911 Flight 93
Passengers 'Lost'

By Jon Carlson
With continued support for the Iraq War and the 9/11 coverup widespread among the Democrats (Hillary and Kerry for more troops besides), Cindy Sheehan, Rita, Katrina, Ellen Mariani, VK Durham, Mary Schneider, Janet Parker, Kay Griggs, Mary Francis Berry, the Jersey Girls, and Sibel Edmonds are demolishing the Bush administration. NOW Devvy Kidd has gone to Pennsylvania to find out what really happened with alleged Flight 93. Seems that the country coroner has not filed any reports and doesn't want to talk about it! Devvy concludes:
Third, there is something not right about the county coroner, Wallace Miller, never filing a single report as the coroner of record. During my testy interview with him, he denies making any reports to his client, the FBI. Miller was acting in his official capacity as the county coroner and he didn't file one single report after doing months of work at that crash site? No photos? Nothing but some documentation on DNA testing? I'm afraid I don't believe this for a second.
By state statute state and county coroners and pathologists have jurisdiction over autopsy reports. Apparently, the FBI uses the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology when it is in coverup mode. Here is what occurred at the Pentagon and the same thing probably happened in Pennsylvania:
Dr. Marcella Fierro, Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia, met with FBI and DoD officials at the JOC on September 12. She informed them that Virginia forensic laboratory and mortuary resources were prepared to go to work in support of the response. The FBI and DoD officials declined the offer, preferring to conduct forensic and mortuary activities at DoD facilities.
Dr.Thomas R. Olmsted. M.D. filed a FOIA request with DOD to obtain autopsy reports on the Pentagon 9/11 event. Among many questions Dr. Olmsted brings up, clearly NO ARABS onboard the Pentagon aircraft BUT Barbara Olson was aboard according to AFIP:
A Breaking report claims Barbara Olson was found on the Polish-German border. If that story holds up it brings further questioning of AFIP reports and the government 9/11 conspiracy story:
A portion of the alleged Flight 77 passenger list:
Karl Schwarz has reported on the missing aircraft and passengers:
KS: I can answer your question, in part. Two air traffic controllers came forward and started talking. Both of the flights that took off that supposedly hit the World Trade Center were actually directed to the east and they disappeared in a single sweep of the radar out over the Atlantic.
United Airlines reported early on 9/11 that Flight 93 landed in Cleveland:
The RENSE article, Dirty Little 9/11 Secrets Exposed
exposed the fake passenger lists, mock funerals, and propaganda of Operation Northwoods, the military plan behind 9/11 and the Iraq War. It also mentioned Nixon's low regard for Bush I.
Another conservative Republican may have found what caused the New Orleans flooding a few hours AFTER Katrina passed. Investigative journalist Hal Turner reported that a US Army Corps of Engineers diver found explosive residue on concrete from a collapsed levee. The diver sent a sample to a Army lab where it was identified as a Navy explosive used for underwater blasting. FEMA told the diver to mind his own business.
Seems there are good witnesses to corroborate the demolition at the 17th. Street Canal and the Industrial Canal. On this Corps map note the 17th. Street Canal and the Industrial Canal:
Whistleblower Tom Heneghan claims up to 25 residents have come forward who witnessed hearing explosions before the flooding:
Apparently some witnesses (or culprits) were killed by New Orleans police:
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Police shot eight people carrying guns on a New Orleans bridge Sunday, killing five or six, a deputy chief said. A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers said the victims were contractors on their way to repair a canal.,1
Ernesto Cienfuegos, La Voz de Aztlan, reports on that story:
Contrary to MSN reports the 17th Street Canal walls were new construction that had been completed:.
Dr. Shea Penland of the Pontchartrain Institute was surprised because the break was "along a section that was just upgraded. It did not have an earthen levee, it had a vertical concrete wall SEVERAL FEET THICK." It was a CANAL WALL, not a levee.
Al Naomi, senior project manager in the Corps' New Orleans District, says, "The [project's] design was not adequate for a storm of this nature." He adds that to cover a Category 5 storm, work on storm protection improvements would have had to start 20 or 25 years ago.
