Anomaly - A DVD Review

James Neff
What can I say about Jeff Willes new DVD "Anomaly," that I haven't said about everything he's ever produced? Excellent. Remarkable. Revealing.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jeff, he's one of those people that 'wastes his time' as the skeptics would say, looking up and seeing all the things we ground lookers never even notice -- and with camera always in hand, that leads to a voluminous collection of UFO footage like you've never seen before. Watch one Willes DVD and you'll be wasting your time looking up a lot more often, too!
Jeff demonstrates clearly that the skies of Phoenix are literally cluttered with UFOs of every shape, form and, and this second volume of material is just as thrilling as the first. All that 'wasted' time has paid off in footage unlike any other, and it's not uncommon for Jeff to appear on local news broadcasts, something which doesn't happen too often in mainstream news regarding the issue of UFOs.
It's a little hard to ignore videos like these. High altitude, inexplicable, morphing, shimmering, sometimes egg-dropping (yes, egg dropping) UFOs, fleets of unidentified craft, some even exhibit the strangest of color changes. As always, a must-see, must-have for any serious UFO researcher, collector or armchair UFOlogist. The stills we present when Jeff is on the Rense program just don't do the footage justice. Get the DVD and show it to skeptical friends. If they start yammering about flocks of geese and weather balloons, you're probably wasting your time on the brain dead. But most will be scratching their heads saying, "What the hell IS that thing?" The question we all have. It's not a bird, it's not a plane and it sure ain't superman.

Jeff is renown for having captured the only daylight footage of the Phoenix lights prior to the night shots with which we're all familiar. Well, now he's got some dusk footage of very similar lights appearing and disappearing.
And remember, when you purchase one of Jeff's DVDs, you're helping to support one of the hardest working UFOgraphers on earth -- and that's important. Jeff is one of the few devoting the bulk of his time and energy into keeping a video/visual chronicle of the skies, a task worthy of our support and attention.

Jeff will be guest in hour 3 of the Rense Program 8-5-5.



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