Brad Steiger's 17
Theories Of The
UFO Enigma

Sometime in the late 1960s or early '70s, Tim Beckley asked me to present my favorite theory of UFOs for one of his publications. I told my friend Tim that it was impossible for me to select one above many others, so I submitted 17 possible solutions to the UFO enigma:
1. They come from an extraterrestrial civilization: While it seems likely that the visitors have had Earth under surveillance for centuries, they most often choose to conduct their activities in secret, perhaps even misleading humankind and deliberately misleading us for some undetermined reason, such as one of the following:
* They are a benign species that follow a policy of noninterference in our planet's evolutionary development.
* They are largely indifferent to us as a species and dispassionately observe and study our planet's evolutionary struggles.
* They are in the final stages of conducting important tests that will determine whether they will destroy us, exploit us ruthlessly, or totally enslave us. It is this category of visitors who conduct human abductions and who have made secret deals with certain levels of Earth's governments - agreements that they may break with extreme prejudice.
2. Military Secret Hypothesis: The entire concept of alien spaceships, "invaders from Outer Space," was created by military intelligence to mask highly classified research being conducted at such bases as Area 51.
* Or -- The "aliens" are actually our own military scientists conducting secret maneuvers with highly classified aerial vehicles based on captured Nazi technology brought to the United States immediately after World War II in Project Paperclip.
* Or -- The crews of UFOs are terrestrial astronauts conducting secret military maneuvers with classified aerial vehicles based on alien technology reversed engineered from alien technology recovered in extraterrestrial vehicle crash sites, such as that near Roswell, NM in 1947.
3. The UFOs are products of a terrestrial secret society: Centuries ago, a secret society of alchemists developed an advanced technology, which they kept hidden in underground or undersea cities. This ancient society has been subtly guiding Earth's "elite" throughout history, and when it deemed the proper times, it provided certain "outsiders" with scientific breakthroughs. This mighty secret society only awaits the appropriate moment to conquer the outside world and enslave it.
4. They come from the Hollow Earth: Ancient secret societies, traditions, and folklore speak of an underground empire inside our planet. This underground world is the home of the Master Race, both feared and sought after by occult societies throughout world history. This shadow race has been responsible for the appearance of mysterious aerial vehicles and many of miseries that have plagued humankind.
5. A program of deceit and lies: A secret agency within the established government, allied with its counterparts in foreign nations, has created the UFO myth for its own nefarious purpose in bringing about a New World Order. Abductions, impregnations, and mysterious disappearances are all the sinister handiwork of those working for a One World Government - a goal which may have been assisted since ancient times by extraterrestrial intelligence.
6. Unknown terrestrial life-forms: Great numbers of UFO sightings may be explained by the existence of previously unknown, unidentified life-forms largely indigenous to the higher reaches of Earth,s atmosphere. The "sky-critters," the "sky fish," may be plasmic, electrical, nearly pure energy forms that have the ability to assume a variety of forms.
7. Astronauts from Atlantis: The UFOnauts are the descendents of an ancient civilization on Earth that developed space travel and set about colonizing other worlds at the time when their own terrestrial empire was being destroyed by cataclysmic forces wrought by their own superscience. From time to time, the contemporary Atlanteans return to visit their home planet.
8. Time Travelers from the Future: Our descendents from the future return to study the true destiny of humankind by using the past - our present - as a kind of living museum. They cannot openly declare themselves for fear of up-setting the linear flow of history and thus altering the future - their present.
9. Other Dimensional Visitors: The Visitors come not from a faraway world in our solar system or any other, but from an adjacent space-time continuum, co-existing here on Earth, but on another vibrational/dimensional frequency or level.
10. Psychic Phenomena: The UFO phenomenon is the result of some as yet unknown physical energy that can be activated by the psyche, the unconscious level of the human mind. This physical law or energy would not itself be intelligent, but it would be able to absorb, reflect, or imitate human intelligence.
11. Projections of human beliefs: The UFO enigma is a phenomenon of the collective human psyche that charges to reflect the prevailing belief structures of the time. The UFO constitutes a paraphysical phenomenon that is related both to the psychological state of the observer and the zeitgeist which enmeshes the observer.
12. Psychic need: Certain of humankind's basic psychic needs tap into psychokinetic and other paranormal energies and create images of wee people, holy figures, and other worldly beings. The familiar forms that these manifestations assume have been intrinsic elements in the human psyche since very ancient times, but they appear modern in that human experiences perceive them in the context of ideas that the conscious mind has acquired through acculturation.
13. Archetypes: UFOs and their occupants are quasi-real images created by the human collective unconscious. Jungian archetypes surface as the result of thought-field energies that are accessible to humans through dreams, meditations, and other states of altered consciousness. These archetypes may, in certain instances, be directed by highly evolved entities who seek to influence and guide human affairs.
14. The Magic Theater: Such paranormal machinations that we associate with UFO phenomena are the result of the "magical" manipulations of time and space that are performed by the entities we have dubbed "elves, fairies, devas," and so forth. These entities are paraphysical beings that have coexisted with us as a companion species and appear to participate somehow with us in an evolutionary design.
15. The Supernatural: The UFO intelligences are the same entities who are described in the scriptures of so many world religions as angels - both the messengers of God and the fallen armies of Lucifer. The entire UFO mystery may be the continuation of the struggle between the two warring factions of angels for the souls of humankind.
16. We are property: The UFO intelligences maintain an interest in our planet because they are literally the lords of the Earth, the creators of the human species.
17. The Reality Game: The UFO intelligences are playing a teaching game with humankind in which our concept of reality is being gradually changed. In the teasing fashion of a Zen riddle or a Sufi joke, we are being provoked and guided into a higher consciousness.



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