Remarkable Lay Pattern
In Ohio Crop Circle
From Nancy Talbott
BLT Research
Hi, Jeff....
A brand new lay pattern (the manner in which the plants are laid down)--seen for the first time anywhere in the world so far as we know - has now been documented in a wheat field in Greene County, Ohio.
BLT's JoAnne Scarpellini and Nick Reiter confirm a clear, multi-layer "Herringbone" interlacing or weave throughout the whole formation. Discovered on July 5th by the farmer while harvesting, this new formation is different in more ways than just how the plants are flattened: it's also essentially a square, with no circular components whatsoever, and two local witnesses report a highly unusual "cloud" which hung in the otherwise cloud-less sky for 20 minutes, emitting strange colored lights, on the same afternoon the formation was discovered.
Seed-heads were taken the formation and from control areas, as were multiple soil samples, and it is hoped that testing of these materials may give us a clearer idea of whether this new event fits the description "crop circle" or perhaps something else all together.
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