Leonard Clark, 860th MP CO
AZ Army National Guard
I have been talking to my fellow soldiers about this whole situation and I have told them about how the leadership in Washington is trying to get the American people to silence their criticisms of the continued lunacy we call the occupation of Iraq.
I tell them that they are saying to the Congress: "Well, ya know, our poor soldiers wanna stay and finish the fight in Iraq, but you people in Washington D.C. are undercutting their morale by bringing up this 'time table stuff'" and "What the hell are we doing in Iraq? Do we have a plan?" stuff.
When I tell this to my fellow soldiers, they immediately begin to laugh and then they get pissed off that such bullshit is being spouted back home, because we are the ones who are calling home and telling our families what a bunch of lies and crap they are telling the American people.
There are, to be sure, some soldiers (fewer and fewer, day-by-day) who are naively still blindly believing the lies. In fact, if they could have been around in 1968 they would have fit in real well, you know what I mean:
"What do you mean should we stay in Vietnam? We're gonna win this thing. Were killing 50 to a 100 of those Viet Cong and they're only killing 3 of us."
And then the next question to them would be: "Well, what about all the American soldiers who are going to die for this so-called 'Police Action' in Vietnam?" Their response: "Well, it's for democracy and if it takes more American sodiers to die well then so be it."
I told some fellow soldiers who still blindly eat the crap being spoon-fed to them about the Vietnam scenario, and their response was: "Vietnam and Iraq are not alike, it's like comparing apples and oranges because Vietnam's communists were well-funded and supplied by the Chinese." I then asked them about the report from the CIA that was in the press which stated the terrorists are well-funded, ...and they just ignored what I said.
You know what, fellow activist? Five to ten years from now, we are going to be debating these same people after 5,000 to 10,000 American soldiers are killed only to see another undemocratic theocratic church state probably led by another dictator of our choosing ruling Iraq. Was it worth it?
And they'll probably say "Gee, ya know what? Maybe it wasn't worth it. We should have kicked Saddam Hussein out and then left Iraq and let the Iraqi government we set up run their own country, but instead we just stayed on and on and on, and the American soldiers continued to die on and on and on....and the funerals and the mother and fatheless children continued, on and on."
Will we have another wall for Iraq like we do for Vietnam? You see, Federal three-piece suited politicians are not really different from City politicians - they'll wait until enough people die before they put in a stoplight at the local intersection in their city. To them one life is not worth the $100,000 for a stoplight, but ah, yes, maybe 8 to 10 lives when the voters start to notice.
It doesn't matter to them if the right thing would be to put in a stoplight, and it doesn't matter if people beg them - for the safety of their children - to put in the stoplight, because decency and compassion will not get them elected. Only money and votes will. We all know that these hypocrites value money more than they do human life.
Well, I'm not gonna wait for another damn wall for Iraq to be filled with the names of my fellow soldiers, and I hope you're not either. The cause we fight for is noble and just, it is to save the lives of American soldiers who are tragically dying over here needlessly. If we can save just one more American soldier's life who knows - we might just end up saving humanity itself.
There are those who say that one life is not worth much, but I say every human life is the gift of GOD, and to destroy one of those lives for the greed and corruption of hypocrites who do not have to fight wars - nor whose children do not have to fight wars - is a great sin. To lie and say we are dying over here to ensure 'democracy' in the Middle East when what we really are doing is fighting for Exxon and Halitburton is impeachable.
Remember this: not one more American soldier should die over here, for it is a needless death that didn't have to happen...but only for the US occupation of Iraq.
One last note: Today, after my three-vehicle patrol passed through a certain stretch of highway, an hour to 2 hours later another patrol was hit by a bomb on that same stretch and ANOTHER AMERICAN soldier was killed and at least 3 of his comrades were wounded, hopefully they will all live.
Please pray for us soldiers and we will pray for you and the Peace of GOD will see us through.
Leonard Clark (Damned Liberal serving in Iraq)
National Guard soldier serving and patrolling the mean streets of Iraq every day
Civilian occupation: Kindergarten teacher (inner city school) Public Schools
Candidate for United States Senate in Arizona against John Kyl



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