The San Luis Potosi
June 24 UFO Fleet Sighting

From Santiago Yturria
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The investigation on the June 24, 2005 UFO incident over Xalapa now unveils a new story . A similar UFO sighting took place the same day in San Luis Potosi where several reports from residents told of a strange unusual activity witnessed for several days of unknown groups of flying spheres over the city.
One of these sightings was videotaped by Rosario Oviedo at daylight just outside her home for several minutes. According to her testimonial on Friday morning she got shocked seeing the sky filled with luminous objects in an impressive spectacle that frightened her at the beguinning.
She moved quickly inside and grabbed her videocamera and could record some minutes of this unusual phenomena. At the same time some neighbors got aware of the sighting by seeing her videotaping the sky and soon the excitement alerted the neighborhood.

 That same night researcher Jaime Maussan was giving a conference at a local theatre and Rosario Oviedo contacted him giving the video and the report of that morning's sighting. During the conference some persons from the audience confirmed to Jaime the sightings of these strange spheres witnessed two consecutive days since thursday June 23.

The next day Saturday June 25 while still in San Luis Jaime Maussan received a report from Pablo Corral Torres about some strange spheres that were seen flying in the sky early that saturday morning over a suburb.
This continued UFO activity in San Luis is keeping the residents in uncertainty and wondering what's this all about. Despite the numerous reports by the people the local media still mantains a skepticism and has
not expressed any opinion yet.
These sightings from Xalapa and San Luis confirm a new level of UFO activity taking place in Mexico. I will send you a mpg from Rosario Oviedo's video and updates on this investigation. This coming Sunday July 3 Jaime Maussan will present both Xalapa and San Luis sightings on a tv special report.
Santiago Yturria



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