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By Santiago Yturria
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The dynamic of UFO sighting events following Xalapa's incident took a new course last week with yet another mass sighting of a UFO fleet over Mexico City, an event that caused considerable commotion and many reports from witnesses, even during a daily tv show broadcast.
The information and details of this new incident was released by journalist/researcher Jaime Maussan during the radio show 'Los Grandes Misterios' last Sunday July 3, 2005 as part of the continuous coverage of the UFO incidents that followed Xalapa's event.
Thursday, June 30, the morning was clear in Mexico City. A strong rain during early hours left a clean sky in this populated city and the visibility conditions were exceptional.
At 10:00 AM Pedro Avila, skywatcher and director of The Vigilantes skywatch group received a call from colleague Enriquer Vallarino telling that an employee alerted him of a UFO sighting outside their office on Cuahutemoc street near the Medical Center.
Out on the street, a number of people were already excitedly pointing to the sky. What they saw was another 'cluster' sighting...this time about FORTY UFOs flying at the same altitude.
At the same time, the Jaime Maussan Research Center began receiving several calls from different parts of the city. Witnesses were reporting an unusual phenomena in the sky that was attracting the attention of scores of people who were watching many shining UFOs fliying together and appearing as a 'fleet.'
Once alerted, Pedro Avila made several calls to his research team and colleagues like Maria Montcerrat Romero, Salvador Guerrero, etc. to advise them of a UFO fleet sighting taking place and to try to get video of the event. A few minutes, later Avila received calls from other sources giving the news of the UFO sighting from different parts of the city.
According to Pedro Avila interviewed on radio by Jaime Maussan, it took just a few minutes to receive confirmation from his Vigilantes colleagues. The sighting was taking place and they were videotaping the numerous objects who looked metallic, sphere shaped and shinning in the sun.
Almost 40 objects were counted, moving in harmony according to the classic patterns of the many other UFO 'fleets' seen over Mexico in recent years. There was a single, larger object noticed above the main formation which was described as having a yellowish color, a feature similar to the Guadalajara sighting.
Some minutes later Jaime Maussan received a report from Alfredo Adame, popular tv host from a daily show by TELEVISA saying that many people were calling the tv show reporting a huge UFO sighting taking place over the city. Alfredo Adame was interviewing researcher Rodolfo Garrido on live broadcast when the people called reporting the unusual phenomena in the sky urging them to go outside and record the event.
People at the airport's control tower were asked if their radar screens were detecting the objects but they declined to make any statements.
By this time, Pedro Avila at The Vigilantes Research Center got already confirmation of at least three videos taken by Maria Montcerrat Romero from Tlalnepantla, Salvador Guerrero from Agricola Oriental and another witness from Coacalco in an extraordinary coordination of skywatch work to document the incident.
The images were carefully analyzed and the 'balloon' explanation was quickly discarded because of the patterns flown by the whole mass of UFOs, and it's synchronyzed flight path - a classic feature of a UFO flotilla. Pedro Avila made an analysis of a zoomed frame of one object and confirmed it had no cord attached and its shape was not that of a common balloon.
On Sunday July 3, Jaime Maussan made a national call on television for eyewitnessesto come forward and share their sightings from that morning of June 30, and for those who may have videotaped the UFO flotilla over the city.The response was remarkable, and Jaime received calls and emails from many actual witnesses to this massive sighting.
The next day, Maussan received an important testimonial and video from Mr. David Olazcoaga from Ecatepec, Edo. de Mexico who along with his young son Jesus Alfonso witnessed the UFO fleet.
Mr. Olazcoaga managed to capture on video the moment when the UFO formation moved slowly with the moon behind, a beautiful image. His son Jesus is heard on the tape asking him: "Are they going to attack us?"
-- Santiago Yturria

I live in northwest Ohio. Approximately one month ago at @ 10:00 pm, I noticed people in a field behind my house looking at the sky. I was taking out the trash, so I looked too. I saw at first what appeared to be many stars very close together. After a few seconds, I realized they were moving pretty quickly, so they were not stars. They were extremely too close to each other to be planes, and they numbered @ 40-50. Up to that point, I was only looking straight up. I then looked towards the southeast and saw the south sky filled with these moving lights. I got scared and went inside. A couple days later a friend said to report this to MUFON. I did. Someone called me and took a report. I then saw the lights video on your site @ 2 weeks or so later. It gave me chills as this is what I saw, but I saw it at night. Thank you as now I know I wasn't imagining it or seeing things.
Sincerely, Carol



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