Another Withdrawal,
Another Shabak Massacre

By Barry Chamish
Barely a week ago I addressed the people of Neve Dekalim in Gush Katif and promised them that just before the pullout there would be a massacre perpetrated by the Shabak. I used the example of the Hebron pullout to make my point.
Back in '97, PM Netanyahu couldn't get his Hebron withdrawal past his cabinet. The next day, an IDF soldier, Noam Friedman, who had just spent 3 months in a psychiatric ward, took a bus to Hebron and shot up the Arab market in front of numerous television cameras which happened to be there as well. Due to international pressure, the withdrawal was passed by the cabinet that evening.
And I also told the gathered that the outrage would come from Kach, since the Shabak runs the organization. It is no coincidence that a few days before, Kach members publicly staged a Pulsa Dinura, death curse ceremony against Ariel Sharon. That trick was played one month before Rabin's murder by Kach members led by one Avigdor Eskin.
So, surprise, surprise, the Shabak aided by IDF intelligence pulled the old rabbit out of its hat just when they were supposed to. As usual, the patsy was Yemenite.
Here are the predictable details:
A Jewish soldier who went AWOL from the IDF one month ago killed four people and wounded 12 others when he opened fire inside a bus in an Arab town in the Galilee.
Angry residents lynched the 19-year-old following the shooting. He was identified as Eden Natan Tsuberi from Rishon L'tzion, a city south of Tel Aviv. Israeli media reported that he recently moved to the Kfar Tapuach community in northeast Samaria after turning to religion and becoming involved in extreme political activism, but the administrator of the community said he never heard of the man.
The killer's parents, worried over their son's radical change, said they had asked the army to take away their son's weapon but were told by officers there was no need to do so.
Israel media tried to link the murder with anti-expulsion protests and pointed out that the murderer had refused to take part in the planned expulsion. Former MK Rabbi Chanan Porat told questioning interviewers there is absolutely no connection to be made between the anti-expulsion protests and the murder.
Many questions remained unanswered following the murder, which occurred shortly before 6 p.m., particularly concerning events immediately after the shooting. Police approached the bus in the town of Shafarm after the shooting and removed an angry mob from the bus and reportedly tried to protect the vehicle from hundreds of angry Arab residents. Five officers were injured as the mob pelted them with stones and bottles. Several people got past police, but it was not clear whether the shooter was killed following the police intervention or whether he died from the initial mob attack.
Tzuberi was in an IDF unit other than the Border Police and it is not known how or why he obtained the Border Police uniforms.
MK Uri Ariel (National Union) said the IDF must investigate why the murderer had his weapon with him after having been on AWOL for an extended period of time.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, "This was a reprehensible act by a bloodthirsty Jewish terrorist who sought to attack innocent Israeli citizens.... I send condolences to the families of those who were murdered and my best wishes for a quick recovery to those who were wounded. The entire State of Israel, regardless of race, religion or sex, strongly condemns this act of terrorism."
Once again, the sociopath Sharon had four Arabs killed and 16 others shot just to get his little Gaza withdrawal done. The shooter was another in a long line of Shabak patsies which includes Yigal Amir and Baruch Goldstein. And, as always, the "leaders" of the Right and the religious communities cower in shame over the incident. None dare actually blame the real perpetrators, the government of Israel and its internal security apparatus.
This setup is a double-edged blessing for the "peacemakers." Until now, Druze soldiers had mostly refused to drag Jews out of their homes in Gush Katif, cage them like animals and force them away in trucks. Now they will cooperate. And of course, the public opinion that had turned against the rape of Gush Katif will instantaneously and dramatically shift.
Mob Kills Shooter, Who Deserted IDF To Protest Pullout
By Jack Khoury
Haaretz Correspondent
Haaretz Service and Agencies
A Jewish Israeli man in Israel Defense Forces uniform opened fire on bus
passengers in a Druze neighborhood of the Israeli Arab town of Shfaram
Thursday afternoon. Four people were killed and 12 wounded, two of them
moderately. The gunman was killed by a mob that boarded the bus after the
Security forces said the shooting was apparently a Jewish terror attack and
that the attacker was a newly religious man, an IDF deserter from Rishon
Letzion who recently moved to the West Bank settlement of Tapuah. Security
forces said the gunman, Eran Tzuberi, 19, was an activist in the outlawed
extreme-right Kach movement. Tzuberi went AWOL a month ago to protest the
disengagement plan.
So let's ask the obvious questions:
* Why didn't military police find the awol soldier in a full month and arrest him?
* Why wasn't there a fullscale manhunt to find this "radical" soldier who took his M-16 with him?
* Where was he for the month? (My answer is being brainwashed, as you might expect).
* Why would he put on a Border Guard uniform instead of his own?
* Why did the IDF allow the shooter to keep his weapon when his parents reported a dangerous mental change and requested that he be disarmed?
* Why would the shooter kill Druze to protest "disengagement?"
* How did the police identify him before they seized his body from the bus?
And on and on. It's just business as usual at the Shabak and just as usual, they will get away with murder.
And as usual, I will attempt to balance the Israeli terror - mafia state with the truth. Which usually means, I will impart vital information in utter futility.
Three days ago I received a phone call from Oslo. The caller was Henry Gluksman, the advance man for the Oslo negotiations. He read my website and was impressed by my Rabin murder research. The first thing he said was, "You missed the real motive for Rabin's murder. It was financial."
A little background about the man. He lives in what he calls a "fool's paradise" as a political refugee in Norway. The government there provides him with an apartment and pension as protection against mortal retaliation from Israel. Strange that he would be used to pave the way for the Oslo "peace" talks.
