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By Santiago Yturria
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Weird sightings of strange flying creatures and unknown entities are not exculsive to Mexico.
There have been many reports of these disconcerting incidents through the years from different places around the world and the amount of testimonials from reliable witnesses who witnessed such odd experiences tell us this phenomena is no longer a myth but a reality, a dramatic revelation that mysterious and unpredictable presences exist around us.
Last week, after I published the report of the June 17, 2005 flying humanoid sighting in Mexico City by Horacio Roquet, I was contacted by Rich Giordano from Phoenix, AZ. He sent me a video of a rare sighting he had on August 4, 2004 while doing a routine skywatch.
Rich Giordano is a respected experiencer/skywatcher from Phoenix with many hours of sightings documented on video, and we have been in contact for sometime. Rich wanted me to see his footage because he felt this thing in the sky may be a flying entity, something rare that he never witnessed before.
Rich kept this video just for himself due to the controversial nature of the images and only showed it to close friends. After reading my article, he decided to share it with me to discuss what this weird shaped body in the sky might be.
I find these images intriguing, showing body shaped object, definitely solid, flying freely in the sky - it's a unique piece of footage. Just like all the witnesess from Mexico, Rich Giordano also reacted nervously and experienced mixed emotions. Here's Rich Giordano's testimonial...
"What amazing videos from Mexico. I get the feeling that something big is happening and this is just the beginning stages of some kind of event to come. The UFH video is kind of creepy. I taped the same thing for 45 minutes last year and wanted to share it with you and anyone else you would like to share it with.
"The object seemed to materialize right before my eyes as I was staring at its exact location during materialization. I know you are busy, but no one here seems to know what my video is and seeing the UFH video solved that mystery for me.
"At some points in the video, the object seemed to change shape and other times it looks just like a person staring down at me. Maybe from the future or the past? I felt very emotional in the first few moments as this object hovered for the first minute or two until I grabbed my camera.
"It then moved to the North for a half an hour and then moved West for the remaining 15 minutes I could still see it. It was moving about the speed of someone walking. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think."
At the same time, I was corresponding with Ed Sherwood, British Crop Circle researcher and author who now lives in California. We met last year in Laughlin, Nevada during the UFO conference and later in Los Angeles where I presented the investigation on the flying humanoids at the MUFON LA conference. Ed was impressed by the strange images from Mexico.
Some months later in November, Ed called me saying he just videotaped the most rare and unusual sighting ouside his home in Santa Monica, CA.
Ed told me that he felt this was one of those weird flying humanoids like the ones from Mexico, he sounded really impressed.
Ed sent me a copy of the footage and we continued discussing the characteristics and details of this dark body in the sky. The incident still remains a mystery.
Ed Sherwood's own account of his experience may be read here:
I find both Rich and Ed's reactions while taping very interesting as their nervousness is clearly heard on the tape. This is consistent with the Mexican witnesses' reactions to their experiences.
Santiago Yturria
Brenda Livingston
Hi Jeff and Santiago~
As reported in my articles "What are Those Objects In The Trails?"
Parts I and 2 --
aerial objects associated with persistent contrails (PCs) have been filling the skies of the world for years.
These enigmatic objects are composed of smaller dark objects which sometimes attach to larger white objects/PC material and form "combo" objects.
At other times the dark spheroidal objects 'buzz' around one another or swarm. As this action takes place, the dark material trails are released and at times surround the multiple objects...which appears in various shapes and forms.
This is what I believe to be these odd shaped dark objects many are now witnessing in the skies of Mexico, the US, UK and many other countries... swarming or 'buzzing' dark objects.
If one looks closely one can see dark spheroidal forms within and dark substance in these captures and photographs. One can also see the similarities between these images and those taken over Monterrey Mexico in 1999...also filmed by the press and witness by many...including a airliner pilot flying nearby.
What looked to many as a 'morphing' UFO I believe to be the same dark objects -- one hovering and three 'buzzing' one another.
The other recent 'fleet' sightings over Mexico, the Mexican Air Force FLIR captures and the many 'fleet' (or multiples) sightings and videos... are objects that most certainly appear to be the "combo" objects (a larger white object/material with two or more dark objects attached).
The "combo" units can also combine to form long chains and various clusters and formations... see also
What is most interesting is their persistence in being seen... both in the daylight and glowing in the night. The question for us is: are we seeing and filming human artificial intelligence/life... an extraterrestrial device... or an unknown or unrecognized natural atmospheric lifeform?
I'd say it is time for UFO researchers to put their heads together to solve this mystery...
Brenda Livingston
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