The 911 North Tower
Demolition Explained
By Jon Carlson
The Model for 'removing' skyscrapers is the Penzer Building in Detroit, courtesy of Controlled Demolition, Inc. Notice the yellow enclosed area showing some of the cutter charges that demolished ALL of the support columns on one floor. The total weight of the unsupported structure hammered the building to the ground after the core structure was blown to pieces:
In the RENSE article, Dirty Little 9/11 Secrets Exposed
Among the litany of 9/11 exposures is the SEQUENCE of the White Jet's arrival from its destruction of alleged Flight 93 in Pennsylvania to finish off the North Tower, Trip #3 to the Big Apple on 9/11:
The above Dirty Little 9/11 Secrets Exposed RENSE article mentioned the crackerjack investigation of 9/11 by Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and his investigators, Carolyn Sinclair and David Bruce. Find the front page article scan of the great photos:
For those who missed the 9/11 Collector's Edition of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt is making the article (without photos!) available at
COMPARE the clouds of the cutter charges at the North Tower with those at the Penzer Building in the first photograph:
FEMA, the Federal Government agency that covered up the OKC bombing, arrived in NYC on 9/10 claims:
Review of videotape recordings of the collapse taken from various angles indicates that the transmission tower on top of the structure began to move downward and laterally slightly before movement was evident at the exterior walls. This suggests that collapse began with one or more failures in the central core area of the building.
FEMA claims in their conclusion:
The fire-performance of steel trusses with spray-applied fire protection, and with end restraint conditions similar to those present in the two towers, is not well understood, but is likely critical to the building collapse.
In a Nutshell, FEMA is claiming trusses that supported the floors were not solidly attached to their end supports, the exterior wall and the interior core structure. Just heat from the alleged burning fuel caused the trusses to expand falling off their supports resulting in the 'collapse' of the North Tower. Many have seen warehouses with their steel trusses supporting the roof. These trusses may or may not be attached to their supporting walls. HOWEVER, the North Tower is a 110 story skyscraper not a warehouse!
THIS PHOTO shows such a warehouse OPEN WEB JOIST or TRUSS (The angular bars from the lower beam helps to support and stiffen the upper roof beam.):
FEMA claims the North Tower floor joist in the next diagram is a open web joist or TRUSS. However, the red circled areas show that the angular braces wrap around the upper beam ,THUS they serve no supporting or stiffening function for the top beam:
WHILE YOU ARE INSPECING THESE DIAGRAMS notice FEMA is claiming that TWO 5/8 inch bolts ONLY attach the beam at its ends.
Just to let the cat out of the bag: THIS IS NOT A TRUSS. Steel beams only provide the primary support for the WTC floors. This diagrams explains the purpose of the angular braces. They allow the upper beam to support the lower rail that in turn supports the ceiling and all of its contents:
This photo of a WTC office shows how close the ceiling approaches the windows. Perhaps the South Tower Boeing 737 went though such an office space. In their final report FEMA ignores the napalm bombs that went though the South Tower along with the CFM56 engine from a Boeing 737 NOT a 767 the Fed Govt. claims. See the RENSE article, The Rest Of The 9/11 Street Engine Story
This final piece of the puzzle shows the section of the floor assembly in place with the lower rail of the assembly almost inline with the top of the windows. The assembly is heavily bolted and welded to the exterior wall brackets.
This photo shows the floor assemblies in position. The assemblies of one floor are covered with 4-5 inches of concrete to increase the strength of the floor. FEMA claims 'lightweight' concrete was used and thus it was weak. Since the concrete was a vital part of strengthening the floor that would be nonsense.
FEMA spun a fairy tale that the WTC Towers were a one of a kind construction with inherent design flaws. However the MIT study had a different slant:
The design concept of tubular framing (the so-called tube within a tube architecture) has been employed in the construction of many of the world's tallest buildings. These include the John Hancock Center (1105 ft), the Standard Oil of Indiana Building (1125 ft), the World Trade Center Towers (1350 ft), and the Sears Tower (1450 ft). In fact, most modern skyscrapers use this design, a design which uses a specially reinforced perimeter wall to resist all lateral loading and some of the gravity loading, and a heavily reinforced central core to resist the bulk of the gravity loading. The lateral loading (horizontal force) on the building, is mainly due to the wind while the gravity loading (downward force) is due to the weight of the building (i.e., due to gravity).
In the tube within a tube architecture, it is of vital importance that the horizontal forces on one wall be transfered to the other walls, so that the entire structure will bend to the minimum extent possible. It is also of vital importance that these horizontal forces be transfered to the central core so that the entire structure bends uniformly as one unit.
This is achieved by the use of a composite flooring system, which is designed to act (in essence) as one super-large beam. The idea is to connect the steel joists supporting the concrete slab, to the slab,
The combined steel joist-concrete slab, has sufficient strength to transfer the lateral loading to the core and the other walls, so that the building bends as little as possible, but when it does bend, it bends as a unit.
The Sixty State Street Building (Bosten) has solid steel beams spanning the gap (of up to 40 feet) between the central core and perimeter wall (these are the beams at the back and on the left in the photo):
Strangely, the authors of the FEMA Report "forget" to mention the 24 x 18 inch metal plates that were covered with shear studs and also set in the concrete slab. THESE PLATES (together with the 6 foot long diagonal bars and the welded and bolted truss connections) PROVIDED A STRONG CONNECTION BETWEEN THE FLOOR SLAB AND THE PERIMETER WALL. The plates are the dark rectangular objects along the perimeter wall in this photo:
TO TOPPLE THE TOWER cutter charges would be placed: 1) on the exterior columns, 2) at the intersection of the floor assembly to the wall, and 3) on the inner core support columns and cross beams. Video analysis indicates that one floor was taken out simultaneously with the whole core structure being blasted to pieces.This photo shows the unconcreted floor assembly abutting the exterior wall:
THE RED SQUARES in this diagram indicate the support columns of the inner core. Notice the easy access to the support columns from the elevators, stairways, storerooms, etc. TO TOPPLE SUCH A MASSIVE CORE cutter charges would be placed on all columns and all cross beams at each floor level all the way to Ground Zero.
SINCE Controlled Demolition, Inc. claims 70% of all 'removals' here are some links to follow:
Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition, Inc
Loizeaux said, "If I were to bring the towers down, I would put explosives in the basement to get the weight of the building to help collapse the structure."
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