The 911 Pentagon
Engine Story

By Jon Carlson
Several months ago, Karl Schwarz got the 9/11, Iraq War Truth ball rolling when he discovered that Bridas Corporation of Argentina beat out Unocal Corporation to build a pipeline across Afghanistan to the rich Caspian Sea oil deposits. (This is oil that costs less than $5 a barrel to bring to market.) The Bush Administration claims, of course, that they invaded Afghanistan to hunt down Osama Bin Laden living in a cave who the Afghanistan government would not give up without proof that he did 9/11. World citizens still waiting for that proof!
The Iraq Petroleum Company was nationalized in 1972 eliminating US-UK oil company control. (Iraqi oil costs $1 a barrel to bring to market and is high quality.) Just before the Gulf War (1990-91), Japanese companies negotiated for production-sharing contracts in Iraq and were said to have concluded a deal for the large Majnoun field, but that deal collapsed due to the US-led war and the subsequent sanctions.
SEE THE PATTERN: Invade countiies that deal with nonUS-UK oil companies.
Brit George Galloway and Wayne Madsen reported that the Bush Administration was allowing UN sanction busting by U.S.oil companies with long-standing connections to the Bush family and their largest corporate benefactors, including Condoleezza Rice's employer, Chevron.
George Galloway was rewarded for that report when the CIA targeted his district in the London Bombing:
Like father, like son, The Christian Science Monitor explained how Bush I lied to the World to get the Gulf War going.
Jon Basil Utley freshes out that story:
In 1997 TotalFinaElf, China National Oil Company, and Lukoil of Russia signed agreements with the Iraqis for deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars. A number of smaller companies, mostly Russian but also from Malaysia and other countries, got contracts at about this time. The US-UK companies strongly favored the sanctions, as a means to hold their competitors at bay (and hold down excess production on the world market).
After the US-UK invasion of Iraq all foreign contracts were voided. In addition, instead of pricing oil in Euros since most of the oil was going to Europe the small amount of oil coming out of Iraq, less than a million barrels on good days versus 3.5 million barrels before the war, is now priced in US dollars.
In Venezuela the CIA tried to overthrow the democratically elected President Chavez who was demanding that the US-UK oil companies pay their oil taxes and a larger share of the profits to support social programs for the poor. Venezuela is No. 4 in world oil deposits.
Apparently the Killing The Competition tactic was used literally when it came to JFK,Jr. Tom Flocco reports that the Bushes joined the Clinton White House crowd in the JFK,Jr. plot:
That gives more credence to the conspiracy theory that Bush I was operating in the White House during 9/11 'events'. Bush II had left for Florida on 9/10 so normally there was no reason for Bush I's presence at the White House on 9/11. Of course Bush I claimed he was in Milwaukee of all places during 9/11 'events' which started at 7 a.m CDT. Must have been on a Time Machine! For weblinks questioning Bush I whereabouts see the 9/11 Nutshell Timeline in the RENSE article, On 911 An Ill Wind Blew To Booker School:
The RENSE article, Dirty Little 9/11 Secrets Exposed, showed how the military and the Bush administration used 9/11 and tactics from Operation Northwoods to get the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars going. Seems the main actors are mentally challenged:
In the oil-soaked Bush Administration, find Bush, Chaney, 8 cabinet members and a National Security advisor, 32 officials in the Departments of Defense, State, Energy, Agriculture, Interior, and the Office of Management and Budget from the oil companies.
Rolling Stone Magazine convened a panel of experts to discuss what went wrong in Iraq.
Karl Schwarz emailed that his group was trying to identify the engine parts from the 9/11 Pentagon aircraft crash. Earlier the Boeing 737 CFM56 engine, NOT A BOEING 767 the government conspiracy theory claims, that landed in a NYC street from the South Tower crash was identified. See the RENSE articles: Is Popular Mechanics Hiding 911 NYC Engine In Street Photo?
The Rest Of The 9/11 Street Engine Story.
Those two articles contain several different photos of the Boeing 737 street engine making that the smoking gun of 9/11 and Karl Schwarz agreed. One photo shows an FBI agent peering into the engine:
Tom Flocco mentioned in the above JFK,Jr. plot story that Congress was allowing the White House to use the FBI as a coverup agency for their crimes. Engines were found from alleged Flight 93, the Pentagon, and at Ground Zero besides the street engine. All, if properly identified, would show that substitute aircraft were used at all 9/11 locations.
The Karl Schwarz investigators were trying to ID this engine component:
The website,, carried this photo of a dead ringer. That webpage has been removed to protect the guilty. The company claimed they were the only company authorized by the FAA to refurbish FAN HUB ASSEMBLIES from the JT8D engine:
CLEARLY the four foot diameter JT8D engine is not a eight foot diameter Boeing 757 engine. Since two engines were recovered at the Pentagon it is known the Pentagon aircraft carried two engines under the wings. The 737-100 and 737-200 used this engine. The A-3 Skywarrior carried a varient. The FBI has confiscated all videos of the crash that would show which aircraft struck the Pentagon. FOIA requests to release them for public viewing gets the response that there is an ongoing investigation that forbids release. Coverup Agency indeed.
The Military is another 9/11 Coverup Agency according to Sibel Edmonds. This photo was released by DOD. They claimed it showed the aircraft hitting the Pentagon and blowing up. However witnesses said the aircraft piled up on the wall and then was blown to bits as pieces rained down for blocks. Red faces at the DOD however as the helicopter that remote-controlled the aircraft is clearly seen circled in yellow:
A half hour elapsed between the crash and the demolition of a section of the Pentagon. This photo shows the Pentagon just after the crash:
As corroboration that the aircraft piled up on the wall note the four foot engine in this photo. The yellow enclosed area shows two rows of bolts that attach adjacent sections of the engine together. Karl Schwarz agreed that it was the right size. The outer cowling or cover of the engine is torn away:
The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago displays the JT8D engine with the outer cowling removed so the two rows of bolts can be clearly seen:
This photo of the JT8D is from a French website:
This museum photo shows the complete engine that at 17 feet and 5 tons is not easy to lose:
Thirty minutes after the crash the front section of the Pentagon was demolished, the plan being to collapse tons of masonry on top of the engines that could not be blown apart. Note the yellow circled engine still showing. No photos were allowed close up after the FBI arrived claiming it was a 'crime scene.' Jamie McIntyle, CNN Pentagon correspondent, had all of his photos, videos confiscated and a FOIA request would not return them.
This graphic explains why Boeing 737 aircraft were the weapon of choice on 9/11:
Louisiana Senator Told Bush About Bad Levees LAST YEAR
John Breaux, the former Democratic Louisiana senator and close Bush ally, rejected the president's claim that nobody anticipated the failure of the city's levees, saying he talked to Bush about it last year.
An Australian newspaper mocks the smoke and mirrors of the 9/11 Pentagon conspiracy theory:
Finally, investigative journalist, Wayne Madson, is reporting that an oil barge struck the levee that allowed the flooding of New Orleans AFTER the hurricane Katrina passed. Was Condi's company, Chevron, the owner? The Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska still is not cleaned up. Exxon refuses to pay $5 billion of the $6 billion in damages.
Most important of all, Karl Schwarz has sent a Letter of Support to Cindy at Camp Casey:
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