UK Soldiers Caught
Dressed As Iraqis
Killing Local Police

From David Cohen - Australia
Jeff - The BBC reported somthing VERY vague about an attack on the Basra jail but it caught my attention, so I switched to the Australian TV channels to find more info:
The reports stated two British commando special forces dressed as Iraqis have been cought by the Iraqis after they were found shooting and killing local policemen. And the Iraqis put them in jail.
The British army then, came with tanks, destroyed the jail and freed the two british commandos. In the process, all the Iraqi prisoners in the jail ran away to freedom.
Riots started, and I saw British tanks engulfed with molotov coktails and British soldiers runing out of thier tanks, some were on fire.
This report give crediblity to the 'conspiracy theorists' who have long claimed many terrorist acts in Iraq are, in fact, being initiated and carried out by US, British and Israeli forces.
The TRUTH is the British had to either rescue or kill these two commandos in order to keep these operations secret. Fortunately for the two Brits, they were saved.
The British Commander of the forces involved gave such idiotic excuses I won't even bother to report them to you. The followng just moved on the net...
Iraqi Prison Stormed By British Tanks And Helicopters
British forces in tanks and helicopters stormed an Iraqi jail tonight to rescue two service personnel who were arrested after allegedly shooting dead a local policeman and wounding another, the governor of Basra said.
The two men had been taken to the Basra jail after violence erupted earlier today in the southern Iraqi city.
Photographs of the two - thought to be special forces officers - were taken and released to the media, showing them bandaged and bloody.
British troops had arrived at the police station where the two men were being held and encircled the building.
They were attacked by demonstrators with rocks and petrol bombs.
One soldier was seen engulfed by flames tumbling from his tank and gunfire was exchanged between the two sides, leaving three soldiers injured and two civilians dead.
Later, more than 10 tanks and helicopters broke down the walls of the jail in the rescue operation to release the two arrested servicemen.
It was also reported that 150 Iraqi prisoners escaped in what Mohammed al-Waili, the governor of Basra, described as a 'barbaric, savage and irresponsible' act.
The MoD refused to comment after officials said that the two men were undercover officers dressed as Arabs.
The spokesman said: "We can confirm that the two military personnel have been released."
Mr al-Waili said: "A British force of more than 10 tanks backed by helicopters attacked the central jail and destroyed it. This is an irresponsible act."
He said the British force had spirited the prisoners away to an unknown location.



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