The Microchip Agenda
Would You Like A CHIP
To Go With That Hot Dog?

By Kentroversy
When I was recently at the local SPCA office to adopt a new dog after the death of the dog we had for nine years, a wonderful and gentle spirit named Bear, I was asked by the woman behind the counter if we wanted our new dog to be MICROCHIPPED. Apparently, this is the current rage of high-technological protection and security for our pets. It was nice to learn that the globalists are so worried about me losing my pet! I was also given an information packet, in which were several dog-food brochures and coupons and so forth, along with the SPCA adoption papers.
Inside this packet was a brochure entitled 'Dog Care Guide,' by NUTRO brand dog food. This was a slick, twenty-four page brochure designed to convince me of the superiority of their dog food. In the section entitled 'Getting Ready For Your New Pet,' was a subsection entitled 'Name Tag, Collar, and Identification.' The following is a direct quote from pgs. 2-3 of this brochure -- all to convince me that the MICROCHIP is the ultimate safety feature I should be using for the protection of my new family member.
Here is a direct quote from this brochure:
"If you are worried about loss or theft, you need more than just a name tag to identify your dog. Stop at your veterinarian on the way home from picking up your puppy, and set your mind at ease with permanent identification, like a microchip. You can also take this opportunity to obtain a general health review and set future appointments for immunizations, which we will discuss later. If microchip service is available in your area, your puppy will be assigned an exclusive registration number and entered in a national registry. If he or she turns up at any shelter or vet, a quick scan will reveal the registry information, and you will be called."
This sounds so wonderful -- where can I sign up for this service for my entire family?!
Why, it's F-U-N to be CHIPPED!
However, as all great coincidences in life teach us that there really aren't any coincidences at all, yet another piece of the puzzle landed in my mailbox on Saturday, August 20, 2005 -- which arrived in the form of a communication from my New York State Senator, William T. Stachowski, who represents New York's 58th Senatorial district.
But, before I discuss the details of the communication from my state senator, allow me to proceed further along the lines of the microchipping of pets.
First of all, I was allowed to say NO to this hideous plan, but there will come a time in the not-too-distant future where this agenda will have been rolled out to include the entire human population. Presently, we are seeing various politicians and high-profile business executives getting CHIPPED, and this is supposed to convince us that this is a good thing (which it is not). The first person of whom I was aware of that discussed the full details of the globalist agenda to microchip the entire world's population was David Icke, who first covered this subject in his 1994 book 'The Robot's Rebellion.' While this subject received a passing mention in Icke's aforementioned book, a 1996 book by Texe Marrs was exclusively dedicated to this subject of implantable microchips and the problems thereof.
The name of Marrs' book was 'PROJECT L.U.C.I.D.,' and it makes for some extremely disturbing reading.
I realize that many people wish to disbelieve that the wealthy of this world crave CONTROL, but they must understand that once these people accumulate more money than they could spend in 100 lifetimes, they crave POWER and CONTROL over their subjects and subordinates. Making matters worse, there is a cabal of politicians that are hiding serious crimes behind "Reasons of National Security," and the National Security Act of 1947. These politicians are 'compromised' in order to blackmail and control them via leverage gained through these illegal acts, in order to elicit their cooperation to advance the overall NWO agenda. In exchange, they are 'given' success beyond their wildest dreams.
For two outrageous examples of this, I invite the reader to look into the matters involving Dick Cheney and his 'Most Dangerous Game,' and Colonel Michael Aquino and his 'Temple of Set' group of Satanists and Aquino's involvement in mind-control of human beings, using behavior modification techniques first employed by B. F. Skinner, which are collectively known as OPERANT CONDITIONING. This is completely outrageous and treasonous behavior paid for with your tax dollars. According to the various survivors of programs such as Project Monarch and MK-ULTRA, mind-control is now performed on the general population through television 'programs' and the tightly-controlled flow of a mixture of news, propaganda, and disinformation. FOX-News is a perfect example of this, and all one needs to do is check out the Robert Greenwald DVD documentary entitled 'OutFOXed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism,' which effectively shows the network as little more than the propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee, and the tagline 'Fair and Balanced' to be textbook Orwellian doublespeak.
Therefore, the ULTIMATE in POWER and CONTROL just so happens to be; a global control grid, a cashless society, and a microchipped population. That means EVERYONE. That means YOU and YOUR FAMILY.