He claims the Shabak made attempts on his life and he was forced to flee Israel in the early 1980s. Argentinian-born Gluksman publicly accused Israel of being behind the Falklands War. "I discovered that it was Israel Aviation Industries that provided the Argentinian planes and missiles and it was they who sunk the Lancaster," he explained. "They convinced the Argentinian government that they could win the war for them."
Mr. Gluksman's motives for talking freely to me appear not to be ideological. He is an avowed Marxist. Simply, he believes his Oslo talks became corrupted and that Rabin was murdered by the corrupters of his negotiations. His insider revelations are startling and verify the crux of my own research.
HG - When I began laying the groundwork for the Oslo talks in '88, money wasn't even considered as a political issue. It's when it became the core issue that things turned ugly.
BC - What do you mean '88? The talks began in '92.
HG - The plans for them were initiated in '88. We had to wait until Rabin was elected to put them into action. He sent the two negotiators, Pundak and Hirshfeld, to Oslo and the initial talks were aimed at establishing an honest groundwork for peace.
BC - I interviewed Ron Pundak in 1996 and he told me something remarkable. He said that his boss, Yossi Beilin, doesn't believe in borders. Borders cause wars. He told me the end result of the accord would be the removal of Israel's borders. This would be done by dismembering the country piece by piece. After, Israel would blend into a Middle East bloc of united Arab countries.
HG - Yes, that was our objective. The Gush Katif disengagement was agreed to in 1993 as part of the broader plan. To understand how this would lead to peace, look at Hong Kong. It was a colony of six million in a sea of over a billion Chinese. Israel consists of six million Jews in a sea of over a billion Moslems. When Hong Kong was handed over to China in 1999, nothing changed for the people of Hong Kong. They went on with their lives as before but without the threat of attack hanging over them. That was our objective. Israel would become Arab and nothing would change, but the threat would end. The Jews of Tel Aviv would go on with their lives, run their businesses, build their homes but the mayor would be an Arab, the police would be Arabs, the courts would be Arab. It was the ideal solution.
BC - So if the plans are on course beginning with Gush Katif, what is your problem with the accords?
HG - The problem began when the Labor Party leaders saw Oslo as a way to make a quick buck. Everyone was rushing to join in, Peres, Ramon, Micha Harish. And they all came with their Palestinian businessmen in tow. I mean, who were Micha Harish and Chaim Ramon? How did they become peace negotiators? Oslo was drawing the greediest crooks to the money pot. They didn't want peace, they wanted a piece of the action. People who were absolute nobodies suddenly were showing up for discussions. The most absurd was this Rabbi Melchior who Peres brought along. Who ever heard of him before? He had no legitimacy or constituency, never wrote learned tracts and overnight he jumps from Oslo to the cabinet of Shimon Peres. Everyone the Israelis sent to iron out details were there for what they could get out of Oslo and the PLO more than cooperated in the thefts and corruption. From a Marxist beginning, the discussions turned capitalistic.
BC - Where did Rabin fit in?
HG - He saw how corrupt everything had turned and decided to abandon the whole enterprise. He was going to put the talks on hold or shut them down for good if the corruption didn't stop. That's why they murdered him. He threatened to bring down the house of crime and that would have been very costly to the crooks. I read your work. Your conclusion is similar to mine but you left out some people who stood to lose big if Rabin stayed alive. It's a broader plot than you've found out.
The interference of the CFR has been discovered by none other than Joseph Farah:
Following is the middle of an interview with Joseph Farah found on
FP: Why wouldnít the Bush administration secure our borders? What are the advantages of leaving them unsecured? Is it too politically incorrect to secure them?
Farah: I've asked this question myself over and over. It is the most frequently asked question I hear from my radio audience and from the thousands of emails I receive from readers. President Bush candidly said it was a matter of cheap labor a few months ago. I believe that is dead wrong. I don't believe there is anything cheap about this labor. It is bankrupting our health-care system. It is taking jobs away from law-abiding American citizens. It is raising crime rates and it is threatening our national security.
No, I believe there is another more sinister reason. There is a master plan for global governance being plotted in meetings of groups like the Council on Foreign Relations. You can read its reports. And, I believe this open-borders policy is a direct result of those plans, which have been secretly adopted by our highest leaders, including President Bush.
A correspondent has gathered the membership lists of the CFR for the past 55 years and will send them to anyone who writes him:
Tell the readers to send their requests to my e-mail address, and I will give them a free copy of previous CFR rosters via e-mail. So far, I have copies of the 1950, 1955, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1982, and 1988 CFR rosters.
Another correspondent exposed the activities of David Zeller, one of "rabbi" Melchior's cohorts in Meimad:
You have referred (see below) to David Zeller. My interest in him is that he has waxed exceeding abundant before a huge audience at in Sathya Sai Baba's ashram at Puttaparthi in south India. This latter is India's most famous guru and, with India's power brokers irrespective of Party affiliation, extremely influential. However, I once lectured for two years in one of his colleges and have since investigated at first hand worldwide allegations against Sai Baba of huge-scale, serial pedophilia, not to mention involvement in other terrible matters and cover-ups on quite the grand scale. I recently consulted to the BBC on its searing expose' of Sai Baba, 'The Secret Swami', and have done so to many other leading media like Times of London, Daily Telegraph, etc., etc., and am an international coordinator in attempts to bring Sai Baba to justice.
If you want to know the crimes against Gush Katif and the atrocities committed by the current Israeli government, please purchase my new book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust in English or Hebrew or my 2 set DVD, The Deadly War Against The Settlers. More than 100 Gush Katif residents did so in the past few weeks.
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