planet Jupiter.
Thank you to Ricardo E D'angelo for his photos and reports.
You can visit his website at: Ricardo
If you have any problems accessing Ricardo's website, please drop back again. There is a bandwidth issue there for him, but well worth going back to view the material and clips.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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