Chemtrails Over London

From Hazel McKinlay
In The UK
Chemtrails, Sylphs, Dor and high strangeness in the sky over North London during July 2005 All pictures taken by me from my house in North London in the month of July 2005.
The spraying has a pattern. After a couple of days of intensive chemtrails and sylphs, an odd 'cotton ball' cloud formation appears, which merges into total grey cloud cover, without a centimeter of blue sky visible. This oppressive 'dor cloud' persists for several days without raining. A neighbour commented that a "storm was brewing." Often it culminates in a torrential downpour, with record rainfall in a brief time, causing flash floods. In this case, the storm never came in London, only moderate rainfall, but in Birmingham a freak twister wrecked 300 homes. When the grey cloud dissipates and blue summer sky reappears, the spraying commences again.
Best Regards,
Hazel McKinlay



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