Low Thyroid -- Another
'Corporate Greed' Disease

By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)
Another egregious medical irony imposes itself, reader. Hypothryroidism was discovered in the 1800's and was generally a result of iodine deficiency. Now; however, even with our better understanding of the causes of low thyroid and even with the advent of iodized salt... the irony exists that iodine deficiency is once again on the rise and that low thyroid is worse than ever!
The causes for this deficiency are reported as unclear; however... many people ...are... following their Doctor's "orders" and avoiding iodized salt. This could be a contributing cause. Additionally, much of the time, research shows, we don't make use of the iodine that we do consume! Moreover, sometimes the hormones that are manufactured don't get utilized, and in far too many cases, too much supplemental iodine in the form of iodized salt can not only cause hyperthyroidism (high thyroid) it can have a reverse effect and actually cause hypothyroidism (low thyroid)... much like an iodine deficiency.
This is bad news, especially for women, when you consider 90% of low thyroid is in females and that it is estimated that fully 1/3 of women over 55 have low thyroid! These are astonishing numbers!
Unfortunately, many of these persons go undiagnosed! I can't prove it ...but it sure looks like it is done on purpose... Why?
Why... to generate greater revenues in the form of the future treating of subsequent diseases... caused by low thyroid...? I know this sounds crazily conspiratorial, reader, but nothing else seems to fit... Seriously, the only other excuse would be gross incompetence or out of control malfeasance!
Before we discuss the key players (and their particular transgressions?), here are some preliminary data: The thyroid produces ubiquitous and powerful hormones... T-4, T-3 (indirectly), and to a much lesser degree, T-1 and T-2. Life style impacts hugely on the production and utilization of these substances.
The T-4 and T-3 hormones regulate body temperature and metabolic rate (biochemical reactivity) of every cell in your body! Thyroid hormones are made from the amino acid tyrosine and 3 or 4 iodine atoms, depending on whether it is T-3 or T-4, respectively. If these aforementioned hormone levels are low or they are not being utilized for one reason or another (...and there are many reasons...) this causes you to feel cold, irritable and fatigued because less energy is being produced to provide for warmth and vitality... then you get fat, depressed, muscle weakness, painful joints, goiters, brittle hair and nails, loss of sex drive, high cholesterol / triglycerides, foggy brain, and the list goes on... providing for, the reader may notice, an open ended cornucopia of pharmaceutical sales opportunities regarding third party diseases facilitated by low thyroid.
This dramatic and suspicious increase in the occurrence of thyroid problems is primarily due to 3 factors... as I see it...
1. You can test normal on virtually all thyroid tests and still have low thyroid. This is because either the test is, at least partially, bogus or the normal range is so broad that you can be "in the green," (the safe zone) and still feel miserable because of low thyroid. The MD's standard Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test illustrates both of these problems.
First, the test is bogus because if it shows you have low thyroid... then you do. But, if it shows normal, you very likely still have hypothyroid... if you have the symptoms for hypothyroid! Second, the test "safe" range is .5 to 5.5, so over 5.5 is low thyroid. Contrarily, many people only feel good at 1 to 2...(!) and start feeling bad at 4 to 5, still, supposedly well within the safe range! To digress... because of this, the upper limit for the TSH test will very likely be lowered very soon to about 3.3...
The other 2 tests making up the AMA's recommended Thyroid Panel (Total T-4 & T-3 Uptake) don't tell you very much, really -- you can easily have low thyroid and pass these tests! That's why low thyroid symptoms along with the Basal Temperature Test (BTT) is reason enough to be proactive by taking the other tests and so giving a more complete picture... and/or (a key point!), finding a Doctor who will try some natural therapy even if you pass all the "mainstream" tests, just mentioned.
A test may be taken at home to find out if the thyroid is low: The Basal Temperature. Test (BTT)!
For four days keep a thermometer by your bedside. As soon as you wake up in the morning put the thermometer in your armpit for ten minutes. You must do this before you get up. If you get up first you will not get an accurate reading. If your temperature runs below 97.8 then you most likely have low thyroid. It is important to shake the thermometer after each use.
