Aspartame And Fluoride
Bone Cancer Coverup

From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Dear Taylor,
I would be more than happy to put this on my lists for you. You are right, I know about fluoride and if you will go to you will see Dr. Russell Blaylock's paper on the interaction of aspartame, MSG, fluoride and RBGH. It's discussed also in the doctor's books. I'll send you another post by private email of recent press releases that will have all the resources.
We also have an Aspartame Information List you can subscribe to on And I'll see if I can get this put on some web sites.
All my best,
Dear Dr. Martini,
As I have taken note that you are also not a supporter of forced artificial fluoridation of municipal water sources, I want to call something to your attention, even though it's likely you already know.
Recently a Harvard Oral Epidemiologists was caught red-handed covering up the very negative results of a fluoridation/bone cancer connection to boys between the ages of 5 to 10.
This dental researcher reported to federal officials and the National Academy of Sciences that there was no connection between drinking fluoridated water and osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer in males. However, this same individual, as supervisor and advisor to a key PhD student studying this problem, signed off in 2001 on the epidemiological work carried out by the doctoral subordinate that showed a robust correlation between drinking fluoridated water and much higher rates of osteosarcoma in boys.
In fact, this cover-up on the part of an esteemed dental researcher has recently hit the mainstream press, some of which can be easily accessed from the home page of or (Warning: don't type in, because doing so routs you to the ADA).
The reason that I am contacting you is to encourage you to mention something about this cover-up in any of your online submissions.
Thank you for all of your work on behalf of the public through your drive to educate consumers about the awful truth regarding aspartame. There will be reason to celebrate if the tragedy of aspartame and water fluoridation ends some day.
Mr. Taylor Moore



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