America's Arch Enemy - Congress
By Ted Lang
Think of all the institutional hurt and suffering caused legalistically to the American people. Did this come from terrorism? Did this befall US by way of a foreign invader? Are we suffering because of a serious failure in our health care systems, causing US to suffer from a deadly plague or communicable disease?
Of course, the answers to these questions are all "no." Our legal, economic and security problems all emanate from one and only one source: the Congress of the United States of America.
For it is supposed to be Congress that represents our interests in Washington, DC, the seat of power of our once free and independent nation. Yet, we have all come to see that the Congress, supposedly our representatives for the fifty sovereign and independent state governments, the Senate, and the direct representatives of the people, the House of Representatives, both represent only those that contribute the largest bribes to its members. These are sanitized under the guise of "campaign contributions."
AIPAC, the Jewish lobby for Israel, and agents of a foreign government, stuffs huge cash bribes into the pockets and purses of the Congressional gang. It is therefore they, AIPAC and Israel, for whom the laws are written, and for whom the laws favor, and for whom our wars are fought. It is our Zionist Jewish representatives that pass illegal and unconstitutional gun control legislation. It is the Zionist Jewish media that lends public support and adulation for such laws. AIPAC has purchasing power, and Congress is a liability instead of a good not available for sale insofar as the American people are concerned.
Think of the sneaky and underhanded manner in which our jobs have been exported to foreign lands: GATT, NAFTA and now CAFTA. Picture the big "global" corporations that have kicked into the Congressional bribe vacuum centrifuge to ensure enactment of these American job-stealing legalistics. Labor costs, the biggest ticket item on corporate operating profit and loss statements, can now be sharply reduced by taking jobs away from Americans and exporting them overseas to lower-earning foreigners. Thank you, Congress!
Think of the complete and total destruction of ALL the points of insured individual freedom guaranteed to US via our Bill of Rights, and protected for US and our posterity by our Founding Fathers. These have now been permanently taken away forever by Bush's USA PATRIOT Act I and USA PATRIOT Act II, and enabled and totally legalized with the doting approval of our "representatives" in Congress. Think of the dictatorship they have now saddled US with! Thank you, Congress!
Think of the taxes they have saddled US with to fight unnecessary, illegal, unjust, and unconstitutional wars. Think of how they have abdicated their responsibilities to ensure that our government is neither commandeered by a tyrant, nor allowed to be taken into a war by a war-profiteering dictator. It is Congress' responsibility to ensure that the people have a voice in the central seat of government. That voice is now forever silenced. Thank you, Congress!
It was the design of the Founders to create a federal system of government that allowed for both a separation of powers via three branches of central government, and further diversified by "checks and balances." Yet, ignoring the rule of law set by the Founders with regard to three branches of government, the Supreme Court of the United States has recently abolished one of the three God-given freedoms of Man as first articulated within the context of America's purpose in the Declaration of Independence; namely, the God-given right to have and to enjoy private property. Congress has allowed the Supreme Court to abolish this basic Founding principal by issuing "legislation," something only the Congress is supposed to do via our nation's rule of law. Thank you, Congress!
And as the Congress spends and allows its created dictator to spend US into an increasing economically-choking national debt, Congress continues to allow the Jewish bankers to ratchet up their credit card interest usury against US, sinking more and more Americans, especially younger Americans, further and further into credit card debt. Thank you, Congress!
And as Congress continues to evidence less and less fiscal responsibility by ever increasing our national debt, fueled by their permissiveness in supporting unlimited war-profiteering invasions by our chief executive supreme dictator, our Congress wishes to impress upon private citizens the need for fiscal discipline via newly-created draconian bankruptcy laws, designed to give the Jewish bankers, credit card companies, and congressional bribe-givers, more protection from evil-doing and fiscally irresponsible American citizens. Thank you, Congress!
Mark Twain had it right when he offered back in 1910 that the "only criminal class in America is Congress." And although the intentions of our Founding Fathers were noble, it now appears that we all would have been much better off if we had just stayed the course with the Articles of Confederation.
The Federalists offered "improvements" to make more responsive a stronger more cohesive central government to facilitate George Washington's desire for streamlining central government war-fighting funding. His agony with a disconnected central government and its unresponsiveness in providing money to him and his troops during the Revolutionary War was his fervent motivation, along with that of his legions of supporters. It was for this reason that the Articles were to be supplanted with a more responsive and unified powerful central government.
It was for this reason that the Constitutional Congress, the one that designed and wrote our nation's rule of law, a rule of law based upon the thought of a more powerful central government based upon the moral character of those serving it, convened in order to ensure that a government of, by and for the people, would never perish from the Earth.
Thank you, Congress!
©2005 All Rights Reserved
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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