Focusing on women for a moment, if going through menopause, the BTT may read normal even if you have low thyroid... because temps run a little high and fluctuate with regard to women so effected. Also many low thyroid & menopausal symptoms are the same! Consequently, one might try treating the menopause first with natural progesterone or a combo progesterone/estrogen ...if after a while you still have the symptoms, most likely you do have low thyroid, which you can then have a Doctor treat. If you then get your thyroid hormones in balance it will give you the *zip* you need to breeze through the effects and/or exacerbates the other.
2. Because doctors and the pharmaceutical industry are in the "sickness" (...NOT wellness!) business, they make more money not properly diagnosing your low thyroid, so you will stay sick and develop other ailments ( heart disease?). Then, reader, they can put you on cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of your increasingly miserable life!
Isn't it ironic that if low thyroid causes you to get heart disease (HD) or MS... the drugs that you are then prescribed to treat those diseases (cholesterol drugs & Interferon) make your low thyroid, still, worse? Then you need even more expensive drugs to treat the HD & MS. This is a vicious circle of egregious and seemingly apparent design... in my opinion.
Plus, when they are forced to treat your low thyroid, they generally use Synthroid (a synthetic T-4) which will likely do nothing to improve your condition. You probably need the more active hormone T-3. The thyroid produces T-4, but very little T-3 -- 80% comes from T-4 conversions to T-3 in the liver. But, if T-4 conversion is impaired, then your MD piling on more T-4 doesn't help, and will actually hurt because of very possible side effects... like headaches, irritability, nervousness, etc.
3. There are numerous powerful corporations that either profit from you being sick, or they sell products that actually make you sick to facilitate the preceding. Yes. The sad part is that we have long had the knowledge to prevent or alleviate thyroid disorders, pretty much altogether, but the dollar gets in the way. Here are some of those with the biggest axe to grind:
A. Pharmaceutical industry & Doctors -- there are easily 3 or 4 dozen popular drugs that impair thyroid function. Things like NSAIDs (Aspirin, etc.) Hydrocortisone, Interferon, Beta Blockers, and some cholesterol lowering drugs just to name a few. More significant though, are the future sales of pharmaceuticals to treat the subsequent diseases caused by low thyroid ie, Heart Disease, MS, Lupus, Arthritis, etc, etc....
1). Doctors -- MD's don't get rich treating low thyroid successfully, but the kick-backs from treating the lifelong chronic diseases caused by LT, brings in the big money... (See LTR #10...)
2). Psychiatrists -- ...Had you ever noticed that all the medical pundits dissecting the rash of crimes caused by Post Partum Depression (PPD) or more accurately, Post Partum Psychosis, never even consider that the cause could be nutritional...? Not a one.
For example: an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Omega 3 or mineral/trace mineral deficiency (when you consider that the baby leeches these things from the mother's body)... Frankly reader, any doctor who says these deficiencies cannot cause debilitating depression is a liar or an idiot! Back to low thyroid -- much like menopause, pregnancy requires additional thyroid hormones. So, if a woman is cooking along in that gray area where she has a slightly low thyroid, then she enters menopause or gets pregnant... ...she's likely to crash down into full-blown hypothyroidism... You know the rest... The low thyroid induced depression results in these murdered babies we hear about... not to put too fine a point on it.
How does this happen? Here is a hypothetical situation: A woman with four or five children whom she is home schooling (a high stress endeavor!) seeks psychiatric help for depression and fatigue just after having a baby. The doctor gives her the standard AMA recommended Thyroid Panel (TSH, total T-4, T-3 uptake...) which all come back very normal. Naturally, and without a second (holistic) thought, the doctor moves on, gladly, to expensive, powerful, and mind altering drugs... ever attended by mind numbing psychobabble and med-speak (...just think happy thoughts, sufferer!) both of which very likely exacerbate her condition...