The levee breaches occurred in areas that were "in excellent condition" before the storm and were inspected, said Naomi. He said there was nothing the Corps could have done involving the completed floodwalls that could have prevented the breaches
Scientists and engineers at Louisiana State University's Hurricane Center with the help of computer models and visual evidence concluded that the levee system should have been sufficient to keep most of the city dry. They also said Katrina's storm surges did not come close to going over the floodwalls, contradicting statements from the Army Corps of Engineers, which has said the surges sent water from Lake Pontchartrain over the top of the concrete walls
Leonardo Ramirez, a construction worker and Metairie resident who lives on the Jefferson Parish side of the 17th Street Canal near the breached area, said he thought he heard a barge hitting the levee early Aug. 29, though he did not see it happen.
"At quarter to six in the morning we heard a huge bang, and then we heard another," he said. "It was so loud. It scared us."
Louis Farrakhan claimed, "I heard from a very reliable source who saw a 25 foot deep crater under the levee breach."
A retired LSU coastal engineer noted that the canal wall gave way all at once. Perhaps demolition charges in a row along the base cut its I-beam supports, allowing the incoming mass of water to push it back. The canal wall and levees are built on top of driven I-beams:
Joseph Suhayda said that his inspection of the debris from the 17th Street Canal breach suggests the wall simply gave way. "It looks to have been laterally pushed, not scoured in back with dirt being removed in pieces," he said. "You can see levee material, some distance pushed inside the floodwall area, like a bulldozer pushed it." "Those sections in the rest of the wall should have been subjected to the same forces as that section that failed," he said. "Why did one side fail, not the other side?"
Mystery Surrounds Levee Breaches Could A Structural Flaw Be To Blame?
Bryan Cowan, a gold mining engineer from Malaysia, says seismic waveform data from nearby seismographs would corroborate the alleged explosions:
Clearly a barge was involved at the Industrial Canal but it is not so clear that it struck the levee.
It may have been tied there and floated in with the massive rush of water through the demolished levee. Photos show no damage to the barge after supposedly striking a concrete wall!
The day after Katrina smacked the city, Daniel Weber, who had watched his wife drown, wept and screamed about the barge, how it had "just killed so many people." He had barely escaped by floating on a piece of wood until rescued 14 hours later."It's just not right, it's not right," he sobbed. "It just came rushing in so fast. I was looking at the levee, and water was just splashing over it a little - and then, BOOM! The barge hit, and it filled up in less than five minutes."
Truckdriver Joe Edwards heard the levee being demolished and saw the inrushing water take out his house and his mother's house.
FINAL CLUE: Many storm surge gauges stopped functioning during the storm.
The women whistleblowers have riveting stories to tell. Debra Von Trapp has the final word on the Japanese involvement in the OKC bombing, Vince Foster's murder, Bush I, and much, much more. She concludes:
I think that, if this were all to come to light, that the American public would understand why our economy, and American jobs, and everything else that's been affected by the Japanese influence and the Japanese trade, has taken place. And I think that there would be a tremendous backlash and an effort by Americans to take America back *for* Americans, and not for political interests and the Japanese government and the CIA.
A conspiracy theory has Bush I operating at the White House on 9/11. See the RENSE article, On 9/11 An Ill Wind Blew to Booker School:
Investigative journalist Paul Kangas reports the Bush I CIA connection goes back to before the JFK killing. He said Florida Cubans recruited by Bush were involved in that murder and the Watergate break-in. Apparently Bush I was in Dallas on the fateful day.
Bush I hid his leaky oil barge investment and fought the double hull construction of oil carriers during his administration. Exxon Valdez was on his watch by the way. Exxon refuses to pay $5 billion of the $6 billion in damages and 16 years later the mess is still not cleaned up.
Wayne Madsen says released confidential documents point to financing of 911 attacks tied to Bush family drug network:
More riveting stories by Greg Szymanski at Greg now has a radio show on Monday nights at Please contribute to Lewisnews, a top-notch website.
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