The thing that the reader needs to keep in mind is that these agendas are brought forth gradually, e.g. one step forward and two steps back. Because I actually grew up on a farm, I was a witness to the first step toward a microchipped population, which was the 'tagging' of domestic livestock (farm animals). Once the following steps become known, it puts a whole new spin on the national and international news, where this agenda now unfolds on a near-daily basis. At the present time, there are numerous articles in the globalist-controlled mainstream news media pushing the idea of how great it is to be CHIPPED.
For example, the London Telegraph reported on January 17, 2005 that the VeriChip allows for "wallet-free drinking." Hyping the benefits while completely ignoring the downside, the makers of the VeriChip dismiss genuine privacy concerns as "paranoid conspiracy theories," and as a result, the public is getting only half of the real story here. The VeriChip has also been a lightning rod of controversy among those who believe that it represents the mark of "the beast" of the biblical book of Revelation.
An April 7, 2004 article mentioned how microchip implants were being used as a trendy VIP toy at the Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain. Portraying this as a high-tech toy for the "truly plugged-in among us" is as ingenious as it is evil. Applied Digital Solutions never mentions the potential problems with their VeriChip product, such as the level of identity theft that is possible with the microchip. Tex Marrs explains in his book Project L.U.C.I.D. (pgs. 9 & 10 of Introduction) the level of information that can be stored on an implanted microchip:
"...millions of bytes of information about the recipient; his or her photo, fingerprint, footprint, eye scan, DNA genotype, human leukocyte antigen data, financial status, and personal history."
Even though the Project L.U.C.I.D. book was written BEFORE the 'invention' of the VeriChip, the information contained in the book has remained consistent with subsequent developments in this matter. There are many serious potential problems with the information stored on the microchip implant, as quoted above.
Because of the mass-awakening of hundreds of millions of people across the world, the globalists are becoming rushed, and therefore sloppy, in their dirty dealings. Few people were fooled by the events in the UK during the first and third weeks of July 2005, and the more these globalist scum try to get away with, all they truly succeed in doing is winning millions of converts to our side, the side of TRUTH and JUSTICE.
Here are the gradual steps of the MICROCHIP AGENDA, gradual steps toward microchip implants in ALL humans:
Farm animals and livestock:
There once was a time where farm animals were branded with a sigil of the farm. This branding was performed with a hot metal branding iron, and the farm's identification mark was literally burned into the skin. So much damage was done that no fur would ever again grow in the branded area. After branding, came tattooing and metal-tag clips that were inserted into the animal's ear much like an pierced-earring. These metal-tags contained a serial number that identified the animal, as well as having the ability to associate that particular animal with a certain farm.
But then, a funny thing began happening. Cattle were showing up mutilated, and certain farmers were losing considerable amounts of money. It has always been curious to me that none of these mutilations were done to the animals belonging to the globalist corporate farms. This provided the pretext to take this ID system to the next level -- which involved global positioning satellite tracking of the animals. However, because the GPS satellite system is an EXTERNAL endeavor, there was no way of protecting against theft of the animals.
So, then farmers began inserting microchips into their farm animals. No one complained because these were lowly animals, and besides, they would never think about doing that with HUMANS, now would they?
Household pets:
The next step along the path of gradualism was the microchipping of household pets. As I mention above, I was asked if I wanted my newly adopted dog to have a microchip implant. Of course, my response was a firm refusal, which is still an option. With people out there still believing that animals do not possess a soul of their own, there still was a complete lack of public outrage. With firm subconscious triggers implanted into people when they are students of the government's own compulsory public school system, very few people are able to see THE BIGGER PICTURE of this type of agenda.
With animals seen to be lower in stature and value to that of any human being, America went along with the chipping of their cherished and beloved pets.
Criminals (probation and parole):
Planned systemic gradualism ALWAYS includes despised individuals as a tool with which to advance the agenda. I remind the reader of the words of the Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemoller, which relate precisely to this step along the path of gradualism. The entire point of the quote below was that people in general wait for someone else to stick up for them. By the time the final step of gradualism occurs, it is far too late for anyone to speak up:
First they came for the communists and I did not speak out -- because I was not a communist. Then they came for the socialists and I did not speak out -- because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out -- because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak out.
When the GPS system (and the final step involving the microchip) became a requirement in the dealing with criminals, again, no one complained. The words of Pastor Niemoller in 1939 are totally appropriate in today's AmeriKa, with this country having been turned into a de facto fascist military dictatorship, based upon imperial militarism, fascism, and corporatism. This onslaught was complete when the previously written freedom-destroying Patriot Act was voted on in October 2001 by a legislature that admittedly, never had the chance to read it before voting.
