Yo! New Yorkers:
Get A ***king Clue!

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By Douglas Herman
The four year anniversary of the World Trade Center Demolition occurs next month.
Notice I used the word "demolition" rather than attack. Buildings get demolished, knocked down, imploded, as do nations. What happened on September 11th, 2001 was a clever yet diabolical demolition to destroy several structures, a few tall buildings and a couple of nations. Very likely we'll see more of the same--but different variations--in the months to come.
Looking at New York from outside the city, one could be excused for thinking it the Capitol of The Clueless, the Epicenter of The Uninformed. One could be excused for thinking badly of New Yorkers, stupid sheep too dumb to know they got sheared by Man-of-The-Year, former mayor Rudy Giuliani and wealthy cadaver, Larry Silverstein. Sheared and sent to the slaughter, 3,000 of them, including 350 firefighters. Seems like everyone but New Yorkers believes 9-11 was an Inside job.
Because how many New Yorkers have protested to their local newspapers?
How many New Yorkers have written letters to the editors of the New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, Post or Observer, as I have, protesting the official (whitewash) version of the WTC collpase? Peruse the pages of these newspapers and a reader may deduce an overwhelming concern for the collapse of aging retaining walls but little concern for the inexplicable collapse of a 47 story building.
Yo! New Yorkers: Get A Fucking Clue! Not one of your vaunted architectural firms has written an intelligent rebuttal to the official (whitewash) version of the mysterious collapse of WTC-7. By contrast, a California computer programmer, Eric Hufschmid, using his own funds, composed an intelligent premise for why it was a controlled demolition! Am I to believe your architecture degrees from Ivy-League schools are entirely bogus? Am I to believe your Masters degrees in Engineering allow you no insight into the structural integrity of steel skyscrapers? Or is it that your own integrity has collapsed, you pathetic and cowardly New Yorkers?
As for your much lauded Columbia School of Journalism, you are all accomplices to a crime, every one of the so-called journalists who do not speak out. What do they teach you there at Columbia? What sort of myopic professors instruct you? How many of you have bothered to look critically--open your goddamn eyes!--and see the obvious fraud of the WTC "attack." How many New York firefighters are sitting at home, disgusted and chagrined and embittered, waiting for some investigative journalist to call them and get their story? They witnessed the murder of 350 of their brothers, they heard the explosions and saw the demolition, and still you will not interview them?
As for you, New York City lawyers: suppose your law firm, your colleagues, your friends had been exterminated in the WTC? Would you sit at home watching the Mets and Yankees? What sort of gutless frauds are you? Is Stanley Hilton the only man among you with balls? He filed a RICO suit while the rest of you are studying your stock portfolios. Pompous asses, street pigeons have more integrity than you.
Tough guy New York filmmaker, Martin Scorsese,("Gangs of New York"), took nearly three hours to tell the saga of Irish immigrant street gangs in 19th century Manhattan but only devoted five minutes to the bigger issue of anti-draft riots in NYC that opposed the Civil War. Left to tough guy New York filmmakers like Scorsese, any film about the World Trade Center demolition would undoubtedly focus on Man-of-the-Year mayor Giuliani, some trapped stockbrokers, and the heroic firefighters (betrayed and then slaughtered). Probably we would learn nothing about the controlled demolitions, put options, or those five dancing Israelis. Maybe tough guy New York filmmakers aren't tough enough to tackle the really big issues of today. Maybe in a hundred years some brave New York playwright or filmmaker might find the courage to reveal what really happened on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 and why. Until then, New Yorkers, like most American, remain distracted by special effects.
Obviously, four years later, the whitewash continues intact. Not a single murmur of dissent is heard from the educated New York "professional" classes--editors, publishers, lawyers, judges, architects and engineers. I suppose all of the Yale grads, NYU grads, and Columbia grads have better things to do than to question a massive insurance fraud, a diabolical sabotage of their city.
An objective observer can only conclude: maybe New Yorkers have such a surplus of skyscrapers that the inexpilicable collapse of three of the strongest ones ever built is of no great concern. Of course, if I were a New York firefighter I might conclude that fighting fires above the first floor was altogether unsafe. Tall buildings henceforth collapse in the 21st century, don't you know?
Yo! New Yorkers: get a fucking clue! No steel frame skyscraper has ever collapsed before! Don't you get it? Your city is now the World Capitol of Badly Built Buildings. Your architects are either bumbling idiots or fools, your building inspectors either corrupt or incompetent, your politicians either morons or co-conspirators. Either that or you have all been duped by the nefarious Neocons. If I were an architect or engineer in New York, I'd certainly want to investigate how WTC 7 fell, simply to clear my reputation.
Four long years later, we're still waiting. But as my friend, the Scarlet Pimpernel discovered, letters to the editor serve no purpose. And the Ivy-League-educated, professional class serves only itself. Those of you who have little power, unlike the accomplices named above, must either take to the streets or take to the courts. If the courts are corrupt you must take to the streets, as SP did.
How many of you have stood on a Manhattan street with a sign, "WTC- An Inside Job? Honk If You Agree?" as the FreewayBlogger does almost everyday in Los Angeles? If New York is the media center of the world, you must bring your message to the manipulators down in the streets below. Guilt the motherfuckers! Let them know you know. How many people stood on the courthouse steps when Larry Silverstein argued his insurance (fraud) case? A huge sign--Larry Silverstein, WTC 7, "Pull It"--would have drawn a curious crowd, local newsreporters, cops, CNN and a whole lot of discussion.
Yo, New Yorkers: I love you; I love your city. I admire all those who marched before the war, despite massive police harassment. But sympathy for your plight hasn't worked. Now we need some tough love. Remember, it's not a conspiracy if it's a fact. And if a "terrorist attack" happened once before, without any dissent from you, another will surely happen again.
Amateur historian, USAF veteran and essayist, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense. He is the author of the recent suspense novel, Guns of Dallas, available online.



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