5 Russian Warships, Sub
Moved Next To Iran/India

MOSCOW -- India and Russia will hold joint anti-terror exercise 'Indra 2005' in mid-October in the Indian Ocean, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov said.
He said the joint military exercises, involving Indian and Russian warships and airborne troops will be held at the training ground Mahajan in Rajasthan.
''Last week, a large squadron of five warships and one nuclear submarine of the Russian Pacific Fleet, sailed to the Indian Ocean, where the joint exercises with the Indian armed forces and fleet are planned in the mid-October,'' Itar-Tass news agency quoted Mr Ivanov as saying.
He said, he was planning to personally observe the joint naval exercises in the Indian Ocean.
The minister said that airborne troops will be flown there later to take part in the exercise with Indian paratroopers.
According to the plan, the air-ground phase of the exercises will involve a company of the Russia's 76th Airborne Division and a company of the Indian 50th Airborne Brigade. They are expected to land from the air and destroy a ''token base of terrorists'' on the territory of one of the states.
Earlier, Russian Air Force Commander Col-General Alexander Kolmakov said the anti-terrorist exercises would have airborne and naval component.
''According to the scenario, Indian and Russian paratroopers will land in the mountain terrain of Rajasthan to destroy bands spotted there, while naval forces will fulfill tasks of combating pirates in the ocean basin adjacent to the Indian coast'' he said.
The Russian company will operate within an Indian airborne battalion and report to its commander.
Mr Kolmkov said that the reciprocal Russian-Indian exercises would be held in Russia in 2006.



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