Only a small handful of 'honest politicians,' such as John Conyers, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, and Maxine Waters voted against the encroaching fascism wrapped up in the red, white, and blue of insane nationalism. In all, only two U.S. Senators and sixty-six U.S. Representatives weathered accusations of their being pro-terrorist, bravely voting against the anti-American and anti-freedom law.
It is my own personal view that the most vile and inhuman of all criminals are the child molesters. To steal a child's innocence and purity is unforgivable in my book. To hear the true-life stories of people like Johnny Gosch, Paul Bonacci, Cathy O'Brien and Susan Ford test the limits of credulity in the eyes of most Americans. The recent communique that I received from my State Senator had the following to say about BOTH child molesters and the microchip agenda:
"The Senate passed its' version of legislation designed to toughen 'Megan's Law.' The legislation would strengthen Megan's law in 25 ways, including: mandatory notification by police when a registered sex offender moves into a community, lifetime registration of all sex offenders, requiring information about all levels of sex offenders to be posted on the Internet, and GPS monitoring for the worst offenders. The bills were sent to the Assembly for consideration."
Immediately beneath the above paragraph in Senator Stachowski's newsletter, was the following astonishing paragraph:
"The new law authorizes the Health and Insurance Departments to obtain the State's complete sex offender registry database, and will ensure that no convicted sex offender receives this medication through Medicaid and other publicly-funded health care programs. Earlier this summer, the federal government heeded our call to overturn the policy that allowed these convicted criminals to receive Medicaid-funded erectile dysfunction drugs."
There are two things worth mentioning about the above paragraphs. First, astute readers will notice that the same language is used to describe the pet "registry database," and this same exact language is used to describe the criminal "registry database" as well. This shows that the two are connected policies. It is a symptom of a seriously mentally-ill society to give criminal child molesters and sex offenders access to Viagara. This is sick and twisted, and it shows that on a very deep level, these types of crimes are not only desired, but are useful to furthering the agenda, which ends with YOU and YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY being forced to become CHIPPED.
The second thing worth mentioning is the use of GPS tracking of "the worst offenders." With the greatly despised criminal element, we have been using ankle transponder bracelets for quite awhile now. Suddenly, we have just updated this outmoded technology with GPS track-and-trace, which of course, is for our safety, and most especially, the safety of our children. After all, what parent does not want to protect his or her children?
Alzheimer's patients and the mentally impaired:
Since the public's perception is that all Alzheimer's patients pose a potential risk to both themselves and to those in their immediate surroundings, should they slip away off on their own -- this will be the next step along the path to the microchipping of the global population. Here, the globalists resort to the tugging of heart strings. Anyone that has ever suffered the cruel mental meltdown of Alzheimer's in their own family understands fully, the desire to protect a cherished family member who tragically finds themselves in this condition -- and who would not want to protect Gramma or Grampa, or Mother and Father in this situation?
The mentally-impaired find themselves in a similar position, whether or not their condition existed from birth, or was acquired through an accident or similar twist of fate. Certainly parents of such children will want to protect their most vulnerable family members, and once again, the globalists are there to tug on their heart strings.
"Whatever it takes," as the globalists are wont to say...
Children (protection and kidnapping prevention):
Tragedies such as the kidnapping and ritual abuse of children are one of the hard facts of life that few people dare to accept as truth. However, yearly more than 58,200 children go missing in the United States, according to statistics released by the 'National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.' This is about 160 children per day in the USA alone! For every story of children such as Johnny Gosch and Adam Walsh, there are tens of thousands whose names are unknown to the mass consciousness of the United States as a nation. This does not mean that 'Johnny Smith' or 'Jane Smith' are any less important than the nationally publicized cases, which do appear on national television and in the national news media.
For example, after the horror of losing his young son Adam, John Walsh became a national crusader for justice as host of 'America's Most Wanted.' Since 1987, John Walsh and America's Most Wanted have put away a total of 854 fugitives, turning personal grief into a career helping other families to find the closure he never received, simply because the individual who was thought to be Adam's killer died in prison without even being charged for the murder of six year-old Adam:
"Everything we have been able to accomplish is because of the public, When I think back to everything we did that some people predicted would never happen -- the bills they said would never pass, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children they said would never come to be -- it was the public that made it work. In 1996, when Fox wanted to cancel America's Most Wanted, the public brought it back. I was amazed at the reaction. It was overwhelming, and it was so gratifying."
