Labor Party Issues Police
Complaint Against
Barry Chamish

By Barry Chamish
You went looking for Shimon Peres, you got Yigal Amir. The web site looks like a copy of the Labor Party site but the headline reads: Rabin's Killers Are Still Free. In response, Labor Party youth director, Roi Ben David received permission to lodge a police complaint from Labor Party Secretary Eitan Cabel. The complaint was issued against Barry Chamish, who is mentioned on the site,
Chamish is known in Labor Party and Yesha circles for his book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, which attempts to prove Amir's innocence in the assassination.
Peres spokeman, Yoram Drori added that a warrant for the arrest and incarceration in a psychiatric hospital should be issued to those behind the web site.
Very shortly I will be questioned by the police for no reason. As usual, the news site NRG and the Labor Party didn't ask me a basic question: Is this my web site? It is not. I have nothing to do with it. My work appears on it as does my work on a hundred other sites. But in this case, it was used without telling me.
So, a false arrest is on the way.
Now this could actually turn out for the best. I will show up for questioning with as many documents and films as necessary to prove my research is correct. And I will once again, submit a complaint as I did over five years ago, that Peres as prime minister in 1995-96, led the official coverup of the Rabin murder.
But do keep in mind, the Labor Party largely owns the police and things could also turn out very nasty for me. In such a case, I have a vast storage of material I have not released. I will be sorting it out this week.
The 10th anniversary of the murder is coming up quickly and the government is going all out to make this the event of the decade. The Education Ministry will release 5,000 DVDs next month twisting the murder and sending them to every school in the country. To prepare the public, an equally twisted musical on Rabin's life is now a major Tel Aviv play. And wait till you see the ceremonies that await us all in November with dignitaries attending from all over the world!
But on the truthful side of the fence, a terrific flow of information has suddenly erupted. Two weeks ago I gave a lecture to a youthful audience at Kfar Roeh. Preceding me was a private investigator who did work on the Rabin murder. He stressed that Yigal Amir was, "A bisexual and this fact is very relevant." The speaker did not elaborate.
But this theme is now the talk of the Israeli internet. For Hebrew readers, go to the next site to read the homosexual thesis of two university students:
Now what lies behind this obsession with Amir's sexuality? I have personally interviewed one lawyer and one policemen who insisted Amir was a trapped pedophile. He was caught while serving in the army and was promised his police file would be destroyed if he became an agent for the Shabak. This information was never released because no one would give me documentation. However, with or without me, mostly without me, the rumors keep flying.
They do so because it is the best explanation of why a religious young man would sell out his friends as an agent and why he would deny his innocence in the Rabin murder despite the massive collection of evidence that could be used to free him.
One piece of evidence supporting the claim recently emerged on Ynet, the internet site of Yediot Achronot. Amir was likely chemically castrated. Read on:,7340,3133918,00.html
Click the link above to go to the article.
Rabin killer wants fertility treatments
Yigal Amir asks Prison Service to permit fertility treatments; prison officials say latest request a ploy meant to circumvent ban on conjugal visits
Raanan Ben Zur
Yigal Amir, who murdered Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, submitted a request to the Prison Service several days ago asking that he be allowed to receive fertility treatments so his partner, Larissa Trimbobler, could bear children.
Yigal Amir Rabinís killer wants some lovin' / By VERED LUVITCH Yigal Amir petitions court after "erotic" visit by wife disrupted by prison guards Full Story
Amir, who is serving a life sentence and is considered a security prisoner, asked the Ayalon prison director to allow the treatments. Several weeks ago, a rabbinical court recognized Amir's marriage to Trimbobler. However, despite the court decision, prison officials said they do not intend to permit Amir to have conjugal visits.
According to the Prison Service, the marriage has not yet been recognized by the Interior Ministry.
British precedent
Prison officials said Amir's latest request marks an attempt to circumvent the ban on conjugal visits. The officials noted Amir is classified as a security prisoner, a designation approved by the High Court of Justice. Notably, security prisoners are not eligible for vacations, conjugal visits, or fertility treatments.
A prison official noted that a British court rejected a request by a life prisoner who wanted to have children on the grounds of looking out for the child's welfare, noting he would suffer as a result of his father serving a life term. However, the Prison Service said Amir's request will be examined by prison officials in conjunction with the State Prosecutor's Office and in consultation with the General Security Service.
In the past, Amir submitted requests for conjugal visits with Trimbobler. However, the applications were rejected by the Prison Service and the courts on security grounds.
(08.27.05, 22:15)
Yigal Amir is thirty two years old. Why would he need fertility treatments unless he has been rendered infertile or impotent? That rendering is the punishment meted out to serious sex offenders.
It could be inferred that Amir's "marriage" to Trimbovler is intended to cover up serious crimes that led directly to his turning as an agent of the Shabak's Jewish Department and later to his becoming their patsy for the Rabin assassination.
This is the tenth anniversary of the Rabin assassination and Sharon is planning to make a huge deal of it. Show up in force at Rabin's Memorial Service this year. Drive the truth to the surface! If you are interested in helping out in any way, call David 052 6694999. Long Distance; 011 972 526694999.
Or call me and tell me how you'd like to help.
If I am arrested on this phoney charge, please come to my aid as publicly as possible.
Available at are my English books; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; Save Israel!; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed; and The Last Days of Israel.



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