The Alcoholic In
The White House

By Ted Lang
The world of George W. Bush, President, is starting to come apart. According to a recent poll, now a full 62 percent of the American people oppose him and his unjust, unnecessary, unlawful and unconstitutional war in Iraq. In that same poll, 49 percent consider Bush a bad manager, which requires little speculation as to how they feel about his role as chief executive of the United States.
There are now reports that G. Bush is downing shots of Jim Beam again. Dr. Justin Frank, a psychiatrist in Washington, offers that, "I do think that Bush is drinking again. Alcoholics who are not in any program, like the President, have a hard time when stress gets to be great. I think it's a concern that Bush disappears during times of stress. He spends so much time on his ranch. It's very frightening."
Consider the evidence of an out-of-control alcoholic offered by Paul Craig Roberts citing a report in Capital Hill Blue quoting a White House aide: "It's like working in an insane asylum. People walk around like they're in a trance. We're the dance band on the Titanic, playing out our last songs to people who know the ship is sinking and none of us are going to make it." The aide was alluding to Bush's inability to handle stressful situations as described in the National Enquirer article.
Roberts continues his column quoting the aide as pointing out everyone's relief when Bush is out of the White House and on the road, observing, "Otherwise it is one temper tantrum after another from Bush, whose cakewalk war, has turned into interminable conflict, whose idiocy in diverting funding for
Orleans, levees to war in Iraq was disastrous for the famous city, and whose Social Security privatization has been rejected by the electorate.
Even rah-rah Republican Newt Gingrich says the White House is surrounded by failure. No member of the White House staff wants to deliver news to Bush, because the news is bad. Bush demands sycophancy and equates bad news with disagreement and disloyalty."
Now imagine that!
Not only has the war criminal Bush regime returned US to those thrilling days of the Reich and the Reichstag Fire via 9-11, and not only has he reintroduced the concepts of the Wehrmacht and the Blitzkrieg, and not only has he taken US back to the Dark Ages, Star Chamber justice and the glory of the Spanish Inquisition via Amerika's abandonment of human rights and its replacement with now-legalized torture, but Bush has also adopted the time-worn lunacy of blaming the messenger for bad news. My how we've regressed.
I guess it won't be long before Bush requests Alberto Gonzales to draft an appropriately worded piece of legislation that will take only seconds to ram through our United States Congress of brain-dead zombies and deranged Democrats to legalize the torture of any and all who deliver bad news to G. Bush. And once this precedent is established for our President, can legalized, instantaneous on-the-spot executions be far behind?
Isn't it clear by now that one who lives by the sword will die by the sword? Isn't it clear by now that it is possible to fight fire with fire? Isn't it even clearer that one who lives and succeeds by constantly lying, especially one who crafts horrendous lies that eventually kill many people, is eventually going to experience a lot of stress, especially when a majority of decent people start to learn of such a liar's egregious and deadly prevarications? Isn't this precisely what is happening right now?
As long as a dangerous, lying phony such as Bush can fool the American people with such lies as "weapons of mass destruction," or Niger "yellowcake" and the potential of nuclear attack against US, or a war necessary to bring about "regime change," or in order to "bring democracy" to a people by carpet-bombing and killing every man, woman and child within the walls of defenseless cities, and as long as the Zionist-dominated mainstream corporate establishment media covers for him and protects him, Bush will be free of the very stress he himself has generated for himself and others.
But then, there's the Internet. Internet operators whose strength does not originate from legions of university-trained and brainwashed "journalists," nor from wealthy corporate coffers funded by billions of dollars in corporate stocks and bonds, nor from row upon row of printing presses energized by huge vats of printers, ink and rolled carpets of paper, nor from the towering skyscrapers that house the network broadcast and cable TV "news" networks, but rather is energized and empowered by the increasing ranks of insatiable news consumers who are hurting for the truth, honesty and professionalism so absent in the American media today.
You would think that The New York Times and its subservient network TV stations would have learned some beneficial lessons reflecting on the Jayson Blair fiasco, or would begin to see the error of their ways when underreporting the Downing Street Memo, or at least when blacking out the important Cindy Sheehan-led peace demonstrations held in Washington during the September 24/25th weekend. But no, the stupid MSM continues to look at their collective shoe, ignore the news, the truth, the facts, and then develop glazed-over looks of sadness as they proclaim their own demise still totally clueless as to what is really happening
What today's corporate establishment MSM simply fails to grasp is the entire nature and importance of today's journalism. Not only is there a significant shift in technology affecting news reporting, but a lightning rate of change in all technology. It has created an increasingly dangerous and all-encompassing threat to the world characterized by technologically-intensified military weapons and communications; it is represented by the rapidly advancing technology in surveillance and secret monitoring of virtually all aspects of both public and private life; it manifests itself in the technology that can forewarn the good and well-intentioned, or make more powerful and destructive the plans, designs and actions of the bad and immoral. And as regards the latter, the Bush administration is a perfect example.
With the dangerous new and deadly "toys" Junior has at his disposal, a watchful and beneficent protective press is what is so desperately needed to obstruct and delay a malevolent and technologically dangerous government.
Against this backdrop, we have a non-responsive MSM press allowing a technologically advanced and increasingly dangerous government to careen recklessly and totally out of control. And thus far, it has been only the Internet that has provided any modicum of obstruction and forced restraint upon Bush and his War Party of Republicans, Democrats and Pentagon neocons.
No wonder government dictatorships such as the one in China are increasingly concerned about the Internet, and successfully clamping down on this remnant of a free press. And to be sure, America's organized political gangsters are already chewing on their eyeglasses wondering how to fool the growing class of American news consumers by saddling them with the products of subservient gatekeepers.
In an increasingly hazardous world teetering on increasingly dangerous technology in the control of a most dangerous and unstable nation, a nation that has returned US to the morality of the Dark Ages and its justice based upon torture, invasion and mass murder, a nation controlled by the satanic cult-driven motive of world domination and control via the enslavement of all people, a robust, inquiring press that informs the American people as opposed to pimping for its dangerous politicians is what is really needed.
Even as Cheney unconstitutionally planned for the preemptive nuclear strike of Iran, coupled in all likelihood with a false flag nuclear attack on a southern American city, this was overtaken by the natural disasters that were Katrina and Rita in New Orleans. Cheney's horrific plan was quietly taken "off the table." So now, of course, the Israelites are here standing on the ties of the empty suits in our brain-dead Congress of zombies and demanding that we attack Iran immediately
And who's got the football with all the colored buttons? Somewhere in Texas, a village has lost its idiot and a town has lost its drunk - we've got him and he's got the football.
Now, I know what you're thinking - did the Israelites and the town drunk blow the levees, or will there be more surprises in store for US?
Let me ask you a question - do ya feel lucky?
Well, do ya?
©2005 - All rights reserved Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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