Serpents in the Garden

Jim Kirwan
Note: This was all planned "long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away" (metaphorically), because these events and their consequences are so foreign to what we think of as normal American Life, that the concepts here almost appear to be alien. However this began with actual reality and legalities that still exist today.

The planning for our "extra-constitutional continuity-of-government," was completed during the Reagan era and was called The Armageddon Plan. This is the Emergency Contingency Plan created to "run" this country during a military emergency, for the duration of that event. It was begun to counter a potential nuclear attack during the cold war but was used on 911 as a precautionary measure. The Armageddon Plan was activated on September eleventh and will remain in place until the Bush-War Upon the World has been completed. According to Hitler the Third Reich was to last a thousand years - yet the Nazi's were crushed in twelve. Bush says that his wars will not end in our lifetimes. But that self-justifying decision depends upon our willingness to go along with this treacherous fraud.

Investigative reporters tend to forget that while things like the Armageddon Plan, created in secret and without congressional oversight, was meant only to be used in emergencies, instead what we have has enabled the activation of a state of perpetual war. With that State of War in place and affirmed by the president, this plan has superceded constitutional government in the United States, as well as having handcuffed all our laws and rights under "normal conditions" - which is why what we have today is both off-the-books and "legal" at the same time.

This is also how it was possible to keep the no-bid-contracts SECRET, the deaths of our troops SECRET, the true purposes behind all our aggressive behaviors SECRET: Because everything disappears behind that liquid midnight curtain of National Security - which is neither national, nor secure., This in reality is merely the license to steal in the guise of protecting a "HOMELAND" that, until George W. Bush, was a word that was never affiliated with the USA!

This becomes extremely important whenever anyone attempts to understand the fascist brutality of this government as it crashes through international laws and conventions around the world today. There was a coup on 911 and the country was captured which allowed our rights and freedoms to be shackled and chained by treason and lies. All of this was done under cover of artificial legalities created by those same people that carried out the attacks on 911. These are the puppets that now appear to be in charge of this nation and our policies and laws, at this point in time.

While this "secret plan" was implemented by executive decision in a time of war, to be effective and useful as actual law, this has to come up for congressional action and judicial review. The Second World War, for the USA, only lasted four years - this promises to continue much longer. It began as a SECRET administrative plan for emergency protection - but it's continuance in the present situation must be ratified by those whose job it is to insure that what our government says is law, really does comport with the binding laws of this nation. At some point this will be attempted; once those currently challenging the validity of the USA PATRIOT Act (We Must DESTROY FREEEDOM In Order To Save It?) begin to realize what they are really up against.

This could be pivotal as the U.S. Supreme Court needs to hear this case in order to legitimize the continuance of this fraud, a fraud that they themselves created on 12-12-2000 when they stopped the Florida vote count so that Bush could be declared president. That fact means that the Supreme Court of the land is in violation of its own reason for being - which was to remain the one completely neutral arbiter within the government that could decide any legal problem openly and fairly. Since the Court is already on-the-record as being biased toward the Bush administration - they can no longer be seen as either unbiased, or legal.

The real "problem" will arise when the public finally discovers that we,ve all been had! Because if the court approves this new "extra-constitutional" NON-limit on the power of the federal government to disenfranchise the population they are suppose to serve - then the USA will officially become the dictatorship that it is already, but with that decision we will perpetually continue to be ruled under a new and more tyrannical marital law.

If this is to be resisted there is very little time. However, once formal questions begin to be asked - then some taxpayers may begin to open escrow accounts into which they can put their taxes - until such time as the lawful entity to which taxes should be paid has been clearly established! Without tax money the wars would come to an end, and so would the careers of the Outlaws - think about that! That act may trigger a legitimate uprising against what many increasingly see as an illegal and self-serving bunch of pirates, rather than the legitimate U.S. government that these Outlaws claim to be.

All the fear and paranoia; all the cheerleading; all the flags and bunting that surround our colonial wars of occupation are nothing more than smoke and mirrors for the real target of all this posturing. That target in reality has always been the complete and total takeover of the nation, along with the destruction of our rights and freedoms, as well as the very form of our government itself. This hostile takeover has already happened: All that remains is to legitimize the facts already in play, and with that act will come the Death of this Nation as a free country, as a Democratically organized Republic, and as a once-respected nation among the community of nations.

So much death and destruction, so many hideous and unspeakable lies have been spoken and continue to be repeated in support of this travesty of all that should have been sacred to Americans; it seems impossible that we have gone this far without having actually challenged these Outlaws who have spent their careers planning to steal not just our lives, but our dreams and our futures - along with all that we have spent our lives trying to build.

There are so very many divisive and distracting issues and problems now - that keep most people pre-occupied within the upper layers of this shell game there seems to be no real time left to ponder what-really-happened to us or to the world on 911. That is no accident!

Freedom is not free, and when liberty is gagged and bound, the people she stands for cannot live their lives, or even hope to alter the conditions that we are dangerously close to becoming permanently a part of. The shell holes in the figure and in the constitution that she holds came from inside "liberty" and represent the subversion of this nation's ideals from the inside out - rather than from the phony seizure plot that was acted out on that September morning.

The administration and the corporatocracy have co-opted the media to create their current position as the disinformation and obfuscation arm of the new federal government. In this they have outdone themselves as masters of disguise and misdirection. When we begin to deal with this many-headed-hydra that government is now - then we must concentrate our efforts on beheading each of these vicious heads of this alien-beast that our former "servant" has become. Only in this way will there ever be any freedom or any real security in these United States again, instead of the Fourth-World-Dictatorship that we have become. "Fourth" because we continue to pretend to be other than what we truly are.

Please make no mistake: This is the future and it is here and now for anyone not affiliated with the continuing crimes being committed by the players behind and within the corporatocracy - against each and every one of us!

Isn't it time that we finally begin to ask real questions and to demand real answers from those that have raised piracy to a global art-form and turned the word Outlaw into a status to be achieved?




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