Mobile, Alabama Strange
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Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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Date: 1995
Hi Brian,
I have been viewing the pictures on the net that capture a strange and unexplained object in the sky, which was not visible to the people on sight at the time. They are somewhat similar to something that showed up in the sky behind us in a photograph snapped of my husband and myself at the Mobile UFO Conference of '95, I believe it was.
We had gone out on to the terrace for a breath of fresh air and someone offered to take our picture. None of us saw the object. It was not until we had returned home and had our film developed that I discovered it while putting the pictures into the album. I thought it was an eyelash on the picture and tried to brush it away! We sent the original photograph and the negative to Bruce Macabee, and he responded by saying that it was not conventional aircraft of any kind and was not any kind of flaw in development. He said it was clearly an object, either moving very slowly or not at all (no motion distortion), the shape of which he likened to a slightly "bent hotdog". To me it looks like the lid of a shoe box, viewed from the side.
Here is the scanned photo of the UFO that appeared in the background of the picture I snapped of my husband and myself at the '95 UFO Gulf Breeze Conference that was held in Mobile, Alabama due to the hurricane damage! The quality is not very good... less good even than the original enlargement I scanned it from. But I hope you can see it well enough to determine if it is the same sort of object as what you had on your site.
HBCC UFO Research Note: In the original photo that was sent to me, there shows the lady and husband. Owners of the photo. I cropped the photo which removed the folks from the picture, respecting their privacy.
Take your vision to the far right side of my husband's back, then follow that line of sight right up the picture to the sky behind us/him, and you will see the strange, dark, shoebox-lid shaped object in high in the sky above.
Let me know your thoughts!
Sincerely Yours,
Photos are © C.A.B. 1995
Thank you to the person for this report and for the interesting photo.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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