Celebrating Freedom
While We Still
Have Some Left
American Freedom On Life-Support
By Kentroversy
On July 4th, I and my family had celebrated what the USA once was -- and what we know in our hearts it can be again.
I remind you now, that the United States Constitution contains the following words in its' preamble:
... in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity ...
These words have become a mere formality in today's world -- but because the Constitution is not taught in schools any longer, people simply cannot miss what they have never known about. In fact, I have found that one is required to go back seventy-five years or more into the past to get a proper interpretation of what the document was originally meant to be.
Let's look at the preamble to see where we stand at the present time as it relates to the U.S. Constitution...
The words above are explicit -- the following things need to be addressed and protected in order to have a 'more perfect union.' The establishment of justice, insuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty were all important enough to be mentioned in the preamble itself.
Do we enjoy the benefit of these protections under the regime of the Bush Crime Family?
When we answer that question HONESTLY -- we discover that the answer is no. We no longer have a functioning Constitution, for it has been usurped and superceded by Presidential Executive Orders, an emasculated Congress, and a court system so corrupt that the side with the most money prevails. Our Constitution is symbolic only, and only the Bush Jr. administration has been honest and forthright about their plans to replace the Constitution. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has stated publicly that he feels the Constitution to be "outdated and quaint."
Is there any 'justice' in the USA today?
There appears to be, but upon closer inspection, one realizes that those with massive amounts of money are always held above the law. All one has to do is examine the war crimes charges against Henry Kissinger. The fact that he has not been arrested and imprisoned for being personally responsible for the deaths of literally hundreds of thousands of people in Southeast Asia during the early 1970s under Nixon foreign policy shows us that there is no TRUE justice in our country -- just the well-fabricated appearance of justice.
There can be no TRUE justice in the USA until the corrupt politicians and high-level business pirates are brought in to serve their sentences for crimes against humanity. Just the fact alone that Donald Rumsfeld is primarily responsible for the FDA approval of aspartame is evidence of genocide -- with the amount of suffering that goes along with its' use. I have tried telling people the truth about aspartame, and I am laughed at. One time, I was visiting a doctor's office for an appointment and the secretary had a can of Diet Coke on her desk, next to her computer with full Internet access. She didn't even have the courage to look it up on the computer that was staring her in the face!
If you go and read the books written by those who were MK-ULTRA mind-control slaves used by the high-level government officials -- you will learn that there is no justice for you and me.
Is there any 'domestic tranquility' in the USA today?
In my opinion -- the true enemy is not terrorism, drugs, crime, or anything like that. The true war is ultimately a war against spirituality and spiritual ascension. This is why marijuana is illegal while alcohol remains ubiquitous. Marijuana relaxes a person, and alcohol makes everyone who drinks it extremely aggressive. The same can be said for any natural herb or plant that can be used for vision questing, spiritual development, or sacred ceremony. If it is natural -- it is BAD. If it comes from big pharmaceutical companies -- it is GOOD.
On one level -- 9/11 was a psychological operation -- and the terror alert color scheme is still another way of communicating danger. However, it is lucky for America that virtually no one takes this nonsense seriously. However, as Alex Jones has pointed out, there are documents that have been circulated in the government that state that when (and presumably not if) the terror-alert level goes to RED, anyone found outside of their own home will be considered an 'enemy combatant,' and will be treated as such by the authorities.
Is there any 'common defense for all' in the USA today?
As we saw in the United States on 9/11, there was no security available in time to prevent some of what took place on that day. In the years since, the courageous research of the 9/11 truth movement brought to light, details of that day which showed that certain protection systems were deactivated, corrupted, and otherwise emasculated -- so that the attacks could proceed with minimal interference from patriotic members of the government, police, fire and rescue, and military who took part in the events of that day.
Is there any 'promotion of the general welfare' in the USA today?
With Aspartame, Ritalin, and the complete garbage that some people dare to call food, it is the general welfare of all Americans that is under attack. As a person who has used literally millions of dollars of health care throughout my entire life -- I can say without reservation that if it is a remedy that is free or inexpensive -- the doctor will not recommend it. But, if it is an expensive prescription -- THAT is what the doctor recommends! Western medicine is reactive and NOT proactive in any way.
Recently, Dr. Jennifer Daniels was de-licensed because she was giving her patients tips on herbals and telling the truth about the big pharma agenda to withhold herbal remedies to patients. She now sells the very same herbal remedy that she offered her very own patients -- at the following website:
Whether it is health, financial matters, getting a true and proper education, or discovering the TRUE potential of human ability -- there is currently a multi-front assault occurring to prevent those in our world from reaching their true potential. Most people do not even know what that potential is, let alone their actually achieving it for their own life.
Is there any 'secure blessings of liberty' in the USA today?
Since the USA PATRIOT ACT became law -- liberty is an aspect of a nostalgic past.
In fact, it seems pretty apparent to those of us who watch the U.S. Congress and Presidential Executive Orders on a regular basis, that liberty has been targeted for extinction.
Is there any 'prosperity' in the USA today?
So long as there exists something called INFLATION -- there can never be true prosperity in this country. I have examined the relationship between the advances made by progressive labor contracts and the coincidental periods of inflation that follow -- and there is a relationship between these two things. So, the next time the minimum wage is increased, or a major labor contract is signed by the UAW or the Teamsters (or others like them), watch for the inflation spike that always follows.
People need to understand that one cannot become wealthy by working for wages alone. Those who are super successful make their money work for them, and not the other way around.
Here is the bottom line...
On Independence Day 2005 -- our nation of 229 years is on life-support -- and the wolves at the door are clawing at our way of life. Our enemies HATE everything about us -- and by enemies I am talking about the domestic usurpers and NOT the symbolic and mythic terrorists that lie in wait for their next chance to attack us.
WHEN that attack finally comes -- we will laugh in their faces -- for we have at last come to realize that our most deadly enemies attack us from WITHIN the castle walls -- and NOT from a cave in Afghanistan with an ordinary laptop computer.
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