Update - Amazing UFO
Fleets Over Mexico

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By Santiago Yturria
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On June 10, 2004, the city of Guadalajara witnessed undoubtely the most spectacular UFO fleet sighting in known history.
At 12:30 PM, the sky over the city became filled with hundreds of sphere-shaped objects grouped together in a massive formation and all moving in unison - like a spectacle straight from a major Hollywood Sci-Fi film.
The number of luminous spheres was in the hundreds, and among them, in a certain spot within the formation was a much bigger craft, disc-shaped, which might have been controlling the whole armada.
At 12:30 PM, local resident Miguel Aguila was shocked to see the spectacle in the sky and took his videocamera and began recording the stunning event. The result is a truly incredible video by Mr. Aguila lasting for several minutes and showing the astonishing parade in great detail as the day was very clear the clouds contrasted with the objects formation.
At the same time in another area of the city, Miguel Dominguez became aware that a strange movement was taking place in the sky. He realized that much of the sky was shining and seemed that a uniform mass of blinking objects was moving very slowly across it. Mr. Dominguez reacted and promptely grabbed his videocamera and caught the mysterious phenomena on tape.
Seeing through the camera's viewfinder when zooming in, Mr. Dominguez noticed these were in fact a large number of luminous sphere objects, literally hundreds of them, moving very slow in perfect harmony and syncronization passing by the clouds behind. An incredible sighting as Miguel Dominguez recalled.
While taping, Miguel Aguila noticed a bigger object among the formation...a different-shaped object highlighted because of its size. It was not sphere-shaped like all the others but seemed different so Mr. Aguila applied the zoom and made a good shot of the object, revealing its shape clearly on tape. It was obviously different because of its disc shape, white color and definitely bigger in size. Mr. Aguila was amazed and wondered if this bigger craft could be in some way the leader of the entire group. As Miguel Aguila recalled when interviewed on national television: "It was awesome!!"
Daniel Monraz, Mexico's respected researcher and journalist showed the tapes to the scientists at the Instituto de Meteorologia y Astronomia de Guadalajara and after meticulous study the posibility of balloons was discarded.
The case and videos was released by Jaime Maussan on national television and all Mexican ufologists, as well as the viewing audience, were stunned seeing the amazing images by Miguel Aguila and Miguel Dominguez.
Many thoughts came to Mr. Aguila's mind in random sequence while taping but he kept the camera rolling and recorded exceptional evidence of one of the most intriguing and important graphic documents in ufo history...a day that will certainly remembered by the Guadalajara citizens as the day when they received a colossal visit from some distant place in space.
A complete investigation was made on this case. The incident still remain unexplained.
Santiago Yturria



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