The microchip implantation of children is being touted as a safety measure, which again, hits mom and dad America right in the heart. Not only is this being marketed as a protection feature, it is also marketed as a prevention against kidnapping, which is a potential issue whenever a family with children get divorced. In my own sordid family history, my father was married a total of five times, and fathered three children and adopted one more. Each one of us ended up with different living conditions; with me staying with my father, my brother staying with our mother, and my sister staying with her mother. The fourth child, a young girl, was adopted by my father and his fifth wife after I had already become an adult.
However, there is one aspect of involving the children in his microchipping agenda that I simply cannot abide by, and is a major reason why my own son will be home-schooled. Former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson has been driving around the country giving speeches at public grammar schools, telling about how great it will be to be microchipped. This is the desensitization of our nation's youth, with Thompson appearing at these schools with something called the CHIPMOBILE. This is one of those type of rock-star tour busses that contain exhibits and propaganda related to the VeriChip, a product of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.
The globalists have a saying involving children, which certainly applies to this program of desentization related to the microchip implant, "Get them while they are young, keep them for life." Exposing children to propaganda related to the VeriChip violates the right of parental authority, as Tommy Thompson is only telling one select part of a very complicated issue. These speeches given before entire schools of children do not discuss any of the potential threats involved in a technology such as this. These children are not told about how the VeriChip can be used to create and plant false evidence, about how the VeriChip will signal the end of medical right to privacy, and about how the VeriChip can be used to view and manipulate the DNA genotype, and perhaps most importantly how the human leukocyte antigen data could potentially be used to learn of an individual's specific vulnerability, and then mount an attack against the individual's homeostatic system.
Let's call this the pinpointing of the gentle art of suicide... the ultimate Manchurian Candidate!
Think about this...
You are putting your children into a public school system that, among many other heinous effects, teaches them to trust and accept the supreme provenance of authority figures. So, if a member of the government comes to the school for a special event, and the school makes a big deal about such an appearance, the greater the chances that the children will accept everything that is discussed without question. Likewise, if the children are only told of the benefits and nothing of the risks involved, the greater the chances that the children will accept everything they are being told.
Get them while they're young, and keep them for life...
I don't think that I need to explain that the Bush regime is NOT acting in the best interests of this nation, the evidence of this is voluminous. So, if there were an agenda to lie and obfuscate and ignore any and all of the very real threats of abuse, the children would never know to suspect such a thing, because they are happily nodding in agreement to everything the man in the suit who only tells them how the microchip MIGHT or COULD be used, but never how it WILL be used.
The children would then be in a very real danger, wouldn't they?
Imagine the bitter irony here the children are in very real danger from the very thing that is SUPPOSED to be protecting them!
Understand this, and you are well on your way to understanding the enemy that we all currently face.
Total adult population:
Once the microchips have been pushed as a fashion statement, then as a safety measure, and a keeper of important health records, an order will go through that will mandate the ENTIRE POPULATION be CHIPPED. This will likely come on the heels of a false-flag terrorist event so devastating we in America will see an entire city vaporized no one will dare to go against the order. And, if any do they will be simply sent to one of the re-education camps that are already set up and waiting for the order to go live. If any reader doubts my words here, simply check into the REX-84 program it's all there in black and white.
The surveillance society is upon us and the microchip implant is merely one aspect of this evil agenda. The surveillance cameras are sprouting up everywhere around us by the thousands. The problem here is that everything is laid bare in which anyone can have evidence fabricated against them, and everything that appears as part of the stored data in the microchip coincidentally meets the criteria of acceptable judicial evidence. Combine this with a Star Chamber secret tribunal for those branded 'enemies of the state' by the occupied shadow government, and the potential for abuse will be too much to avoid for those whose usual operational code of conduct is criminal behavior by DEFAULT.
Royalty has been CHIPPED. One now needs to be CHIPPED to gain entry to the exclusive VIP clubs. The microchip is being turned into a FASHION STATEMENT. Our pets need to be CHIPPED. And so do our children. Celebrities are getting CHIPPED. Computer geeks are calling them WETWARE. We have gone from credit cards, to smartcards with their own CHIP. We belong to SHOPPER'S CLUBS and for doing so we get an artificial discount. Being CHIPPED means we can leave both our wallet and our money at home. We can drink ourselves BLIND at a local nightclub and we no longer have to worry about losing our identification. When we get CHIPPED we will be envied by our friends and family. We will be the early adopters, the ones who stood at the front of the line...
And me? I guess I am just not that FASHIONABLE!
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