Had the *doctor* conducted a Free T-3 test, it would have shown that the T-4 hormone is not converting successfully to the active (usable) form T-3 hormone. Then the Doctor could prescribe Armour Desiccated Thyroid Hormone, containing natural T-4 & T-3... or even a synthetic T-3, forgetting for a moment that the natural seems to work better (probably because of the synergistic effect of small amounts of naturally occurring T-1 & T-2 contained within). ...AND, heaven forbid, the Doctor could try to determine the nutritional deficiency and/or the toxic environmental culprits that are driving down her thyroid in the first place... ...things like, oh... ...margarine, tap water, poly food oil, swallowing fluoride toothpaste... and 40 or 50 more things -- some of which we are discussing here, could be the aforementioned culprits.
Also -- great physical or emotional stress (like home schooling 4 or 5 kids) can cause Wilson's Syndrome. This is where the T-4 is converted to the not so desirable REVERSE T-3 (RT-3), not the active T-3 that is needed. RT-3 is only undesirable when in excess -- normally 60% of the total T-4 is converted to RT-3 to clear away excess T-4 by converting RT-3 to T-2... then to T-1... where it is then eliminated from the body in 24 hours. This excess RT-3 exacerbates low thyroid by using up the enzymes needed to convert T-4 to the active T-3. This requires a more expensive REVERSE T-3 Test... that many insurance companies, again, very suspiciously, won't cover. See how the concern for profit's dollar actually kills little babies?
Further, did you know this? You have heard (or experienced yourself when on a starvation diet) that your body starts conserving calories... it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight? This is because starvation is a form of stress that causes more T-4 to convert to RT-3 which slows metabolism and so aids survival during periods of natural famine! So, the evolutionary safeguard for hard times... is the self-same mechanism causing an over-stressed (...and medically betrayed!) mother to kill her own children! Not part of God's plan, I should think.
B. Chemical industry -- There are dozens of home, farm, and industrial chemicals that cause or exacerbate low thyroid. Examples are PCBs, DDT, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Lubricants, adhesives, and this list, also, continues on and on and on...
C. Water supply and tooth paste (TP) -- Because both chlorine and fluorine found in tap-water are iodine mimics, they block iodine receptor sites... resulting in hypothyroid. The fluorine in tap-water, TP, etc., are fluorides. These are binary compounds composed of a fluorine atom and another atom like sodium, calcium, hydrogen, etc. The sodium fluoride in tap water and most toothpaste is a very toxic form (...NEVER Let a child swallow fluoride tooth paste). Here are just a few of the things that fluoride does to you:
One) ...Fluoride attacks immune proteins so they don't recognize body proteins, resulting in autoimmune disease, and in particular autoimmune hypothyroidism -- Hashimotto's Disease.
Two) ...Slows the process where iodine is attached to tyrosine to make the two thyroid hormones T-4 and T-3.
Three) ...Causes a G protein to switch off the uptake of the active thyroid hormone into the cell.
Four) ...Fluoride inhibits TSH output from the pituitary gland, thus reducing the thyroid hormone output.
D. Poly food oil industry -- Rancid Poly oils like soy and corn are a major cause of low thyroid because oxidized oils impair T-4 to T-3 conversion. See "Fat Facts" to understand why your poly food oil is rancid and toxic when you bring it home from the store!
E. Sugar and refined grains -- not only do refined carbs convert to glycogen and then to triglycerides, they also suppress thyroid hormone levels...
F. Hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) industry -- Trans fat inhibits conversion of T-4 to T-3, ultimately decreasing metabolism and basal temperature. The HVO industry has the added distinction of a no-holds-bared program for the demonization of unrefined coconut oil... which is a crime of colossal abomination! Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), found in tropical oils, have the magical capacity to do the exact opposite of trans fat! In other words, MCTs in coconut oil increase conversion of T-4 to T-3. Obviously, Doctors and dieticians are "in the tank" for the HVO and food oil industries because they are always screaming about the evils of coconut oil. Nothing could be further from the truth, reader!
G. Electrical power plants and fish -- Both of these create a mercury poisoning problem. Power plants spew it out and the fish eat it up. Mercury displaces selenium which is vital for T-4 production and conversion of T-4 to T-3.
