Weird Marking Near Area 51
From Google Maps

From Simon Hart
Some of the guys at work were playing with Google Earth and decided to look up Area 51... One of them found this:
Simon Hart
Ok, folks... anyone got any info? The last image almost appears to be like a watermark, not part of the actual landscape, or roads, etc. - ed
From Stan
The Google Sat JPEG o Area 51 is PROBABLY A BOMBING/Gunnery target.
Before nuclear weapons were tested in America on a Canadian test range 1million tons of TNT were buried and order to facilitate navigation and quantify the blast effects..a series of circles and circular roads were carved around the blast epicenter out to a radius of 10 miles. When navigating on the range it was common to use the terms 5 mile circle or 1 mile circle to give directions to or from the weapons range area.

Also submitted:

From Rainer Blomqvist

Hi i Found this on google earth Near the Triangle. Its seems to be another marking But this one looks different



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