Palestinian Teen Shot
Dead By Israeli
Security Guard

By Haaretz Service and Reuters
An Israeli security man guarding the West Bank separation fence on Friday evening shot to death a 17-year-old Palestinian near the village of Beit Lakiya.
The teenagers and his friends were throwing stones at the guards as they entered a parking where heavy vehicles used for the construction of the fence are parked.
Witnesses reported that after one of the guards opened fire and injured the Palestinian, they did not allow village residents to get close to him. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, he was already dead.
The guard was arrested and his rifle confiscated by the Givat Ze'ev police.
Medics at Ramallah Hospital confirmed they had the body of a Palestinian youth shot in the chest at the site but would not give further details.
The teenager was later identified as Mahyoub Asi, the son of the village's head of the popular committee, Ahmed Asi, whose son was killed by IDF fire at the beginning of the 2000 intifada.
Several hours earlier, four Israel Defense Forces troops were lightly wounded when an explosive device went off near their patrol jeep along the security fence in southern Gaza. The soldiers were rushed to hospital for medical treatment.
Earlier on Friday, at least seven Palestinians as well as an IDF soldier and a Border Policeman were injured during clashes during a protest against the separation fence near the village of Bil'in.
One Palestinian was in critical condition after being hit by a rubber-coated bullet in his head. A second Palestinian sustained a rubber-coated bullet to his stomach and was in moderate condition,
The IDF claimed the Palestinian youths threw fire-bombs at the force but Palestinians denied the allegations, saying that it was the IDF troops who prevented the Palestinians from entering the village using tear gas.
The protest was held to mark a year for the ruling by the International Court of Justice at the Hague against the separation fence. Many Palestinian dignitaries, including former Palestinian presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti, took part in the protest.
Militants fire missile at troops in Gaza Palestinians fired an anti-tank missile at Israel Defense Forces troops near the Gaza Strip settlement of Neveh Dekalim on Friday morning, Israel Radio reported. There were no injuries reported.
Before dawn Friday, IDF troops arrested 10 wanted Palestinian suspects in the West Bank, the radio said.
Palestinian militants opened fire on the troops during their raid in Jenin, where the soldiers arrested three wanted Islamic Jihad activists.
In Hebron, soldiers arrested three wanted Jihad activists and four Palestinians suspected of supplying Palestinian terror groups with weapons, according to the report.
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