H. Tea -- God knows I hate this one, but tea (both green and black) suck huge amounts of fluoride out of the ground & water, and even the air. You have to look carefully to find either organic tea or extracts that come from remote, fluoride free, areas of the world, and must say so on the label. If you have LT symptoms or test positive for LT, then I would steer clear of cheap, non-organic tea.
I. Dentists -- Mercury amalgam fillings suppress the thyroid. Here's an interesting fact -- the mercury amalgam filling material must be handled as a toxic substance... before it is put in your mouth, and again treated as a toxin if it is ever removed from your mouth... so the only time it is considered safe is while it is... in your mouth... What's up with that?
A person would be well advised as they get older to do the things necessary to head off a low thyroid. If one is already experiencing symptoms it would be smart to have a holistic practitioner to monitor your thyroid, and making those recommendations regarding the nutritional, supplemental, and environmental things necessary to get your hormone levels back to normal. If, like much of the country, there are no holistic practitioners available... then you need to find a medical doctor who understands how to use all the thyroid tests, and is willing to prescribe natural as opposed to synthetic thyroid hormones. This is fundamentally what this paper is about.
Also, he must be willing to try small to moderate doses of natural T-4 / T-3, even if all the tests are normal, solely based upon symptoms and the BTT. The preceding is key.
Here are the tests you need for a more complete diagnosis:
1). TSH -- can isolate if LT is because of a thyroid problem or a pituitary malfunction. If even slightly high but still in limits, you very likely have border line low thyroid if you have other symptoms.
2). Free T-4 -- the Free hormone levels (Free T-4 & Free T-3) are the only accurate measure of active thyroid hormones. The Total T-4 test doesn't really tell you what you need. A low Free T-4 score probably means low thyroid.
3). Free T-3 -- Low FT-3 probably means LT.
4). Reverse T-3 -- If RT-3 is high, and the person is not fasting, then they are under extreme stress and probably do have low thyroid.
5). Antibodies Test -- If all above are normal then an Antibodies Test high score will indicate autoimmune LT, like Hashimoto's Disease
The following are nutrients and supplements to prevent or treat low thyroid:
A. Iodine -- Use sea salt instead of the potentially negative refined iodized salt. Iodized refined table salt in excess can led to both high & low thyroid as mentioned earlier. Sea salt also has iodine but in proportional trace amounts with the other 70+ trace minerals causes a synergistic effect. The label must say "unrefined & nothing added" (it is the additives like Anti-caking that are most harmful). Sea Salt is off-white-- if it's snow-white, it's refined. Also Sea-veggies like sea weed and kelp are good. Don't go crazy; however, with the liquid kelp. This is because there is no good test for iodine, so take a moderate dose (100mcg) and see what happens. If you start feeling anxious, nervous, clammy or you develop "Betty Davis Eyes" - then you've went too far and are showing hyPERthyroid symptoms. The bulging eyes is usually a later symptom. TPO Test -- Thyroid Peroxidase Test can indirectly show an iodine & selenium deficiency.
Some iodine rich foods are: 1). Eggs - cheap eggs are higher in omega 6 (anti-thyroid), cage-free eggs are higher in omega 3 (pro-thyroid). 2). Sea veggies - seaweed & kelp (powdered kelp can be used as a salt substitute). 3). Cranberry - only use health food store quality, 'no sugar added', highly concentrated juice and sweeten with Stevia.
B. EFA's -- 1). Fish Oil and/or Cod Liver Oil -- to get the more complex Omega 3's (EPA & DHA) take a fairly LG divided dose...4 to 9 grams daily. 2). Flax Seed (ground) or Flax Seed Oil -- to get the less complex Omega 3 (ALA) take a moderate dose divided...2 to 6 grams of oil or 1 to 3 tablespoons ground. 3). Borage or Black Currant Oil -- to get the more complex Omega 6 (GLA) take as directed on label. Avoid the less complex Omega 6 (LA) in soy, corn oils, etc. I personally don't care for Primrose Oil as a source of GLA because B&BC Oil have twice the GLA ( 22% & 17% compared to only 9% in PR Oil). If you only take the Fish Oil or only take the Fish/Flax oil combo...either will probably do the job... BUT, if you want to 'knock it up a notch' and take GLA, always take with Flax Oil or Ground Flax Seed. Read "Fat Facts" to understand the necessary synergy between GLA (Boarge) & ALA (Flax). Don't eat fish for Omega 3-- too much mercury.
