Atlantis Expedition
Reveals Structures
Off Cyprus

The sonar scans of manmade structures one mile below water off the southeast coast of Cyprus were presented here Thursday by Robert Sarmast, head of the Cyprus/Atlantis Expedition project for the first time.
Announcing the results of last year's expedition to find one of human kind's greatest mysteries, the legendary Atlantis, Sarmast presented three dimension underwater side-scan sonar pictures of structures 1.5 km below sea level, 80 km off the southeast coast of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean.
He said it was no coincidence that his team discovered a 3km long straight wall intersected at right angles by another wall, adding that this will silence any remaining skepticism about his longstanding claims that modern Cyprus is what remains of a much larger and now partly sunken mass which fits Plato's description of the ancient land of Atlantis.
Sarmast said he is "dedicated to making this discovery a part of something that will benefit Cyprus for decades to come", and announced that he is working with the Cyprus government and has the full support of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.
In addition, he also announced a partnership with TMC Entertainment group (Los Angeles/USA) that will undertake a two-hour Atlantis documentary for the second expedition with the last half-hour of it being a live broadcast from the ship.
During the second expedition, he said, his team will lower the ROV submersibles to the wall in an effort to film it and this will be broadcast live.
Sarmast said the team will do a preliminary survey of the area with the ROVs by October and probably next May will proceed with the submarines and the live broadcast.
"We pinpointed one mountain because it was such a perfect match with the Acropolis Hill as well as with the rectangular valley, the mountain and so forth. We went there, did a survey there and that's exactly where it was and nowhere else. This can not be a coincidence'', he told reporters.
He also said that no scientist can say that the formations found were natural.
Invited to comment on criticism that he is an American looking for oil in the area, Sarmast said "I am an Iranian-American. The target area that we are investigating is in international waters, and if anyone wanted to look for oil, they would not do it with "our little operation. That's ludicrous. I am not a spy, I am really looking for Atlantis''.



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