Incredible New Solar
Patterns Appear

By Ted Twietmeyer
NOTATED IMAGE - MORNING (June 28th 2005)
Upon checking the updated solar X-ray image (taken at 28.4nm,) I discovered a larger polygon-shaped X-ray "hole" has formed overnight. This covers an area hundreds of times larger than our earth. The darkened area with almost no x-ray emission will slowly move to the right (eastward) as the sun rotates.
Compare the above image to last night's image below, which is also recently posted on
In the more than 15 years I've been monitoring solar activity, never before has such a large, dark contiguous area appeared WITH several right angled edges. Right angles are uncommon in nature, except for certain natural crystals which have a natural ordering. These angles are should not be present with a random, violent process like the sun. The remainder of the sun's 28.4nm emission across the surface appears to be fairly homogenous for the most part, at least for the side of our star that we can see from this satellite at this time.
In the northeast USA and in Canada there is a record heat wave, as in other regions of the US. If it's this hot in June- how hot will it be in August? Could there be a direct or indirect connection to reduced solar x-ray emission?
Oddly enough, despite this unusual darkened area of X-ray emission, the sun (as of this writing on the evening of June 28th 2005) is classified as "quiet" by NOAA. In fact, it's extremely quiet as far as proton flux, electron flux and magnetic activity are concerned.
In the above image, note the bottom of the darkened area. It is now more distinctly box-shaped, and even more so than last night or this morning. This shape on the sun is very uncommon. Is someone trying to tell us something here?
There are many instruments and telescopes that observe the sun everyday, in several countries around the globe. If some other unusual activity is observed by other astronomers, perhaps they can explain what we are seeing now. What no one really knows for sure - is what's inside the sun and therefore, the exact mechanism involved that generates heat, radio frequencies and light. And gravity - which can reach deep into space, to distances millions of times larger than our star's diameter to keep planets in orbit like Pluto. There are theories, but none can really be proven.
And yes, I know about the white "artifact" at the edge of the upper left corner of this morning's image.
Stay tuned...
Ted Twietmeyer



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