C. Selenium -- the Super Star of antioxidants and necessary for production of T-4 & T-4 to T-3 conversion. Mercury blocks selenium... so NO fish!
D. Zinc -- also needed for T-4 production & conversion. Necessary to stimulate the pituitary which signals the thyroid to make more thyroid hormones. Always take at a 10 to 1 ratio with Copper. If you take 30mg Zinc- take 3mg Copper.
E. Vitamin D3 -- necessary for thyroid production. Take 800 to 1200iu of D3 only - avoid the potentially toxic D2 found in milk. You can get D3 from exposure to the sun and Cod Liver Oil. The great probiotic dairy product Kefir also uses D3. Never take Vit. D without Calcium/Magnesium
F. Vitamin E -- take 400 to 800iu of Natural Mixed Tocopherol. The 400iu dose is more than adequate...I would only take 800iu if I had heart disease, MS, etc.
G. L-Tyrosine -- the Amino Acid that is the precursor to T-4 and the wonderful Co Q-10 (the #1 heart muscle supp.) It is best if you take the whole spectrum of Amino Acids ...again it's that synergistic thing. A good way to do that is consume WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) every day. Don't take Tyrosine with MAO inhibitors - it could cause high BP.
H. Antioxidants -- along with the already mentioned Selenium... take the two heavy-weights of antioxidants, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Grape Seed Extract.
I. Progesterone -- if menopausal, progesterone can help the thyroid where as estrogen is anti-thyroid. You may need an estrogen / progesterone combo (natural, if possible) because menopausal hormones being in balance is the best way to insure your thyroid hormones are in balance.
Most holistic practitioners, to include a growing number of MDs, recommend NEVER destroying part of your thyroid with radioactive iodine or a poison like methimazone or surgically removing part of the thyroid to slow down hormone production in the event you have hyperthyroidism. Invariablely this will drive you into low thyroid from which you may never recover.
What to do initially... and forever:
One major consideration that medical doctors almost never mention concerning the prevention or the treatment of a disease, and that is a fine-tuned gut. This is my initial approach to virtually every ailment because it can ONLY help... it can't hurt.
Almost every disease either comes through the gut, or is a result of a sick, inefficient gut. A healthy digestive system not only means maximum absorption of nutrients to fight or prevent disease, but it is your first line of defense against poisons, toxins, and the ever present candida yeast, which causes diseases like... low thyroid.
Here's what to do specifically:
1. Follow the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" found in LivingTree Root #007 found at:
2. Try Betaine HCL with Pepsin -- if your stomach doesn't get warm and if you don't have an ulcer, then continue with this "stomach acid in a capsule."
3. Take a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes.
4. Take a broad spectrum of probiotics like acidophilus, etc, or even better and cheaper, drink a cup or 2 of Kefir every day.
5. Stay away from sugar / refined carbos, HVO, poly food oil, tap water, burnt fat or carbos, antacids, carbonated drinks, inorganic salts like calcium carbonate or magnesium oxide .
This is all I have this iteration, folks... but remember: If you use a "mainstream" medical doctor be prepared to have them advise you that the BTT doesn't work and that synthetic hormones are superior to natural hormones. This is far from accurate. Be ready to argue your case... the life you improve will be your own.
I reiterate, you will have to find a holistic Doctor or a sympathetic MD to advise you about these matters. It would not be appropriate for you to seek specific advice from me, as I am not a doctor . My function here is to arm you with appropriate information, only, so you can make an informed decision (give informed consent) or have ready ammunition against a close-minded medico. Additionally, I function in a manner to make it easier for your Doctor to actually follow his Hippocratic oath to... "do no harm."
Until next time, then... Well BE!
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