Anomalous Photos

Barry Taff/David Oman
The House At The End
Of The Drive


1. Ghost Pic 35mm 9-22-05 was taken in my livingroom during the investigation of the
house on Sept 22, 2004. This was taken with 35 mm 800 high speed film and there was nothing
there that the human eye say at the time this was taken.


2. July 26 '05 Lving Room Fog Pic Again taken in my livingroom with
35 mm 800 high speed film no one saw anything at the time it was taken.


3. July 26 '05 Theatre Fog Pic Takena t the bottom of the stairwell later
that same night when we were recieving abnormally high readings on the Gaus
meter (which measures the earth's electromagnetic field) +900 miligaus was the
readings when the pictures was taken 35 mm 800 high speed film.


4. Lisa's Object July 26 2005 lower right side of the photo an object of
brilliant white appeared on the side of the frame.


5. Lisa's Orb July 26 2005 Lisa one of Psychics felt the presence
and the photo was taken and the orb floating above her was caught.


6. Morgan & an Orb August 31, 2004 This photo was taken in the lowest
floor near the stairwell. Morgan a psychic who was here during an investigation had remarked that she felt 
the person right over her shoulder. This was video taped as well and will be shown in the documentary.


7. Morgan's Orb 2 minutes before This is the same area ewehre Morgan experienced
her encounter just 2 minutes earlier. Notice the Orb is at the same level just over to the right.


8.   Orb in Window 2 in 1 August 9th 2004 35th Anniversary of the Murders. Taken in the livingroom
while the window and screen were open and the object was there. Contrast enhancement and blow up, lower right.


9. Hoolween 03 Taken in front of my house on Halloween 2003 .
Notice the "tails" on the orbs like they are flying up.


10. Anniversary 35 2 Taken on August 9th 2004 35 mm 800 high speed film. This cluster of blue
orbs was tcaptured with out anyone seeing anything. It just appeared on the picture.
The Camera strap was around my wrist at the time.


11. Halloween '03 7 More orbs with the "tails " taken Halloween 2003.


The Poster for "House at the End of the Drive"